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This tool works brilliantly for mounting and unmounting, thanks.


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Muiz, is there any link to the latest "VISTA-TOOLS" program?

It is by far the easiest thing I have found to mount the WIM image etc but, I think I have an old version, I can't resize the window etc, don't know if what I have is the latest one.

Jaak wrote:

XP64 was like a missunderstood mistake edition.
V64 is a powerhouse.

XP x64 thrashes Vista x64 on a lot of fronts.

In fact XP x64 thrashes all other Microsoft Windows OS's overall.

For example - the FPS in games with XP x64 is far higher than in Vista x64.

I wonder why there are no driverpacks, I can understand why there is no BASE - it would need coding etc but with just driverpacks, DPINST.EXE works, you could at least do it that way post install, that is if there were any packs in existence, there arn't, not that I know of, shame because last time I used DPINST.EXE with my own drivers, every single one installed fine - which is more than I can say for the x86 version of DPINST.EXE on x86.

Look at the purple bar, thats XP x64 wink


Look at the last test, "PassMark" where XP x64 scores 670 (higher than any other Windows OS tested) thats 6% higher than Vista x64 can muster.

Also theres quite a gulf (of +18% in XP x64's favour) on the "Disk Mark" test.

So until Microsoft DO REALLY bring out a faster OS than XP x64, as opposed to a load of propaganda about how Vista x64 "has to be better" yada yada, I won't be "upgrading" to the slower Vista x64 anytime soon - well actually never, because its slower. Why would I change to a slower operating system? Thats just silly.

Theres nothing in Vista for me, otherwise I would have "upgraded" to it ages ago.

The only "fix" to this I know of is to make a dual boot CD, one with drivers and at least WINNT.SIF with the 3 lines in it and one with no WINNT.SIF at all. Then you can use that disc and have the best of both worlds. However that is a lengthy process learning how to do it if you're not familiar with it. Nevermind, all these people installing Windows on many many machines are in the business of making money, I learned how to do a multi-boot disc just for the h*ll of it so I am sure peeps can learn how to do this.

honestly, I have spent enough time pondering over this to know - just make a multi-boot disc, you'll spend less time learning how to do that (and making and testing it all) than you would Googling for a solution that does not exist.

Can I just ask this: lets say we remove that [Unattended] section entirely - what is the worst that can happen, some driver(s) might say "This driver has not passed WHQL testing" or "This driver has not passed microsoft logo testing" or whatever it says - is this ALL that can happen?

If so, then its not unattended anyway is it so who cares if it says that, you'd just click next, yes, ok etc.

I have got the x64 version of dpinst.exe but it does not work.

Does anyone know if this really works and if so, can they post their XML file in code tags here please?

I don't get why its not working, the x86 one works to scan the D folder etc but I can't do the same with this x64 version and my x64 drivers.

Thanks for the replies, yes I see the packs uncompressing and everything, it all seems to be working fine.

To get around the lack of a distribution folder ($OEM$) I have done it so the presetup.cmd copies a bat file to the C drive then that is run from the end of WINNT.SIF, this bat file then runs the DPsFnshr.exe then the bat file even deletes itself smile All the $OEM$ stuff is copied over from the bat file, its not the conventional way but it works.

When you slipstream driverpacks, it will put the following in WINNT.SIF ...




Can I remove the "MsDosInitiated=No" part?

Can I remove the "OemPreinstall=Yes" (this stops you accessing the "Repair" option when running Windows setup)

Can I remove the "command9="%SystemDrive%\DPsFnshr.exe" if I put this command in a file that runs on first login?



When this is in WINNT.SIF, it tells it to copy files from $OEM$ but I am using method 2 so there is no drivers in $OEM$ and for the other stuff I want to copy over, I have made a file that unpacks it all when my first bat file runs on first login.

Just wanna keep the repair option.

OK heres something - I am making a few x64 driverpacks, not to slipstream, just so I have the drivers.

I have found that theres a lot of CHM files.

I searched the INF file for "SourceDisksFiles" and theres no reference to "SourceDisksFiles" there.

Also, all these CHM files are listed in the INF file and they are even referenced in their own heading, example:





Can I just remove all the references to the CHM files and delete the CHM files?

Reason is they don't compress very well and... why would you ever need a few dozen language files not even in your language?

Safe to remove CHM files? So long as the references are also removed from the INF?


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Over a month later, http://www.radarsync.com/vista/ still says "Note: Free links have been temporarily disabled." So they are still selling free drivers from their website! Its not legal.


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http://www.radarsync.com/vista/ has a page with the title "Free Vista Drivers".

Problem is, when you visit the page you find that this is not true and they want you to pay $30 a year to download the drivers!

Clearly, they are not free and shouldn't be advertised as such.

Their info contradicts itself, it says:

This page lists the latest Windows Vista drivers and provides direct links to the files for downloads. We're offering this as a free service to the community, to help you all get through this challenging period of Vista-transitioning.

Note: Free links have been temporarily disabled. In the meantime, you can try our free check (based on our patent-pending technology) to find out exactly which of these Vista drivers your computer needs.

Is it even legal to sell other manufacturers drivers like this?

I don't think so somehow.

I wanted to start collecting Vista drivers.

I will have to manually search Google for all the names of all the devices they list. sad

mr_smartepants wrote:

I now have vista to test on.
Bring out the code! smile

The code I used is the exact code muiz posted on the previous page, except I didn't have the WAIK installed so I dumped a load of files in a "TOOLS" folder and changed a few things in the very beginning of the code, put that TOOLS folder next to the compiled AutoIt3 file.

The only thing stopping me is this damn "Drivers.xml" file.

I don't know where it comes from, or why the au3 code has a reference to it.

Surely anyone else trying to do this is having this exact problem?

Theres no "Drivers.xml" file on the root of the Vista DVD, but the au3 code expects that file to be there!

muiz, thanks for posting that code!

I tried running the AutoIt 3 code but the GUI popped up this error...


VISTASRC is my "Vista Source".

I searched the folder with the mounted image and theres no "Drivers.xml" file anywhere.

Totally confused about this XML file, how to create it etc sad

Isn't it a generic file considring that all standard (untouched) Vista Ultimate DVD's have the same drivers?

Has anyone got this "Drivers.xml" file?

I never thought this could be done!

I tried this and got an error saying "Fehler" and "Couldn't open mixer"

Not really sure which CMD file to use from the first post.

1 - I slipped all driverpacks using method 2.

2 - I didn't use KTD.

3 - I want to extract the driverpacks, install drivers and then cleanup the driverpacks.

Should I use the first file "doPNF.cmd" and just add this line to the end:

start %SystemDrive%\DPsFnshr.exe

Just because I don't want to keep anything on the drive, I just want to do:

1 - Extract drivers.
2 - Install drivers.
3 - Delete drivers.

Thanks for the replies about the renamed 7z files.

But... all I meant was, if you have say "DPGATST1.7z" already slipstreamed, is it OK to get the "Test 4" pack and rename it to "DPGATST4.7z". I guess so - this makes things easier, what I thought was maybe theres some lines in some file that specifically refer to the 7z file names... as lng as its only looking for "DP******.7z" then yes, it will work. big_smile

I have an nVidia card, it seems that no more testing even needs doing on these? I only got to test the very first test pack and it worked, now its up to test #4 - with even ATI users saying it works! Good show chaps, good show. smile

Jaak wrote:

yes, you can do this with all EXCEPT MASS STORAGE

OK I have the next question then - do you even need to rename the pack?

Well, of course yes it can't have its original long name, but I mean, say you slipstreamed DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_706.7z a while back and now you want to test the new "Graphics A" pack here, the old pack in the OEM folder on your CD is going to be called "DPGA706.7z" so can you put the test pack in and rename it to "DPGA708.7z" and it will just work, or does it HAVE TO be called "DPGA706.7z" like it was originally?

Hmmmmmm.... sorry about asking these dumb questions here but please, just one more! Sometimes I notice the D folder stays on the systemdrive... AFAIK this just randomly happens on Windows 2000, its not always the case, I even put my own runonce in that sometimes doesn't work, is it safe to delete that D folder when Windows logs in for the first time or are there still drivers being installed at that point? As I understand the packs, all drivers install as early on as possible. The DPsFnshr.exe runs to delete the D folder from WINNT.SIF, maybe my command is conflicting, so is it safe to delete the D folder with "RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%\D\" on the first login of Windows? Not sure why the finisher is set to "command9" in WINNT.SIF but I changed this to "command1" and had my own CMD running as "command2" to install a few programs, so if that CMD that I am running deletes the D folder, is that safe to do at that point? Windows will not log in until the WINNT.SIF commands are all done and the finisher has completed and part of that is deleting the D folder.

Windows is just stupid though - you can put stuff in CMD files you have tested over and over again then when it comes to running the install, the command doesn't work. This is Windows for you I guess. I wouldn't mind if some file was locked inside the D folder but it leaves the ENTIRE 1.6Gb folder there. Again though - I am not blaming the driverpacks, I know its Windows' fault, when ever isn't it Windows fault, sigh.

This might be a stupid question and off topic too but - since with all these test packs, the actual Driverpacks BASE is not changing, is it possible to just use say the "test4" pack if it is renamed to the same filename of the 7z pack I have already slipstreamed?

I am not sure if it works that way, I only ask because this would save having to re-slipstream the drivers and would only involve re-making the ISO as opposed to the whole process from scratch.

mr_smartepants I tested the updated pack and this also works,
same result as the last test, on nVidia 8800GTS.

Still got that pop-up though (asking for a reboot)


SUCCESS! big_smile

Card Tested:
nVidia 8800GTS 320Mb

DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_707test3.7z ---> 66.5 MB (69,758,567 bytes)
DP_Graphics_B_wnt5_x86-32_707test2.7z ---> 51.7 MB (54,302,776 bytes)
DP_Graphics_C_wnt5_x86-32_706.7z ---> 63.9 MB (67,091,875 bytes)

I also slipstreamed in the MassStorage pack too but that was the only additional driverpack.

I did see this pop up:


I cannot be 100% certain this pop-up was caused by the graphics drivers, but the installation of Windows
I used was very heavily stripped - I used this almost driver-less install on purpose just so the installation
of Windows really only had the 7z driverpacks. I can't be 100% though because it could have been my
sound card (onboard sound, native Windows drivers) although I have never had this popping up before
so I will assume it was the GeForce drivers causing the pop-up.

Other than the above pop-up, everything went flawlessly. I had the nVidia Control Panel there and the
nice NEW icon in the System Tray.

Thanks all, especially Jaak - that script did the trick.

I have an 8800GTS myself, I might be able to test the new Driverpack if I get the time,
I am really busy at the moment though.

Jaak wrote:


you do not need it anyway.
DsPdsblr handles that fine.

No, because the install gets stuck at this point:


It doesn't continue - its stays frozen like this forever unless I put the ignore
in the WINNT.SIF like so:


Then I lose the repair option if that is in WINNT.SIF

OK, I noticed in the "Driverpack - Graphics A" the version of the nVidia drivers for the 8800 card is:


But I just grabbed the drivers from nVidia's site and they are a later version:


Over 2 months newer.

Filename of those drivers (downloaded from nVidia) is "162.18_forceware_winxp_32bit_english_whql.exe"

OK heres the problem - when I extract these drivers from the main exe, I have a bunch of files ending with an underscore. Normally, I just use 7-Zip to extract these but this time, nothing is working to extract them.

In Bashrats pack - all these (you would think cabbed) files are not with any underscores.

I cannot extract the nVidia cabbed files!

Tried Universal Extractor, 7-Zip, Power Archiver, tried the expand command - what the h*ll is nVidia using to extract these drivers?! I can't understand why I can't extract these. I want to add these newer drivers to my driverpack - not even sure if it would work (I would of course have to remove all the D\G\N\5\ drivers and put the new files in - the (only) INF file has exactly the same name.

The other solution is to extract them with Driver Genius, but that does not give me all the files that are in Bashrats pack, nowhere near as many files, so I guess all Driver Genius is finding is the drivers themselves and not the control panel with the system tray icon?

Fancy putting in a bunch of files you cannot even extract, poor show nVidia, poor show.

DriverPacks BASE = 7.05.2

OS = Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2

nLite? = No

Unattended? = No

Driverpacks used = All plus all 3rd Party Driverpacks except printer packs


OK, I have slipstreamed all driverpacks into Windows XP SP2 and everything went fine.
This was not unattended, so all I have in the WINNT.SIF file is this:




The reason for this not being unattended is - I do not want to lose the repair option
from the text mode part of setup.

On Server 2003 I get the install frozen at this point:


It never changes from this screen. If I reboot the system (its VMware I am testing in)
then I get a popup saying the AMD K8 driver does not pass "Authenticode" or words to
that effect, am I sure I want to install it. I click "Yes" and the install can carry on then.

So the question is, do I need this entry in WINNT.SIF:


The problem is, if I put that entry in WINNT.SIF I will lose the ability to do a repair install from the CD!

I think. ???

What if the WINNT.SIF still had the UnattendedInstall="No" in WINNT.SIF ?

I noticed in older versions of the BASE, it used to put the ignore unsigned drivers entry
in the WINNT.SIF file but doesn't put that in anymore.

EDIT: Yes just rebuilt one with the DriverSigningPolicy on "Ignore" and because it is under the
[Unattended] section - I did not get the EULA (Press F8) or the option to do a repair install sad

This is Microsoft's fault all the way - why oh why do they have the "DriverSigningPolicy" entry
under [Unattended] when that means you will lose the option to do a repair install?! Loonies!!

The finisher just runs from C:\

So you reckon the very last thing the driverpacks do is deletes the DPsFnshr.exe file?

It makes logical sense to me.

I think the reason the D folder was left over is because - and this was in VMware - it takes
about 30 seconds to delete, its got thousands of tiny files inside it thats why, but if the D
folder is removed before the DPsFnshr.exe cleans itself up then its all fine with how ive
done it - a command that loops every 3 seconds checking if the DPsFnshr.exe is present
on %SystemDrive%

If the DPsFnshr.exe file is there, the bat file loops, as soon as the DPsFnshr.exe file is gone
(meaning the D folder must be deleted and the driverpacks finisher is fully finished for good)
then the bat file carries on, installing a few progs, regtweaks that need a reboot etc then the
system reboots.

Many thanks to Bashrat and anyone else who managed to get the finisher to delete without
a reboot big_smile It just gets better and better every time a new BASE comes out!

I need to do a final reboot after the DPsFnshr.exe has finished.

I have done a looping command to check if DPsFnshr.exe is present on the systemdrive, if it is, the command keeps looping but as soon as that DPsFnshr.exe is deleted, the commands carry on in the batch file.

What happens LAST - the DPsFnshr is deleted OR the "D" folder is deleted?

Just wondering because the D folder was still there on an install I just tried, I guess it did not have time to delete it before the system rebooted.

What would be best, telling the batch file to wait until DPsFnshr.exe is not there, or telling it to wait until the D folder is not there?

Just need to know what happens last?

I am using a few 3rd Party Driverpacks but juggling it around
to fit on a CD.

The question is, have to always got to slipstream the driverpacks again
or can you just remove a pack? This is only 3rd party driverpacks, I am
not talking about the official driverpacks (which I wouldn't wanna remove)

Just saves making an ISO to find its 701Mb and needs re-doing again thats all.