Try removing the L1 folder along with the L1 section of the INI file.


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I agree.


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I asked him the same question yesterday and he answered that it could work with with windows 7 waik but he did not have the chance to test it out yet.

You are absolutely right, I did remove those drivers already but I did not release an updated pack yet. I will asap.

Well personally I don't like the idea of a pack for a specific laptop model since many manufacturers/vendors share drivers. Instead you could make sure that all those drivers are included in their designated packs ( audio, chipset, misc (smartcards), etc..)


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I happens to have 2 thin clients that are using the via rhine II network card and guess what, the network is not working in bartpe. I did not try the last lan pack I made yet, I will give you news asap.

PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2928 was referenced in two different INFs within the I5 folder. Intel merged some files together in their last chipset release. I will delete the irrelevant files in the next test pack, I will let you know when it's ready.

Some 2003 drivers require a patch from MS

Get the patch here:

See related issue here:

I am pretty sure it is a MBR issue, disk image usually include the MBR and partition image dont. So use a disk image or make sure you recreate your MBR using fixmbr. You can use BartPE CD with MBRWhisky to recreate the mbr as well.

Thx for you report, now I am wondering how I am going to fix this...

If you are using 2003 as source make sure you have the latest storport update.

no problem ef, thanks to you for reporting the issue, I will close the topic now.

PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2929 is already supported, please try our latest test pack … 2_907r3.7z

Hi I sent you an email. Please report back.


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There is a driver update for RHINE II, I will add it to the next test pack.

Well dangerfreak i've looked at the driver you provided and the problem is that even if it is working for your devices, this driver support way less HWIDs (devices) than the one in the NV folder. So the best solution would be to fix the one we are using right now or to get a newer one without dropping any HWIDs.


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The UAA is part of XP SP3, no need to install any patch.


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Don't you think you should post your sysprep.inf since it's related to it ? big_smile

Mup is related to the video driver like Kickarse mentionned, you also ommit to mention which OS and SP you are using...please be specific. I know there is an windows intel video patch (post sp2) that you must have if you are deploying XP SP2. If that's the case, welcome in 2009 and deploy XP SP3 big_smile

I hope your source image has no video driver installed too. I also suggest you do your source image from a virtual machine instead it's way more efficient.

btw, ACPI MultiProcessor PC should always be used with P4 HT, dual cores, Pentium D and 2 physical cpus. Standard HAL should never be used, for single CPU use ACPI Advanced Power etc... If you want to change your HAL after your image has been deployed, use OfflineSyprep in BartPE/WindowsPE/WinBuilder.


If I move the [TOS] (KR10N) before the [I4] (Intel iastor 8.9) section in the mass storage INI will it changes the load order as well ? I guess the last driver specified in the INI get loaded first.

I did not known that the driver load order could be a problem, I will make sure that the most common drivers get loaded first by moving the sections.

Thx for your input Ef, it's really appreciated.

Please scotop don't double post. I'll let you know when we have a test pack.

Hi ef, I downloaded your driver and it seems to be compatible with all nt5 system (2k,xp, 2003). Have you tried the driver with other OS than 2003 ?

I sent you an email with the latest pack.

The link you provided does not work. Please also post the hardware ID of your device by using the HWID's Tool in my signature. Also be specific, the laptop model and chipset model would be useful.