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I got a deal on a Compaq Pesario CQ60-215DX laptop that I've dg-ed to XP-SP3.  I have all the other devices working except for sound.  Device Manager says I'm missing an Audio Device On HD Audio Bus.  I've tried about 8 different drivers, but I get a MEDIA NOT FOUND error when I try to install.

Hardware IDs are:

I've already spent $60 on f---ed up driver detectors (Driver Detective, Driver Robot) that don't do what they claim.  I need some real help here as this laptop is for my kid going off to college in a couple of weeks.

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Have you even used the DriverPacks?

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I would be willing to bet that if you were to actually use the DriverPacks that all your driver problems will be solved. Just as they are solved for the millions of users that have already used the DriverPacks in the past. a match for the HWID HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_14F1&DEV5051 does exist in the packs.

Did it work for you... we don't know do we... If it works great!

If not then not only will we fix it for you but also for everyone else with your hardware. big_smile
That is the spirit of DriverPacks...  help us to help you ,   and everyone else in your situation.

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Re: Can't Find HD Audio Driver

In his defense, at least he posted the HWID.  But it isn't supported in either sound DriverPacks.

Re: Can't Find HD Audio Driver

there is a super generic match on D\S\CxA2...

I wonder if he got the CD's that came with it...

I extracted and took a look at the 32bit Vista Driver here... … &lang=

the WAHerza.inf is Signature="$Windows NT$"

and the HWID entries are in the generic  section so they should work for any win NT OS (like XP)


%HdAudioFunctionDriver.Hermosa5051.DeviceDesc% = HdAudModel,HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_14F1&DEV_5051&SUBSYS_103C360A
%HdAudioFunctionDriver.Hermosa5051.DeviceDesc% = HdAudModel,HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_14F1&DEV_5051&SUBSYS_103C360B

this driver should install if it's extracted and then have disk is pointed to the \V32\WAHerza.inf...

But if he fails to use test and report then our time will simply be wasted... sad
- Hey i hope i am wrong!
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Re: Can't Find HD Audio Driver

We can only wait...

Re: Can't Find HD Audio Driver

I apologize for my error(s).  I'm no noob, but in my frustration I didn't read the rules.  I have seen the error of my ways.

A further question then about how the drivepacks are arranged.  What are Sound A and Sound B DrivePacks?

The laptop uses the new Hermosa audio chipset.  I bought the lt from Newegg.  It did not come with recovery disks but I have ordered them from HP.  I've tried about every driver for this PC on the HP site, but they're all listed for Vista, not XP.

I'll report back and let you know if the generic driver works.

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Re: Can't Find HD Audio Driver

The first driver I tried was the Vista driver you mentioned.  The driver installed OK, but the sound still did not work.  That's why I've been looking for other drivers.

I will try doing the extract and Have Disk method and let you know if that works.


Re: Can't Find HD Audio Driver

Maybe including this in an update may help other people.

It's not difficult to find this stuff, it takes 5 minutes or less and a little logic in your searching pattern to find. Find the Vista driver and the items name and work backwards.

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Re: Can't Find HD Audio Driver

OK, I got it working now.

I had read the MS article about UAA drivers, but the one I tried before was for XP-SP1 and earlier - pre-05/2004.  The spfpac SP32646 is for XP-SP2 (post-05/04 versions).  The first ones would not install, but SP32646 did install.

SP33543 also would not install - I got a MEDIA device not found error.  But then I did a manual driver install, telling Windows what I wanted to install and using Have Disk.  I browsed to the C:\SWSETUP folder and located the .INF file.  Piece of cake!

Thanks!   I'll be sending you a donation for your trouble.

Re: Can't Find HD Audio Driver

The UAA is part of XP SP3, no need to install any patch.

Re: Can't Find HD Audio Driver

The driver is included in the pack, it will be posted soon.

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