1. Read the forum rules and guidelines

2. Check the FAQ forum

3. Use the search function

4. Choose a good topic title.

When you open a new topic title, do it according to this rule:
"[BUG/REQ][BaseVer][<GUI/slipstreamer/finisher/SAD>] <problem description / driver description>"

- Don't forget to MENTION the relevant DriverPack (or DriverPacks BASE) and its VERSION in the TITLE.

5. Don't forget to COPY/PASTE these files INSIDE CODE TAGS.

ALWAYS include in your post
- DPs_BASE.log (from the same directory as DPs_BASE.exe)
*  For Base versions 9.x or newer the Log files are also archived in the \LogFiles\ folder of BASE.
    This way you can find a Log for any previous slipstream or run of the program by date and time.
- HWID's (Hardware Identification numbers) If the issue is related to a specific machine.
HWID's Tool download

IF RELEVANT, include in your post
If you are unsure, don't worry, we will ask you for these if we need them.
{Target system}- %SystemRoot%\DPsFnshr.log  (to help us determine DriverPacks Finisher specific errors)
{Target system}- %SystemRoot%\setupapi.log  (to help us determine why a specific driver failed)

6. Tell us what you did - Could we try to reproduce your issue ourselves just based on your first post?

7. After posting in the forum if your issue turns out to be a BUG with BASE or the BASE language translations we will then ask you to please submit it to the bugtracker  Attach the relevant files there as well.

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