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Nor does website design require a link/ad for auto glass replacement......


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The easiest/safest/most direct path to what you want is to completely re-do your integration.

From scratch.

Manually editing a previously integrated XP disc rarely (if ever) works.

I can't recall a single instance of a user being successful.


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what kind of motherboard, exactly?


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the OS may have a default driver included, but the most recent will always come from Intel.

What is your point?  To avoid a modicum of work or ????


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chipset driver loads drivers for the chipset

rst/mass storage driver loads drivers for the mass storage devices/controllers

yes, it is that simple.

and yes, you need both.

chipset first, then rst/mass storage driver.


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learn learn learn please.......

If in your own words "i don't wanna learn it" no one here is going to spoon-feed you.

Building up a legally licensed personal-use-only xp/vista/win7 disk is not a noob activity.

Many people have learned how, but only after they decided to actually put some effort into to the process.

Got to be careful with the recent GMA updates.  It looks as though Intel might be trying to EoL anything older than a 5xxx chipset and as such, new driver releases don't appear to fully support 3x and 4x chipsets.


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possible spammer in lurking?


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or a spammer legitimizing their uid.

The next 4-5 days (American holiday) are traditionally the worst 4 days for net attacks and spam.


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Anyone else having more than the usual slowness/weirdness downloading the new 2.54 audio drivers from realtek??

I've been trying for more than a few days, no luck......

"I don't recall" is kind of asking the devs here to read your mind and memory.........

Don't mean to be too harsh, but without some solid data on your pre- and post- install environment it's pretty hard to come up with a product.

Both Intellipoint and Intellitype were updated last week..............

The moment drivers that are not d/l'd directly from a manufacturers site get used in a pack is the moment a lot of people stop using the packs.

If people want to build their own private packs that's one thing.  It's quite another to distro them from this site.

'Purity of essence' (bonus points for ID-ing the reference) is important when providing tools for people to mod or update operating system images.

This is especially important now that proof of concept for faking digitally signed packages is floating out in the 'net.

I know it's a pretty harsh stance to take, but I believe it's the only one that maintains the credibility of this site and project when compared to 'other sources'.


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Probably two dozed assertions in the OPs post that are not backed up by data.  No mention of research done, no mention of driver found or not found for XP.

Just an assertion that linux is somehow better.

It might be.  But not on the basis of the OP.

filthy spammer, yes you.  and your family.  please take it personally.


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the only reason nlite was a success is that there was so much room for improvement in XP.  If nuhi hadn't developed it, someone else would have.

With Win7, not so much.  The rt7lite tool can do a lot of work customizing a WIM image but that is really all it's doing, customizing a WIM.  It even uses existing msft tools to do so.

However, unlike XP images that have been massaged with nlite, I have seen nothing that proves that a customized Win7 WIM will perform better or be more stable than what msft distributes.

The poster in #4 would be well served by updating his knowledge base and stop trying to judge or evaluate current OS releases based on obsolete knowledge.

Yes, there IS such a thing as obsolete knowledge and it holds people back.

Nope, tracker working fine, saw 10.07 last week and grabbed it.


and the Linux.org usb devID cross reference list at:


For an HTPC you can't do much better than the JR Media Center.


Low-cost payware and worth every cent.  Very well thought of on avsforum., released on July 2nd

http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchR … ilyId=1783


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a fresh update this morning, haven't tried it out yet.


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I've been playing with it, seems to work ok, no corrupted installations, etc, etc.


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No need for a new API, the owner already has that capability.......

card readers are treated by default as fat12/16 devices, which default to floppy drives, which in turn default to being the first drives in a system.

no, you should read the faq/rules, gather the required information, and post that..........