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Nobody has been active on here in a very long time.

We can see if this generates any interest big_smile.

alternately we used to have a very active Russian that would repost our nightlies and independently update them and report back here, like a Russian audience go between. He was / is still active and may provide a high quality source for you. SamLab is his online handle.

Thanks for E2B, it's one of my favorite tools ever and I use it daily.

Jeff Herre
Co-Author Driverpacks BASE
Co-developer of Mass storage Plugin for BartPE

https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/softwar … /windows10

google is our friend...

try "download windows 10" hmm

STOP 0x00000024, 0X0000024, 0X24, NTFS_FILE_SYS Error Code. Applies to: Windows XP and other operating systems. This stop error means that your ntfs file system is corrupt (damage in the file system, bad hard drive data, corrupt SCSI or IDE drivers or a corrupt ntfs.sys file).

Try a different PC just to test (not a VM). Try a new source for your build. Try Easy2Boot with UBCD4win on a thumb drive if your  machine boots to USB.

you failed to comply with rule #1 so I lack the info to provide full support.  For example. did you do your PE builds with XP or 2k3? what Service Pack level? What are the HWIDS of the target system?  my favorite analogy here is - you might as well ask me why your car doesn't start, my guess would be just as good. I don't even know if you have a car at this point. Then you asked what we needed, we already told you this, when you signed up you checked the box and agreed that you read rule one, results are always better when we read the directions

I would try a newer PE build, based on nt6. Glad to help with this 10 year old software but... the newer stuff is better.


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SamLab still is doing packs.

The need is not what it was in the NT5 era. dealing with drivers is seamless and simple with DISM.

Great to see you around again!



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DriverPacks.net has never supported x64 drivers for NT5 platforms.

So... don't know where to find them. 

Some of the included drivers may or may not support x64, if they do it's unintentional and not supported.

x64 in XP was not well implemented, or supported, by MS or the community at large.

Best of luck

the DriverPack-17-Online_395285083.1492980021.exe is not created by us. released by us, or supported by us.

If you need our support you MUST be using one of our official releases offered here

Please ask for help from whomever you received the file from.

Thank you.


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why is the "component" code duplicated?

edit NM x86 and x64  ... duh

If enough people ask... maybe.. probably not. have you contacted them about it?

Really nice pickup frankyer!

you might have gone on to explain that the f7 key will disable the ACPI HAL and, in THEORY, load the standard HAL.

I personally have not tried this with BARTPE and am curious if it works @BartPE.

@ heypilee More info here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/hel … windows-xp

Techdud added a newer version of 7zin to BASE 10 and unofficially beta released it. (he just substituted the new version).

It's around here somewhere, however Techdud has been MIA for a year or more.

No new "official releases"



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Please start a thread and include good details


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I assume that we are talking about a USB keyboard and mouse?

I assume that you have not done a cold reboot. (full power off of PSU).

Did you try BIOS factory settings reset? (update?)

Some MBs allow charging of devices when the CPU is technically off. this would create a situation where USB KB and Mouse do not reset with the system. (Bios setting)

Long time no see, Welcome Back!

Happy Holidays Damnation!


I will have to test it to see... Sounds like an error in the massStorage.ini file... I may not have time until first of the year.

TY for reporting your issue

Happy holidays!



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I don't know why you want an active hub (a switch) vs a passive hub.  Knowing that would help us to help you.
"serious problems" is rather vague...
there are print server devices already... Print server devices on google

those are basically smart USB hubs... does that help?


This is a FAQ

You can NOT write the image file to the drive that you are imaging...

they call that cyclic redundancy, they call that cyclic redundancy, they call that cyclic redundancy, they call that cyclic redundancy.


oh my... downloading

Very helpful botus...

Thank you



Dibya is very active with several other projects... He is helping us because it compliments his other work. Please be patient with him and us. We all want the same thing! Since we are all donating our time it is especially important to seem grateful rather than needy. Think this way, How can I help, rather than, why isn't  my free stuff done yet?


Excellent post Botus,

Added code tags for you...

Hmmm, might be a need for script to run an installer. In XP we do this with the DriverPacks Finisher. As far as I know it has not been needed with NT6.  They have taken most of the work out of adding drivers these days.  Try downloading the latest driver from the AMD website << AMD 64 bit reference drivers for example Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta looks good? >> and install them on a clean installation. Does that work?  (is this a 64 bit machine?)


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Nice... Thanks for following up!


Duly noted. Have a great day.

You are welcome sir!

But I will be doing that a lot more as you dive in. Just ask anything if you are not sure or stuck.

99% of the time, the only stupid question is the one not asked.