Topic: Windows XP drivers for Geforce 1060 - 1070 - 1080 ?

Yes, even as of November 2016, there are still many people out there, including me, who'd like Nvidia Windows XP drivers for the new released Geforce 10 series (pascal - 1080, 1070 etc).

My guess is that Nvidia sadly won't release any, even though it certainly is technically possible to create some.

Let's hope the miracle happens and Nvidia decides to show some love for XP.

Anybody knows anything about this? Feel free to post info here.

Windows XP was the top OS in the world for ten years, 2001 - 2011. Many apps/games from that period run best under XP, and that's why it makes sense to some to have XP installed on a modern pc, often alongside Vista/7/8.1/10.

Fully functional XP drivers were released for the 9xx series (maxwell) from September 2014 till May 2016 (344.11 - 368.22), and most of them are still available at Nvidia's drivers downloads.
So 950 - 960 - 970 - 980 - 980 Ti - Titan X can be installed under XP and work properly, but now that the more modern 1070 - 1080 are here, it would be nice to be able to do it with those too.

More about the 900 series XP drivers: … ti-titan-x … xp-drivers

Re: Windows XP drivers for Geforce 1060 - 1070 - 1080 ?

If enough people ask... maybe.. probably not. have you contacted them about it?

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Re: Windows XP drivers for Geforce 1060 - 1070 - 1080 ?

A magical link for you … r-XP.shtml

I hope it will help.