Topic: Winows 10 Driverpack & Linx 1010B Tablet PC

Downloaded DriverPack-17-Online_395285083.1492980021.exe and ran it on my Linx 1010B Tablet PC. It failed to create a restore point and failed to apply "chipset intel" entries. After I shut down my tablet I was unable to start it up again. It went into automatic repair mode and I tried selected advanced options and selected USB EFI start up option but it failed to start up from the Windows 10 recovery USB that I had created when I last restored the tablet after WiFi problems. I have tried a couple of time to get this to work but each time it fails. This leaves me with last resort option of a Factory Reset and then re-apply Windows 10 Anniversary Update and all updates since then, re-install all my other applications and go through the re-registration/licensing process for all of them. Which I want to avoid but at present I have a completely useless Tablet PC as a result of using DriverPack.

Re: Winows 10 Driverpack & Linx 1010B Tablet PC

the DriverPack-17-Online_395285083.1492980021.exe is not created by us. released by us, or supported by us.

If you need our support you MUST be using one of our official releases offered here

Please ask for help from whomever you received the file from.

Thank you.

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