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OverFlow wrote:

let's put it like this... we ahve been doing this for many years and we havent been able to get the latest packs out for over two months.

Its not easy, there are no absolutes, drivers are not written the way they should be... for many reasons hundreds of your drivers will fail.

I am not trying to discourage you from trying but about three years from now you should be able to catch up to where DriverPacks is now... wink

If you find that we dont include a particular driver just ask wink

we will eeither help you add it or we will - that is why were here

thanks for asking - I'll help you if i can

Ok buddy thanks a lot smile


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OverFlow wrote:

well after three r four years of people asking us to add stuff we rarely get request for drivers anymore (except updates) so based on that i think we cover over 95% of all hardware (at least the hardware people buy and use)

Size has nothing to do with it - its all about the HWIDS... you should know that by now...

Im still learning m8 im still fairly new to all this but have learnt a lot from everybody.

HWID's? im assuming you mean the ID of the hardware installed in the system (like i said im learning sad ) chances are then most of the drivers i have you probably already have in the packs but i tried it without them (my drivers) and for some reason it wouldnt install the battery (on a lappy.. really weird)

I also made a driverpack for the graphics which it slipstreamed in no probs but it wud not install the drivers at all... any ideas (when i intergrate the graphics with nLite works no problem)

Thanks for listening anyway big_smile



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Errr... right ok... ive made a rather big c**k up here somewhat... it turns out i have duplicated about 600MB's of drivers within my drivers folder (after much checking) sorry about that there!!!! big_smile ("We all make mistakes" said the Dalek climbing of the dustbin) im still workin out how i did it but hey ho u live n learn i guess...

Sorry folks sad



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OverFlow wrote:

As far as i know were not missing any drivers... so why would we embark on this journy...

Well i did a bit of looking and the driverpacks when decompressed are about 1600MB's in size the drivers that i have got are currently are 2.16GB's in size now i know that there is probably files that are not needed (like text files and such) so there is about a 500MB difference in terms of overall size which for drivers is huge since they are generally so small.

As for "why would we embark on this journey" im not saying that you should do by any means im simply putting this idea forward to you to try and give something back to something from which i have benifited a lot from! (trying to help sorta thing)

If you decide to go ahead with the idea then fantastic!!! big_smile and if not then no worries there either im just trying to help big_smile


PS - The drivers I have also included the graphics drivers for the Acer 7720G laptop with the nVidia GeForce 8400M  GS graphics card in (i have read a lot of people trying to find them and i have big_smile ) and one for an ATi which is currently not in the driverpacks.


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Ok guys heres the thing, I was/am toying with the idea of making my own driverpacks but im bothered about duplicating files/drivers.

Now i know that this can be sorted out by editing certain files etc etc but i have over 2GB's of drivers!!! they all slipstream into nLite direct no probs but i wud like them in packs since they are smaller, they also contain a lot of SATA drivers (text-mode) which is not supported yet for the 3rd party packs.

Which is really annoying for me since all my drivers are in a single folder (makes it easier for nLite) if i knew then what i know now i wud have kept them all seperate since then i cud have used nLite for the text mode drivers and created packs for the rest but hey ho hindsight is such a wonderful thing lol!!

So.. what i was thinking was how about i upload all the drivers i have to say rapidshare or mediafire as 7z files (when compressed they get down to about 400mb for ALL the drivers) and then you guys can see whats there and incorperte them into the existing packs as new update for the packs?

Thanks for listening..


OverFlow wrote:

remember that mass storage text mode support will not be available for drivers in a third party pack

Only the official mass storage pack is used for that

Awww i have found other drivers for the text mode part of the install that i wanted to slipstream in.

Thanks for the info tho!!


Bâshrat the Sneaky wrote:

Indeed the best way there is smile

The reason why I'm making it MANDATORY is simple: since everyone can access the ftp, anyone could replace the original files by ones that include malware (or even just hack .inf files to set a certain homepage, for example). Therefore it's very important that these are included.

Yup sound advice here just downloaded the little app for this reason since im hoping to make my own packs which will be rather large.

This is awsome!!! Will try it out and report back when i can, thanks a lot for this folks!!!!

ricktendo64 wrote:

I have another idea

How about The Bâshrat the Sneaky DriverPack Maker?... (just like the nLite Addon Maker but for DriverPacks Base)

It can work the same way as this program Driver Genius Pro, It can back up the drivers on a paticular machine and then automatically 7zip it and create a Bâshrat the Sneaky DriverPack.

Wouldnt that be awesome?

Instead of a separate program maybe have it built into DriverPacks Base, yes have DriverPacks Base make its own driverpacks for just that machine

EDIT: @ Helmi I use WinRar cuz of the cool themes smile I use 7zip for Compressing but WinRar for Extracting.

Definatly love this idea guys, im goin to try and make my own DriverPacks since I have about 2GB's of drivers to slipstream into XP


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Start with a fresh version for nLite and only slipstream SP3 into it. Once done then reopen nLite and do anything else u want to do.

I have done this and use all the driverpacks with no problems.

Sounds real good to me tho most of what you said went over my head so im goin to bide my time and check it out once the updates are ready.

Hi guys heres the thing ok... I have a copy of TinyXP as release by eXperience which has the driverpacks included but it seems that there is no finisher included with it yet it still works?? Is this because its an older version of the driverpacks??

Im aksing because I would love it to be able to just use the drivers without needing DPBase to slipstream them in to the install.

Anyway thanks for all the hardwork folks eagerly awaiting an update to the driverpacks!!!



So far I am loving the KTD it did cause me a few headaches to get to work since i use an unattended setup so i had to start the finisher manually during the initail install (which i have now done) thanks for the great work folks!!!

Stoner wrote:
OverFlow wrote:

the other settings can be wahtever works for you. but if the unatended section exists then you will not be offered the option to repair.

I have an unattended setup with them and it ask me if i want to repair it m8 after i splistreamed the driverpacks into it i simply added the unattended bit in using Nlite and that woz it?


I was testing this on VMware Workstation v6 and when I did install it, it didnt ask me to repair it so by taking out the full unattended section then it shud work yes?

Sorry about the above response (

OverFlow wrote:

the other settings can be wahtever works for you. but if the unatended section exists then you will not be offered the option to repair.

I have an unattended setup with them and it ask me if i want to repair it m8 after i splistreamed the driverpacks into it i simply added the unattended bit in using Nlite and that woz it?