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First time I tried driverpacks base I created a KTD-enabled install DVD as it was for some desktop machines which are likely to get graphics cards / network cards etc swapped out and replaced, dedicating a few gig HD to drivers seemed like a sensible move. Laptops are a different case though so I was hoping that if I slipstreamed XP SP3 and automated it with nlite and then added all the very latest DriverPacks with the latest base but DISABLED KTD then the DP script fairies would magically delete all the unused driver files after an install ie DON'T keep the drivers? Seeing as a plain XP SP3 install, albeit DP non-KTD enhanced is taking almost 5GB of HD space then I'm presuming this is not the case ie is it not possible to slipstream all the driverpacks and then have all the unused ones auto-deleted at the end of the install, or am I just messing something up or is this a potential future DP base install/config option?

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Re: KTD if you like it or not ;)


OK your install is not "finishing" properly

the DriverPacks Finisher should delete %SystemRoot%\D\ and
all the DriverPacks related files in %SystemRoot%
(the ini's the dpinst tool mute.exe ect..)
does this happen?

does %SystemRoot%\DPsFnshr.exe exist?
if you run it does it clean everything up?

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you failed to mention base ver... major oops but i assume 8.x, or show log... no biggie this time but the log has teh base ver included. wink

tell us a little more about your process IE Ryanvm then nlite then DriverPacks - the finisher is called from guirunonce - ect...

Glad to help in any way i can - thanks for asking

this should do what you want it to do "right out of the box"

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Re: KTD if you like it or not ;)


the idea behind KTD was a sound idea but we had no real minisetup running after hardware was changed and KTD had its limitations.
The availability of microsoft's DPinst.exe has made possible new tactics, and DriverPacks BASE actually implements them.
The SAD disc is a possible, and a regular DriverPacks BASE streamed disc has a cmd file to run DPinst.exe which will run the driver install tool and it will use the method the source was streamed with.
To wit, in M2, the packs get uncompressed to hard drive, and a DPinst session runs which is like a minisetup with all DriverPacks exceptions, but it does not do a windows re-install. ((a full launch of hardware detection and driver setup))

in M1, the packs are already semi uncompressed on DVD (in cab format), and copied to HDD, and hardware detection and driver setup then runs.

adding these functions made KTD sorta obsolete. But it will also function when the source was streamed with KTD enabled and the script will perform the KTD inF seeding.
This means you can update a KTDeed drive, to an updated KTDeed. (That is what I reckon it did when I last tried this.)

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Re: KTD if you like it or not ;)

So far I am loving the KTD it did cause me a few headaches to get to work since i use an unattended setup so i had to start the finisher manually during the initail install (which i have now done) thanks for the great work folks!!!