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[ADDED] Rewrote functionality for working with the command line. To date, the program provides the following initial options:
•    "/?", "/h", "-h", "-help", "/help" - display the Help window;
•    "/Extractdll [:path]" - extract files from program to the specified directory, if a directory is specified, the recovery is a temporary location;
•    "/Regdll" - registration of software components (dll and ocx);
•    "/s[(:|=) mode]", "-s[(:|=) mode]", "-s[(:|=) mode]" - Run silent mode installation of drivers, with the ability to select selection of drivers.
Parameter [mode] can be set to mode "installation (compatible drivers)" and "Installation (Full - the whole package)," respectively:
    •    n or n2 - Select driver packages with newer drivers
    •    q or q2 - Select driver packages with unknown drivers,
    •    a or a2 - Select all driver packages to the tab can be set.
•    "/t[(:|=) time]", "-t[(:|=) time]", "-t[(:|=) time]" - time in seconds, before the start silent mode install the drivers. The default interval is 10 seconds.

Can someone show me an example of how to use the command line to install only recommended driver unattendedly wit DPI-drv.exe?

According to this info it seems to be possible.  But it does not work for me.  It opens... seems to extract the needed drivers... but then it closes without installing any of the drivers.  I want to incorporate this into my Windows Install USB to automatically install drivers.

I'm using version 6.10.3 currently.

I have tried to use the command line in a few different ways. But none of them seem to work:

DIA-drv.exe /s:"installation (compatible drivers)"
DIA-drv.exe /s:n
DIA-drv.exe /s
DIA-drv.exe -s:"installation (compatible drivers)"
DIA-drv.exe -s:n
DIA-drv.exe -s
DIA-drv.exe /s="installation (compatible drivers)"
DIA-drv.exe /s=n
DIA-drv.exe /s
DIA-drv.exe -s="installation (compatible drivers)"
DIA-drv.exe -s=n
DIA-drv.exe -s

Also... what is the difference supposed to be with n and n2?

Am I misunderstanding how to use these command lines? Or is there a bug?

Thanks! Hopefully you can help me.  This tools sounds like exactly what I was needing.

I have used WinBuilder recently and I think it is amazing work. big_smile It actually is simular to an Idea that I was wanting to do for the RVM Integrator and Addons. 

@Nuno Brito do you think there could be some way on implementing the RVM Integrator or Windows XP PowerPacker into your project? 

Basically what i planned on doing was allowing Addon creators the possability to refference a txt file hosted somewhere that the integrator would download which would hold any info on updated versions of the addon and so on.  Then the integrator would simply download the update.  Winbuilder fits into that Idea perfectly and is very well thought out and put together. :thumbsup:

DriverPacks are my main influence as to why I ever started creating my utilities.  I have used BartPE for many years now too and just recently tried LiveXP.

So if we can also combine our 2 worlds together that would be awsome! big_smile

Also check your i386 folder for any or files and delete them. wink

I think the delay you are experiancing is the dp finisher deleting the drivers from the hard drive.  This takes a little while because there are a lot of drivers to delete. wink

This is found in dosnet.inf:

d1 = \I386
d2 = \cmpnents\tabletpc\I386
d3 = \cmpnents\mediactr\I386
d4 = \cmpnents\netfx\I386


1  = %cdname%,%cdtagfilei%,,\i386
2 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\tabletpc\i386
3 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\mediactr\i386
4 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\netfx\i386

I've never tested changing these items... but it should work. wink


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@jaak I have heard a lot of good things about VMM... but I am not a fan of forcing people to install dotnet.  That's one of the main things I like about my tools.  No dotnet needed. wink  Someday I'll play around with VMM... but I doubt if it will be anytime soon.

@OverFlow I definatly understand not having much spare time. wink  Maybe we'll be able to help each other out.  It would be great to have you onboard OverFlow.  I also think some of the source code of the integrator can be benefitial to the Base as well. big_smile

BTW... if you need any graphics for the base my friend HJW is the man for the job. wink  He's a very creative guy! big_smile


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I have a lot of respect for Bashrat and the DriverPacks team here.  I think they are doing a great job here.  I wish I had more time to help out as well.  But since I have so many programs people want updated my time gets very limited.  so I figured if I got a coding team together than it would make my life much easier and I could help out with other projects like DriverPacks as well. wink

for those of you who don't know me I have designed these tools:
RVM Integrator driverGrabber Office Integrator and Windows XP PowerPacker

I am sure most of the people around here are familure with at least one of those tools. wink
Bashrats DriverPacks are what initially influenced me into coding in the first place.

I posted this on my forums as well, here:

I have been having a difficult time updating all of my programs because I have made too many of them. I have decided to ask for help.

If you are creative and pretty good with Autoit3 then you are a perfect candidate. Just let me know which program you are interested in helping with and we can talk about it.

I have so many Ideas of what I want to do with my programs... but I haven't got enough time to do everything.

If you can send me an example of some coding you have done that would be great too.

Vista sux!  Haha... J/K.  I am sure there will be driverpacks made for vista eventually.  Just like my RVM Integrator will do vista stuff eventually.  It is not an easy task.  Vista's core is quite different... not that there was a point in the changes microsoft made... because they really didn't add much new stuff to vista but looks.  You are right... no matter what we do Vista is taking over... and I am sure by sp1 it will be awsome.  Vista support in the driverpacks won't happen until the developers force themselves to use vista and develope in a vista environment.  I have allready begun coding the RVM Integrator to work in a vista environment... but I haven't started adding support for integrating to Vista media.

Don't worry... it will happen.  But let's perfect XP DriverPacks and BartPE first. wink  We're almost there as it is.

I think there were talks in the past about adding this ability to the DPs_Base someday.  But reading through this thread makes me wonder if there would be much of a need for it anyways.


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hmmm.... Imagine a super mega blu-ray disk. wink  The ultimate install disk. big_smile

Why do you prefer method 1 over method 2?  Method 2 is faster and more efficient... and saves a ton of space.  In my opinion method 1 is almost obsolete now.  Only times I see method one might be useful is in ris... maybe.

Yeah soon I plan on updating drivergrabber and fixing a few bugs like that.

Only thing I changed from my last install was I did select ATI CCP instead of CCC... seems like that might be the culprit.

Ewww... I hope not... cause I just made a new disk using that option last night. sad  I haven't had a chance to test my disk yet.  But I guess soon we will find out if I get the same problem.  I'll post back with my experiance soon.

I have made a small tool called DriverGrabber which can be found on my site:

It is still in beta though.  It does have it's flaws.  So far it is supposed to grab all non-microsoft driver files and put them in a drivers directory for you.  The main goal of this tool is to ultimatly have it grab all needed driver files from your system and compile a driverpack file for you... or an integrator addon.  But I have not had time to work on it in a while.  I am hoping to have more time soon to work on all of my projects.

   This may help you get started though.  And if you're lucky... maybe the it will grab all of the files needed from your system allready. wink

There are a couple tutorials on how to make a driverpack on this forum.  They aren't to hard to make once you have all of the necisarry files.

hmmm... this is the first I heard of this bug.  I haven't ever seen this issue myself yet.  But I haven't created a new disk since october... maybe my latest disk uses an older dp finisher.  If I get some spare time soon I'll try to see if I can help figure this one out.

From the log it looks like %DPSTMP%\Setup.exe /K never finishes so it is probably a program hidden in the background that never finishes... therefore halting the whole process.


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Thanks a lot muiz! big_smile


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Why do you need the OEM dir at the root of your harddrive?

The driverpacks remain in the root of your disk and are extracted to the harddrive.


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Maybe use guirunonce for the DriverPacks/

The custom start ID is when the DP Base is run in runonceex.  First, second, third... 937th.


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The OEM directory should be at the root of your disk.  The $OEM$ directory is used for other unattended stuff.  Method 2 uses an OEM dir at the ROOT of your disk.

The integrator and a select few other programs have direct unattended support for the DP Base.


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cmdow is a bad idea.  A lot of Antivirus programs do not like cmdow.  I suggest using another alternative.


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That is exactly what the integrator uses too. wink  API mode is for third party applications.  If the app writer requests to use the DP Base through their tool then Bashrat allows permission for that program.


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Unless something was changed in the latest DP_Base then it should work just how that thread states it.  You need to make a custom settings file in the dp_base.exe by exporting it.  You would then point to that settings file in the integrator advanced tab.

To use the unattended function with nlite you would need to request that to nuhi... and nuhi would need to request the DP Base to support nLite.
If nLite has any unattended features you could have nlite called by the integrator from a batch file and then in the batch call a second instance of the integrator which integrates a blank addon file with the advanced option of calling the DP Base. wink  Kinda confusing... but it would work. If nlite doesn't have unattended options you could make a simple autoit script that could do it for you.


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It is possible to do this through the RVM Integrator and a select few other programs like AutoImage (by RogueSpear).  I'm not positive if it is possible through any batch file though.  That would be a question for Bâshrat the Sneaky himself.

This link will give you an idea of how it is done with the integrator:

The integrator has built in support to utalize the DP Base unattendedly.