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em...could you give some examples? Is there a AV for commercial use for free? I dont think so. Even a good AV with real-time protection for free would be nice to know.


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ok...now i see. Thanks for the "red and from wood" explanation, lol. The included drivers in OS are not included in driverpacks. Yes, that makes perfectly sense smile. Really none of them? I know at least realtek network card drivers are both included with OS and driverpacks. That´s why i wondered earlier... smile


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ok..i got my answer, i think. Unfortunately then i must have dvd-rw always by me going from house to house repairing computers and screw it in and out. No, i dont have an extra one, why should i? Yes, the old computers might also not have USB port to use external dvd drive, which are not that cheap, i think. I´m not from US, but the prices are almost the same. Well...glad that such computers, i mentioned, are history in a little while.

OverFlow wrote:

if we add them to the packs they STILL take up just as much room...

em..why should you add them at all if they are old? Aren´t they totally obsolete if there are updated drivers of them?


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yeah, i c. But...i know now that it´s not reccomended, but why should i keep the old and outdated drivers taking up space on my CD or should i in any case use DVD for install if i want every single driverpack to be present on the disc. I wanna fit as much updated drivers on CD as possible, because there are still computers available that do not have DVD reader. I guess support for certain type of hardware is something else than the some kind of driver(s) itself.


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OverFlow wrote:

it could mean taht the drivers in sad are not newer than the ones installed on th machine wink

Yes, nice try! Unfortunately i removed every driver in drivers.cab with nlite that it offers to remove. Still...no drivers from SAD are used. I guess it could only mean, that some sort of broken inf file is to blame.


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dont know why, but when i slipstream SAD to the same disc with OS, the needed drivers will not be installed. Is it ment to be so?


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lol, the simplest thing and i never thought of that. Device manager --> show hidden devices--->there the dog was buried. Uninstalled the s.o.a.b with yellow exclamation mark and everything OK!


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geez...i dont even remember the brand of the printer any more. Any good driver cleaner would be handy.

OK! I know now...it´s Canon Bubblejet BJC-240. Tried to clean spooler...It was there and i deleted it, also all drivers from spooler. Also made sure there are no driver related files in windows/system32 or windows/system32/drivers a.s.o. Must i really do clean install or is there a way to control the startup of the found new hardware wizard (almost seems like some sort of corrupted windows core file).


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i´m sry, can´t find any driver related to printer in my system. Tried driver cleaner professional, but it didnt find anything. Can´t roll back, i prefer that system restore is disabled if i don´t change anything in my system and i use my system as limited user to prevent viruses, i can always click "run as..administrator". I´ll try to find the uninstall tool


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ok, a similar problem with this one. If it doesnt fit here, i´ll do a separate topic. Tried to install a printer to a PC and it didnt work, i removed the faulty printer, but the found new hardware wizard still keeps poping up every reboot. Dont know why it still finds the non-existent printer, but it is really annoying. Could this be related to corrupted system file or some kind of faulty registry entry or smth?


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Is there a Intel ICP3 webcam driver for Vista? I know, its a very old cam, but a friend of mine asked for it.


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very cool. Thank you! I have just one question. How old must a driver be to be added into Graphics C? I would suggest, that if a driver isnt updated any more at all for a long time or is put to legacy status, than its old card or not? Then it would make things easier to maintain only the drivers, that are updated continually. And of course...stability and quality before currency {applause}. Then user can be sure he/she has the best drivers for its card.

sry for the dumb question...what is SAD???


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em..yeah. I may be dumb, but why is it necessary to update drivers to newer versions, which seems to be crap. If the older driver version is OK and newer version fails, then why bother making "bread of s***". If nvidia makes bad drivers, thats their problem (or not?)

i´m sry! what does the nightly release stand for? I mean what does "nightly" mean?

yeah, i know, what you mean. And thats not piracy if you have installed software with legit key, IMHO.

yeah, i know! you missed something in my first post in this topic. What if i dont have the installer any more or lost the key?

OK, i understand. But how do you load a specific program from the ghost image, i wonder? I never knew about the registry size, so thats a good point. So...no registry cleaner is able to delete the obsolete entries? I asked about the program, that is able to identify missing or corrupt installation files and you didnt answer me... Guess you dont know such program also. Oh never mind...i´ll try it your way then... smile

OverFlow wrote:

I have not repaired a Windows OS in years - the result is just a disaster.
If you think you must do a repair you're mistaken... a reload is definately in order if the OS is wasted that badly.

But there is always an exception to any rule smile wink

OK, but tell me...what if there are important settings made, that i dont remember any more to correct or software keys or some kind of software, that i cant loose, since i have lost the install cd for it? Maybe it wont let me to use the install key again since it has already been used and install server wont accept it, etc etc. I think if the problem is only about corrupted system files or missing registry entries, then repair install is just fine. I havent found a single way or any program, that lets me repair windows components or identify corrupted or missing files, missing important registry keys. Reg cleaners only remove registry entries and some kind of "repair" and tweaking programs, IE WinXP Manager´s repair all windows components does not do what it is ment to do. No program identifies for you any missing file, that i might extract from install cd to correct the problem a.s.o. So repair has its advantages...i think.

twig123 wrote:
OverFlow wrote:

the floppy method definately works  - if you can find a machine these days witha a floppy in it wink

LOL, yeah I only have 1 system with a floppy... but that is my laptop and can't have the CD and Floppy in a the same time.

...What about a "fake" text-mode? that would allow us to choose a sif (just pullin things outta my head now)?

Yeah, thats right. Who uses a floppy nowadays any more. I havent seen any laptop with a floppy drive in it all my life. PC´s have it also less and less. Now there are USB sticks, smart card readers, etc. Maybe it is possible to do the boot manager thing on CD/DVD, but i cant tell of course, is it possible or not....


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ok, thanx


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ok, didnt find anything special about it. So my question is...is there any way to make such xp cd with which i am able to repair existing OS. I have configured everyhing as i want, but some important system files seem to be corrupted. Cant figure out what is exactly wrong, so i want to repair the OS, but dont want to loose all the most recent and best found drivers.


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look, that psychobabble between u 2 is totally offtopic big_smile, but its fun to read tongue


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i think the base needs also win51 and win51ip files to identify the os version.

sry what is this "SAD" you are talking about. I dont follow very well.