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yousefafisa here http://3rdpartydriverpacks.thesneaky.co … 2_80201.7z

You can find the list of 3rd party driverpacks here or here

Thanks OverFlow smile

Jaak wrote:

we get the drivers from the official sites and extract the files.

How to extract some of those is poorly documented.

Well not these nVidia drivers, they have a readme.txt sugesting they are not the regular installer (there for manual INF search/install)

NVIDIA Display Driver for Windows 2000/XP              version 169.21, 12/05/2007

Operating systems supported
Microsoft Windows XP Home
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Professional
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

File list
ALIAGP.SYS     - AGP support file for Aladdin TNT2
DMCPL.EXE      - NVIDIA nView control panel
GENERIC.TVP    - NVIDIA nView generic desktop profile
KEYSTONE.EXE   - NVIDIA NVKeystone application
NV4_DISP.DLL   - NVIDIA display driver
NV4_DISP.INF   - Windows 2000/XP display driver information file for NVIDIA
NV4_MINI.SYS   - NVIDIA miniport driver
NVCPL.DLL      - NVIDIA display properties extension
NVCPL.HLP      - NVIDIA display properties extension help file
NVIEW.DLL      - NVIDIA nView desktop and window manager
NVIEWIMG.DLL   - NVIDIA nView image library
NVINSTNT.DLL   - NVIDIA installation/uninstallation support file
NVMCTRAY.DLL   - NVIDIA media center library
NVSHELL.DLL    - NVIDIA desktop explorer
NVSVC32.EXE    - NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP helper service
NVTUICPL.CPL   - NVIDIA nView control panel
NVWCPLEN.HLP   - NVIDIA nView help file
NWIZ.EXE       - NVIDIA nView wizard
README.TXT     - The file you're reading

Installation instructions
1.  These drivers must be installed by a user with Windows 2000/XP Administrator
    privileges.  Please consult your system administrator or Microsoft
    Windows 2000/XP User's Manual for more information on Administrator

2.  Start Microsoft Windows 2000/XP.

3.  From the Start menu, select Settings.

4.  Select Control Panel.

5.  Select System.

6.  Select Device Manager.

7.  Under Display adapters, select the name of the NVIDIA adapter you have
    installed.  If you do not see a Display adapters option, or if your NVIDIA
    adapter is not listed, under Other Devices, select Video Controller (VGA

8.  Select the Driver tab.

9.  Select Update Driver.

10.  Select Next.

11.  Select Next.

12.  Verify that "Specify a location" has a check mark next to it.  If it does
     not, click in the box next to "Specify a location" to place a check mark
     in the box.  Select Next.

13.  Enter the path to the NVIDIA drivers in the "Copy manufacturer's files
     from:" dialog.  Select OK.

14.  If you get a dialog box that states "A suitable driver for this device
     is already installed.", click in the box next to "Install one of the
     other drivers" to place a check mark in the box, then select Next.

     Otherwise, select Next, then proceed to step 16.

15.  Select the following driver from the list.  NVIDIA RIVA TNT is used an
     example; make sure to select your NVIDIA adapter from the list.

	Description             Provider        Manufacturer    Location
	-----------             --------        ------------    --------
	NVIDIA RIVA TNT         NVIDIA          NVIDIA          a:\nv4_disp.inf

     Select Next.

16.  Select Finish.

17.  Select Close.

18.  Windows 2000/XP will ask if you wish to restart the computer.  Select Yes.

Copyright (c) NVIDIA Corporation.                           All rights reserved.


BTW where is it that you guys download the files for the DriverPacks, I notice its not a regular installer its just the INF and other files

Hello again. I wonder if anybody still had DriverPack Grafix A v6.11

The reason I need it is because I have a old PCI Geforce 5 card and it only works good with the driver v6.14.10.9371, so if anybody had it I would really appreciate it if you extracted the D\G\N\1 folder and uploaded it somewhere

I know its very old and unlikely anybody still has this
ty in advance

No you did nothing wrong m8... Some devices use the same INF

BTW this driver backup tool is better, it renames the INF and CAT files http://www.msfn.org/board/Utility-Drive … 83960.html

I am happy to report that the 1st .ini entries (the devcon ones) worked like a charm... No more Plug n Play monitor on 1st boot big_smile


Thanks all

Yea I found that typo mr_smartpants thanks

Does exc_1_+hwids = do what I think it does?

Temporarily adding that device to the registry so it can be installed/updated?

I was also looking at the sound pack, would something like this work also?

exc_count	= 1
exc_1_tagFiles	= 2
exc_1_tagFile1	= "%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\P17.sys"
exc_1_tagFile2	= "%DPSROOT%\D\S\CR2\Ctzapxx.ini"
exc_1_+hwids	= 0
exc_1_-hwids	= 0
exc_1_+infFiles	= 1
exc_1_+infFile1	= "%DPSROOT%\D\S\CR2\*.inf"
exc_1_-infFiles	= 0
exc_1_commands	= 1
exc_1_command1	= "%DPSROOT%\D\S\CR2\CTZapxx.Exe /S"

I know how to install it, I just want to know if maybe it could install like my other drivers in my personal DriverPack (this is the only one which wont install)

The reason is I like to set my screen resolution to have it on 1st boot to 1052x864 with nLite but the max I can get with the Plug and Play driver is 1024x768 (only after I install my monitor driver will I have the option for higher rez)

Does my INI look ok Jaak?

Hey guys was wondering if anybody could help me make a .ini file that would install my monitor using devcon?
My monitor driver wont install, I keep getting the plug and play default driver. My monitor is a SAMSUNG SyncMaster 591s

I think I need a .ini file to have my monitor install, kinda like this one:

exc_count		= 1
exc_1_tagFiles	= 0
exc_1_+hwids	= 1
exc_1_+hwid1	= "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00DF&SUBSYS_E0001458&REV_A2"
exc_1_+hwid2	= "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00DF&SUBSYS_02501462&REV_A2"
exc_1_+hwid3	= "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00DF&SUBSYS_A5511297&REV_A2"
exc_1_-hwids	= 0
exc_1_+infFiles	= 0
exc_1_-infFiles	= 0
exc_1_commands	= 2
exc_1_command1	= "%SystemDrive%\devcon.exe update %DPSROOT%\D\L\NV\3\nvnetbus.inf "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00DF&SUBSYS_*""
exc_1_command2 	= "%SystemDrive%\devcon.exe update %DPSROOT%\D\L\NV\3\nvenetfd.inf "{1a3e09be-1e45-494b-9174-d7385b45bbf5}\NVNET_DEV00DF""

Here is the driver http://www.sokoolz.com/addons/r64/Samsung.cab

And my HWID

DISPLAY\SAM0116\5&7E4A37B&0&11335577&01&00                  : SyncMaster 591s/591v/594MG/591SG

I kind of understand how to make a .ini but just need a little help with this device, thanks

EDIT: How does this look?

platform	= "wnt5_x86-32"
name		= "Ricks AIO"
rootDir		= "D\"
classes		= "Display,Media,Mouse,Net,Processor,SCSIAdapter,System"
driverCount	=
decompSize	= "180"
compSize	= "50"

exc_count		= 1
exc_1_tagFiles	= 0
exc_1_+hwids	= 1
exc_1_+hwid1	= "DISPLAY\SAM0116\5&7E4A37B&0&11335577&01&00"
exc_1_-hwids	= 0
exc_1_+infFiles	= 0
exc_1_-infFiles	= 0
exc_1_commands	= 2
exc_1_command1	= "%SystemDrive%\devcon.exe update %DPSROOT%\D\3\R\M\SM591s.inf "DISPLAY\SAM0116\5&7E4A37B&0&11335577&01&00""

Hey thanks for turning me onto devcon, but I am having problems with the command lines

I have tried everything, keep getting "devcon failed"

Here is how its regularly installed

To install the driver on Windows XP / Windows Server 2003 :

1.  In Control Panel, double-click to start the Add/Remove Hardware utility.
2.  Select Add a new hardware device.
3.  Select Yes, I have already connected the hardware. Click Next.
4.  Select Add a new device.
5.  Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list. Click Next.
6.  Select Show All Devices.
7.  Select Have Disk button and navigate to the ENG , FRE or GER subfolder that contains the RAMDriv.inf
     file for the respective English , French or German version of the ramdisk.
8.  Select Next , Next , Finish.

Is it possible to make a DriverPack to have this driver to install, maybe using a driverpack .ini file?

I have a full version but here is a trial version that is the same

http://users.compaqnet.be/cn021945/Down … 530109.zip


; Windows 2000 installation file for installing the RAMDriv driver
; Copyright (c) 1990-2000 Microsoft Corporation All rights Reserved
; Copyright (c) 2005-2007 [ QSoft ] Qualitative Software

Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"

DefaultDestDir = 12

SysCopyfile    = 12
DLLCopyfile    = 11 
EXECopyfile    = 11 


; If we don't provide our own Installer32, ICON's from "SETUPAPI.DLL" are to be selected
; HKR,,Icon,,-5
; HKR,,Icon,,-159









%QSOFT% = DiskDevice

%DiskDevDesc% = DiskInstall, RAMDriv

CopyFiles = SysCopyfile , DLLCopyFile , EXECopyFile

AddService = RAMDriv, %SPSVCINST_ASSOCSERVICE%, DiskServiceInst

StartType     = %SERVICE_START%
DisplayName   = %DiskServiceDesc%
ServiceBinary = %12%\RAMDriv.sys
AddReg        = DiskAddReg

HKR, "Parameters", "BreakOnEntry", %REG_DWORD%, 0x00000000
HKR, "Parameters", "DebugLevel",   %REG_DWORD%, 0x00000005
HKR, "Parameters", "DebugComp",    %REG_DWORD%, 0xFFFFFFFF
; HKR, "Parameters", "LoadImage",    %REG_DWORD%, 0x00000001
; HKR, "Parameters", "Format",       %REG_SZ%,    "NTFS"
; HKR, "Parameters", "DiskSize",     %REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,02,00,00,00,00
; HKR, "Parameters", "AutoResize",   %REG_DWORD%, 0x00000001
HKR, "Parameters", "UseMMXInstructions"  , %REG_DWORD%, 0x00000001
HKR, "ImageFileProcessing", "ProgramPath", %REG_SZ%, "RAMDiskImage.exe"
HKR, "Parameters", "AllowedNPAGEPoolBanks",   %REG_DWORD%, 0x000003FF

QSOFT           = "Qualitative Software [ QSoft ]"
ClassName       = "RAM Drive"
DiskDevDesc     = "RAMDrive [ QSoft ] Enterprise (x86)"
DiskServiceDesc = "RAMDrive [ QSoft ] Enterprise (x86)"
InstDisk        = "RAMDrive Install Disk"
;Handy macro substitutions (non-localizable)
SERVICE_START          = 2
REG_BINARY             = 0x00000001
REG_DWORD              = 0x00010001
REG_SZ                 = 0x00000000
REG_EXPAND_SZ          = 0x00020000
COPYFLG_NOSKIP         = 2


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Pack em in.


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There is a .Net All In One installer by RyanVM you can make into a AddOn with versions 1.1, 2.0 & 3 http://tracker.ryanvm.net/

Updated w/ BASE v7.05.1

I'm switching up my AddOn naming just like DriverPacks BASE, its gonna look like this from now on ProgramName1.5_AddOn_v7.05.18 [Year.Month.Date]

Its gonna take a while, but I will change it only when there is a update for that program addon

I know even I get confused sometimes tongue

I could not wait any longer so I went ahead and RELEASED IT HERE, if its a problem let me know and I will discontinue it

BTW Updated a few lines in the addon (nothing major only switched to 7-Zip and changed some Support Info in Add/Remove Programs also some Start Menu InfoTips)

Download link and MD5 checksum updated above


DriverPacks BASE v8.12.1
Download: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=1089

Note: if anybody wants the uninstall, automatic settings of the program language or any updated .lng file added for your language you can request it here, I also need you to translate this:

Lang	   ="English"
ProgDesc   ="Slipstream DriverPacksâ„¢ into Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 source."
FldrDesc   ="Add your Bâshrat the Sneaky DriverPacksâ„¢ to this folder for updating & slipstreaming."
3rdPrtDesc ="Add your 3rd party DriverPacksâ„¢ to this folder for slipstreaming."
UnInsTitle ="DriverPacks BASE Uninstaller."
UnInsQuest ="Are you sure you want to remove DriverPacks BASE from your computer?"
UnInsFinal ="DriverPacks BASE was successfully removed from your computer."


Jan 1-09
- Updated BASE to v8.12.1
- Added support for Spanish uninstall prompt and auto setting prog lang
May 2-08
- Updated BASE to v8.05
- Overhauled INF (new CopyFiles and ProfileItems tricks)
May 27-07
- Updated BASE to v7.05.2
May 19-07
- Updated BASE to v7.05.1

Bâshrat the Sneaky always adds a quick link to the page


Nice work guys smile


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Hey sKz welcome to the team smile

I only need the base not all the driverpacks. Can somebody upload it to a file sharing site?

EDIT: nvm I used my browser's download instead of my Download Accelerator and the download works now

I was looking like crazy for the NEW entries to translate but I could not find them... Now I know why tongue

EDIT I cant download the new base sad

Thanks OverFlow... Never crossed my mind to look there

EDIT: Does this look right?

platform	= "wnt5_x86-32"
name		= "Rick's"
classes		= "Modem, Video, Sound, Chipset, NIC"
rootDir		= "D\3"
driverCount	= 8
decompSize	= 21,049,717
compSize	= 5,985,527

exc_count		= 1

OK I use 3rd party driverpacks that I personally make. Here are some questions I have:

- Do I need the INI file for my 3rd party packs?
- Whats the purpose of the INI file?
- Can somebody explain this in detail?

platform	= "wnt5_x86-32"
name		= "Chipset"
rootDir		= "D\C"
classes		= "Infrared,Ports,System"
driverCount	=
decompSize	=
compSize	=

; This exception removes some silly, useless HP/Compaq "eHelp" button (that actually is integrated into the chipset!) from the system.
exc_count		= 1
exc_1_tagFiles	= 0
exc_1_+hwids	= 1
exc_1_+hwid1	= "ACPI\MGMT180"
exc_1_-hwids	= 0
exc_1_+infFiles	= 0
exc_1_-infFiles	= 0
exc_1_commands	= 1
exc_1_command1	= "%SystemDrive%\devcon.exe remove ACPI\MGMT180"