Topic: DX9 and .NET x.x Frameworks

Could you implement an option to install automatically DX9 and .NET just before(?) installing graphics drivers. [This option should ask where this *.exe(s) are, copy them in a folder and then make the necessary changes in commandline.txt(?) file (now requires hand editing)].

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Re: DX9 and .NET x.x Frameworks

try RyanVM

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Yeah, do as Jaak said.
This is drivers-only, for any add-ons packs, either use nLite along with an add-on maker or some pre-assembled pack.

While .NET certainly is a requirement for ATi's CCC to work, the size of it would exceed the DriverPack Graphics A, which looks a bit rediculous, IMO.
Also, the version of DX9 that comes with XP may not be up-to-date anymore, but I think all drivers still work with it (whether or not a specific programme works is a different question, but that is none of our buisness so to speak).
Again, it is pretty huge in size, plus there are numerous already existing DX add-on packs available.

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Re: DX9 and .NET x.x Frameworks

There is a .Net All In One installer by RyanVM you can make into a AddOn with versions 1.1, 2.0 & 3