Topic: DriverPacks BASE updated to 7.05 - Oops - make that 7.05.2

The 7.05.2 release fixes an error when slipstreaming a disk platform using Method One
a path issue / bug was reported in the following thread … 036#p11036

The 7.05.1 Release fixes an undeclared variable error / bug that occured when useing method 1.
Reported by users  mario_buc  and  Xusen.

The 7.05 Release adds a function to create a redistributable Plugin for bartPE and addresses some Profile issues that occured when switching from one platform to another (IE Disk to BartPE or Multi to Disk ect...). We have also updated Thai language support - Thanks to SoKoOLz.

New in this release:

- Thai language support  (SoKoOLz).
- Some additional language updates
- BartPE redistributable plugin Creator  (OverFlow)
- Cleaned up some GUI page profile issues
- Open sourceing of the ability of advanced team members to release DriverPacks and Base. (Bâshrat the Sneaky)

This is my first attempt at a release so if I missed something Please point it out (nicely wink ).

Changes to all Platforms
Resolved a pre-existing condition (traced  back to at least version 6086)
This condition would present the wrong page profiles if someone clicked the next button when an invalid folder was selected.
IE if a valid "Disk" location was set and the user swiched to bartpe and then clicked next, all the packs would be selectable, and they are not supported and won't work... yet!  Also if "Multi" was selected and then the user switched back to disk strange things would display. (Cleaned up some gui profile issues.)

Changes to BartPE
The Base should should now create a "vanilla" plugin if textmode is unchecked and the base is run from outside the BartPE folder structure. This would be helpful as it would create a stand alone plugin with generic settings that could be dropped into any BartPE plugin folder and then be configureable from the PEBuilder plugin configuration screen. Remember in order to create the initial plugin it is better not to have the base program in the bartpe folder (but probably will work fine if this was done)

A "vanilla" plugin can be dropped into the \bartpeprogram\plugin folder of ubcd4win or any other bartpe build.
(so it creates a  \[bartpeprogram]\plugin\ folder) and then it would be configureable from the plugin page in pebuilder by pressing <Config>.

The Base should create a fully configured and funtional BartPE Textmode plugin if the Textmode box is checked. (default setting)


As always, there are many people who contribute their time and resources to this project, all of whom make this possable.
Just because their names did not appear in this list (and I am sorry if I missed you) doesn't mean their efforts are not appreciated. This is a team effort and all of the team members deserve a HUGE    Thank You   !

The driver packs team, lead by Muiz, has been tirelessly adding new drivers.
The language team has been adding corrections and new languages.
THe UBCD4win Team has been an indispensable asset to my success with BartPE.

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Re: DriverPacks BASE updated to 7.05 - Oops - make that 7.05.2

Bâshrat the Sneaky always adds a quick link to the page


Nice work guys smile

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Re: DriverPacks BASE updated to 7.05 - Oops - make that 7.05.2


Nice to see an update with so many changes wink

I have also seen some changes made to NF4/NF5 platforms. Do they work now?

Re: DriverPacks BASE updated to 7.05 - Oops - make that 7.05.2

Good job, OverFlow! smile

@ lieblingsbesuch: we assumed it was working now, because it's been months since we've had negative reports about them.

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