Well, I guess that depends on the make.
Yesterday, I was over at a friend's and I had to hook up his external webcam (as well as taping it on the CRT because the fixing mechanism only works for slim LCDs...) - plugged it in, Windows automatically installs the driver (no DriverPacks were being used - stock XP Home) and it works (we tried Skype).

Of course, seeing as we did not (have to) rely on the DP, it's a moot point, as Windows supplies the driver.
Just saying, though...

As for the nLite driver thing:
Well, maybe we are blinded by our job, but it seems kinda silly to add a driver using nLite when you are going to use BASE anyhow.
Also, we have stated more than once that you are not supposed to add or remove drivers with nLite if you plan to use BASE (I think it's in the FAQ, dunno about the Tut, but yes, it should be in there!).

Anyway, not to be a killjoy, but the nLite terms clearly state that the programme is not to be used  commercially. Only private use is permitted - so you may want to reconsider...
This does not apply to BASE, though, so go ahead with that one wink

Excuse me but version 2.3.39 PreFinal does not seem to be linked to in the first post - that or I must've turned blind wink

Oh, nvm, I found it already on your homepage:
http://letitbit.net/download/3498.34d98 … ll.7z.html
Thankfully, my Russian isn't all THAT bad, hehe big_smile

What OS is yours?

Do you have already reinstalled that one?

Can you manually disable the touchpad using a combination of function keys on the laptop?
Does the external mouse work properly then?

Also, seeing as it's an HP laptop, you may want to contact their support - after all you paid for it...


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mr_smartepants wrote:

Use a disposable email address (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.) since the company will continuously send you email once a week of offers. neutral

Even better, use a one-time address service such as www.10minutemail.com
This makes sure to never be bothered again.

OverFlow wrote:

To put it bluntly it is ridiculous to act like it doesn't work if you have not even tried wink

Schrödinger's cat syndrome, anyone? big_smile


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Try this link instead:
http://driverpacks.sytes.net/driverpack … _100201.7z

Unfortunately, I cannot edit Erik's post...


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Please use CODE tags for such long listings:

Well, it could work, seeing as it probably works by grabbing all the files referenced in the INF and copying them over.
Not sure about GUIs, though.

In any case, the same can be achieved with the freeware DriverGrabber by our dearest Siginet.
Why spend money when you can get the same for free?
Personally, I think it works even better (faster, less clumsy GUI) than Driver Genius.


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Else, it should be on the software manual that came with the install CD...

The file link that you requested is not valid.


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BigBrit wrote:

500w is not enough, think about 700w or greater.

Friend of mine runs almost the same layout (same CPU and GFX card, two more HDDs) on an Enermax 385 W no problems whatsoever (stress tested that thing myself).

Most important thing is efficiency, not the absolute input.

See http://www.enermax.outervision.com/ for further advice on the topic.


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Open device manager.
Find keyboard.
Open properties.
Select driver tab.
Click "Update Driver".
Select "Manually search for drivers on computer".
Click "Select from a list of device drivers on the computer".
Untick "Show compatible hardware".
Chose witchever driver description fits that of your actual keyboard.

If it didn't work, repeat all steps until you found one that works - could take a while, there's plenty...

PS: Freely translated from German to English by me - actual inscriptions may vary while maintaining the same meaning wink

Also, the packs are mostly community-maintained (at least, that's the plan) so you could update it yourself and share it with everyone. How great is that, huh? smile

Either that or:


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1.: Do not name the thread title after yourself, makes no sense wink

2.: There may very well be another update; in fact, we always update when we are done, not on a fixed time schedule - so we cannot say for sure.

3.: DriverPacks are always released as a full version, not incremential updates; this is the easiest way for us, as we are getting sponsored traffic by simple CDN and most users, because they are on broadband anyway.
If you are still stuck on dial-up, you may want to consider not updating every time a new DP is released.
You may not even need the DriverPacks if this is only for one or two machines - a self-made DP containing only the drivers you own HW for may be the better choice.

Tried them yesterday on a pal's machine: Zero problems indeed.

Only problem was that the GFX drivers offered on WU.com greatly screwed up everything - not a fault of the DriverPacks, though (maybe we could set some reg entries to prevent them from showing up - might irritate some less-literate users thinking they'd actually update their GFX drivers. Of course, you can always manually block them from the list, just reporting my findings here smile)

BIOS drivers?
Firmware by any chance?
As said, it's best Du ask Sony about it but ususally, updating firmware isn't a bad idea, as most hardware nowadays is unfortunately delivered with broken FW...
That's probably the reason why they made updating it so much easiert than some years ago.
Most of the time, it works directly out of Windows with the updating app automatically downloading the correct FW from the server etc.
Piece of cake, really.
Just make sure to insert both the battery as well as the power plug to prevent any mesups due to power failure...


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BadPointer wrote:
OverFlow wrote:

how hard would it be to credit us? One line, Thanks to DriverPacks.net for the DriverPacks! It is not much to expect nor do I think it is unreasonable.

I wasn't sure I should add this to the about window of the program. After all DriverPack Solution doesn't relay only on these driverpacks and we would have to mention everyone.

Well, see it this way:
Giving credit and proper thanks is the only "price" you have to pay for getting it for free.

Take a look at the BASE and notice how many folks are credited there.
We may have even forgot one or the other, but it's the efford that counts (plus, was anyone to complain about being left it, he'd be in the next version to come, no doubt).

newsposter wrote:

Bios updates will do that to you as well.  Switch a ACHI storage setup to a default IDE.

That's why it's considered good practice to reload Optimized Defaults after a BIOS update (to reset everything) and reapply your (hopefully noted-down) personal settings.

ChiefZeke wrote:

Question: if the AHCI drivers are incorporated into the XP CD does this mean the user could boot from it and the drivers installed by XP would be either IDE or AHCI - depending on the BIOS selection? Anyone know?

When you switch from IDE to AHCI mode (and vice versa) in the BIOS, different HWIDs will be applied to the mass storage controller, meaning different drivers, IDE or AHCI respectively, will be installed based on these HWIDs.
This is also the reason why Windows will BSOD on you when you do to switch after you have installed - it simply will no longer find the proper driver for it since the one previously installed has a different HWID listed and is then no longer recognized as being proper.
The trick would be to install the other drivers prior to making the switch in the BIOS, then hoping for the OS to redetect drivers.
On Vista and 7 it only requires a minor regedit as can be found in MSFT's knowledge base; as for XP, it's quite harder to achive.
Hence, it's always best to ensure AHCI is already set prior to installation, then using an XPCD with slipstreamed TM drivers to install (Driverpacks achieves just that wink).

ROFL@ Erik big_smile

Look, MeOW, there's a reason we have the 3rd Party DriverPacks section, it's there so guys like you can create their own packs to support their rare, exclusive or otherwise uncommon HW.
No one, I repeat, no one is keeping you from bundling " the few official drivers that are being maintained for it" into a pack and releasing it.
The resources are all there, the tuts are all there, you may even ask if there's something still unclear to you after you have read them (thrice...).
Why don't YOU go ahead and make one?
Why, in your eyes, do WE have to do it? Do we owe you something or are you just being unreasonable, again...?

PS: Show me the system that can run XP x64 and cannot run Win 7 x64...
To kind of quote yourself:
People using a legacy OS on modern, x64-capable HW, are idiots!


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I think one major thing is that driver support is so much better in Windows 7 than it was in XP.
AHCI drivers are supplied out of the box, so you only need TM drivers for a couple of exotic or RAID controllers.
The only other important thing is LAN or WLAN drivers; after that, WIndows Update will fetch drivers for almost all devices from the net, cutting down time for searching for and manually installing drivers A LOT!

Of course, it would still be better to have them right on the DVD (saves bandwidth, makes installing faster, prevents redundancy for lots of similar systems), but the pressure isn't as strong anymore and the drivers supplied with WU.com (that was present on XP, too!) are of good quality all around (not so much with XP, unfortunately).

I'm not saying there is no need, but it's way less critical on 7 than it ever was on XP, so don't think we should sweat it, if you know what I mean smile

Do not enable KTD in BASE if you really want to save every bit of space.
KTD is more or less obsolete anyhow with SAD around.

I'm sorry but I don't get it...
What does the title have to do with the body of your post?

Space depends on slected DriverPacks and on installed HW - only drivers for present HW are being installed.

For Windows XP, %systemdrive% partition size should be at around 10 GB at least, I would recommend.