Topic: margame

Will there be another driver update for DRP wnt5 in the next month. if there is another update you should not join the files in the already published. because it was incriminating, so take plenty of time to download it. as well as other drivers. thanks. sorry for my bad english.

Re: margame

1.: Do not name the thread title after yourself, makes no sense wink

2.: There may very well be another update; in fact, we always update when we are done, not on a fixed time schedule - so we cannot say for sure.

3.: DriverPacks are always released as a full version, not incremential updates; this is the easiest way for us, as we are getting sponsored traffic by simple CDN and most users, because they are on broadband anyway.
If you are still stuck on dial-up, you may want to consider not updating every time a new DP is released.
You may not even need the DriverPacks if this is only for one or two machines - a self-made DP containing only the drivers you own HW for may be the better choice.