Topic: Everex Gbook Keyboard Driver

I just restored my Everex laptop, it has served me well. However, the company has gone out of business and i have been left holding the bag. I am currently running a Xp/Kubuntu parallel. In Kubuntu my keyboard (the built in one in the laptop) works fine, however in the Xp partition my keys assignments are all messed up. I think it is because Xp is using the driver ""standard 101/102-key or microsoft natural ps/2 keyboard". This is of course wrong because my laptop doesnt have the number pad and some of the short cut keys, it has a standard 87 key laptop keyboard....give or take, its late and my counting skills are waning.

I can not obtain the "correct" driver as the company is out of there a generic driver i can use that would correctly map my keyboard?

I thank all you wonderful people in advance for any direction you may be able to point me in :-) ~Dave

Re: Everex Gbook Keyboard Driver

Open device manager.
Find keyboard.
Open properties.
Select driver tab.
Click "Update Driver".
Select "Manually search for drivers on computer".
Click "Select from a list of device drivers on the computer".
Untick "Show compatible hardware".
Chose witchever driver description fits that of your actual keyboard.

If it didn't work, repeat all steps until you found one that works - could take a while, there's plenty...

PS: Freely translated from German to English by me - actual inscriptions may vary while maintaining the same meaning wink