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Hi All,

I am planning on building a new pc solely for gaming and maybe some movie watching. here are the specs:

CPU - core i5 750
Mobo - Asus P7P55D
RAM - Corsair XMS3 (d3-1600)
GPU - Power colour HD 5870
Harddisk - Seagate 1T
PSU - Antec 550W true power

What do you guys think? Budget not a big problem.


Re: New Build Query

500w is not enough, think about 700w or greater.

This is a discussion group for DriverPacks and not a help group for building new PC's.

We will give you latitude this time.

Welcome to DriverPacks.

Re: New Build Query

Well he did post in the "hardware" forum wink

I tend to agree with both of your points BigBrit...

The Antec true power 550 will deliver 550 watts continuous (100% duty rating) and is the same PS I use in this machine a p4 2.8 HT w/ a 6800GT this machine pulls about 300W and it is a good match... Why strain your PS by running it at 100% duty wink. Give yourself some elbow room tongue. Besides what if you upgrade again?

This is not a noob freindly site... OT questions and help with basics is greatly frowned upon...
This forum is for hardware questions as they relate to drivers. (now you know)

demerit awarded wink tongue !

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Re: New Build Query

BigBrit wrote:

500w is not enough, think about 700w or greater.

Friend of mine runs almost the same layout (same CPU and GFX card, two more HDDs) on an Enermax 385 W no problems whatsoever (stress tested that thing myself).

Most important thing is efficiency, not the absolute input.

See for further advice on the topic.