Erik, in order to ensure it's not just a false-positive of your one AV application, I advise you to check suspicious programmes using multiple AV scanners such as provided by and
That said, providing the code is still the best measure to avoid any wrong accusations, of course.

80 PSI is ~5.5 bar!
I'd be careful not to rip a MOSFET, capacitor or some other component off the board...

I use about 3 bar (~44 PSI) to clean out dirt in the car's engine and such - that's mostly sufficient for the task.

Plus, not to forget that compressed air - thanks to the ~21 % of oxygen contained - can built up electrostatic quite easily, which could fry the more sensitive of your components.
Better use compressed nitrogen if you can (no diradical moluecule such as O2, hence no statics build-up).

Anyway, for PC case cleaning, I mostly use a vaccuum cleaner with great results. No damaged components so far wink
It won't get off the dust-nicotine mixture, though, if you're a smoker (bad for your health and that of your PC!)...

Please use code tags for log entries next time.
I edited your post accordingly.


(14 replies, posted in Windows 7 tools)

Yeah, but collisions are more of a theorem of information technology.
While possible, albeit very rare, and of course depending on the checksum method you use, how likely would it be for a file to cause a collision (and we're not talking about CRC32 checks but MD5 at least!) and still maintain the proper file format to count as valid INF file plus be of roughly the same size?
Change just one byte and you get a completly different hash (not simply just one single character alternated).
If you calculate both, say, MD5 and SHA1 hashes, and both are supposed to collide, that multiplies the chances, hence it becomes quite indefinately more unlikely...

Anyway, if you want to manually compare file contents, I suggest you use Notepad++ with its double view planes and compare extension.


Nice to hear!
It was getting quite excessive killing all those spammers on a daily basis...

Anyway, @TechDud:
IMO, it's missing one essential category:
Type ID 10 T: Posts by those who post but don't read.



(19 replies, posted in News)

Roger, Chief!

Just moved a couple of spam posts and banned another spammer.
But I concur with the policy of taking them down before they even hit us!

That said, I think it's about time PunBB implemented Recaptcha. The current ones (I just checked) are way too easy to break for OCR...
Or replace them by some tech question; that will also keep the occasional noobs out wink
(I'm thinking of Leisure Suite Larry style questions for techies, if you get the idea wink)

Thx! Very informative post, aggregating all the infos neatly together! smile

(Come to think, this now sounds like one of the spam bots' posts, eh? tongue)

AndyRixon wrote:

I can't install x32 operating system because not all 4GB of ram is displayed or used.

Using a 32-bit OS, 3.25 to 3.5 GB of RAM will be available. Given current RAM prices, the small loss should be negligible.
In fact, a 64-bit OS (as well as 64-bit executables) will consume more RAM than its 32 bit counterpart, resulting in effectively less RAM if you only use 4 GB!
Hence, you should either upgrade to 6 GB of RAM or use a 32-bit OS.

Personally, I think optical media are dead.
While I advice to use ±RW media over ±R for obvious reasons, nothing beats a USB pen drive when it comes to speed, compatibility, storage space and reusability.

Of course, when you got to tend for those pre-Y2k systems, it's a dead end, either because they can't boot from USB or only sport USB 1.1 ports.

But for everything else, a stick is much more convenient (I can carry 'em around in my pocket!).


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The BASE for XP includes an update checker that will inform you (though not download anymore since we switched to torrents) of any outdated packs you may be using.

Furthernmore, there is an RSS feed available for all (NT5, NT6) DriverPacks showing you any news regarding those. You can find it here:
Use your favourite RSS feed reader to subscribe to it!



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XP searches recursively only on optical drives (whyever!) and possibly floppies.

You could use makepnf (search the forums for it) to supply the drivers or SAD2 (should also run from a network drive).

Anyway, you do not appear to be using the DriverPacks as intended wink


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mr_smartepants wrote:

Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår
(Merry Christmas and Happy New Danish).

Frohe Weihnachten und Frohes Neues Jahr!

@ BigBrit:
I was actually trying out the deep fried Mars bar the other day (ok, we used Snickers but that should come close enough wink).
Much better than you'd first imagine!

Must try the butter balls next ^_^

Contents of said winnt.SIFs, please?
Just for comparison's sake and out of interest...

Ok, then you have an ISO you extract the files from?
That should generally work without issues.

Anyway, you cannot use nLite in any commercial environment, hence it is illegal to use it in your company, according to its licence.
Only home and private use is permitted!
Please keep that in mind.

The DriverPacks, however, are free to use even in corporate environments.

Yes, I know you used nLite to build the ISO!
I want you to use nLite to extract/copy the CD XP to HDD!
Therefore, you do all steps with nLite, except for driver-related stuff, which you only use BASE for (and only after all tasks have been completed save for building the ISO).

Is it clearer now?

KeithDib wrote:

I have done the build in this order...

Expand XP disk into folder
Run nLite just the Unattend section

Please also use nLite to copy/expand the disc onto your HDD.
If you do it manually using Explorer or such, you may miss some files (hidden, if not shown etc.).
Also, try a different make of CD blanks, unless you are using a USB key for installation already.

Please use Code Tags next time (edited it for you)!


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Nice idea, TechDud.
Plus, it also sorts out that type of user who cannot read nor write (properly)...
Exactly the type we don't need around here anyhow!


(19 replies, posted in News)

Good job, Erik!

I actually like the fresh and new design, however, I was a little shocked when I first visited the site day wink
Has been a while again, but no spam to be spotted now.
Let's hope it stays that way.


(15 replies, posted in Hardware)

Sounds like a plan!

It's 30 € over here.
Just too bad I don't have a sspare 2.5" drive lying around... hmm
As Jeff pointed out, they cost their weight in Gold right now (luckly grabbed a 3.5" 2 TB drive for 59 € just before the big raise) sad


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Well, the locations would be perfect for data centres, methinks.
(Spam bots live there, I heared! And the evil twin of Santa...)

You need no artificial cooling.
However, sun eruptions may lead to increased miscalculations due to the weaker earth magnetic field there...
A linux server's natural habitat, with all those penguins around.

On a related note, I recently read, a data centres was being planned on Svalbard, so the idea of using polar regions for more efficient colling is not that far off wink

Ok, if you guys delete the users and this means all of their posts will vanish, too, I will restrain myself to simply banning the users (so you can see which ones).
Saves a lot of work of manually deleting all those numerous posts!

Oh, and Jeff, there was enough trash being posted in the refular forums I didn't captch up on your posts in the Trash forum wink
Maybe I should, though...
AFAIK, Google's captcha as well as recaptcha are still to be broken as of current. Maybe we could switch to that, then.

There's a lot of stuff in either foreign languages or completely unreadable characters (possbily due to failed ANSII conversion).
Dunno where they see the target group for that but it is highly annoying to say the least!

EDIT: It has been cleaned up - time for bed now...
I only whished, the posts weren't that long.
tl;dr for most users anyhow, I figure wink

Something needs to be done!

I just deleted well over 30 posts and banned another five or so users.
This is getting tedious...
Can't we set the forum registration mode to admin-consent only?
Users need to be activated and get clearance from admins/mods before they are able to post.
If the spam flood continuers to rise as it currently does we'll need wayx more personnel and man-hours to deal with it.
On a side-note, there are some forums which I cannot moderate, hence no cleanup has been done so far sad

Well, I was running Win8 as a guest, of course.
Not going to install a preview version of MSFT software on my machine wink

Anyway, new versions of VB released since should fix that error.