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Sorry I'm new to the forum and indeed the concept of DriverPacks!
I totally understand how they work and about slipstreaming etc, but my problem has thrown me and I wonder if anyone out there has the answer....
I store the DriverPacks centrally on my network on a network mapped drive, so for example, \\SOMESERVER\RESOURCES\DRIVERS
In Vista and 7 if I go into Device Manager and I search for drivers (ones missing) and set it to this folder, it searches right through all the driver packs and finds the driver, installs it. Job Done.

HOWEVER - In Windows XP, it brings up a message saying The folder does not contain any device information files

Is there a way to make XP recursively search through each directory?

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Re: DriverPack Install

XP searches recursively only on optical drives (whyever!) and possibly floppies.

You could use makepnf (search the forums for it) to supply the drivers or SAD2 (should also run from a network drive).

Anyway, you do not appear to be using the DriverPacks as intended wink

Re: DriverPack Install

SAD2 will run from a network source no problems.

Re: DriverPack Install

Thanks for your replys guys! I have downloaded SAD2 - how do I configure it to search a different folder for the driver files?

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You keep the entire SAD2 folder structure on whatever network share you need, then execute dp_install_tool.cmd from there.
It will temporarily map the network share to a drive letter, then copy/extract all the DriverPacks to the target machine (C:\D\...) and execute dpinst.exe to install the drivers, then clean up after itself once complete.