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ok so hi, new to forum, been using the service for a year or two and in that time i have yet to run across what im really looking for and i was wondering if its even possible or worth doing/possibly paying someone to do.

i deploy xp, vista, and 7, all versions, on a very wide variety of hardware configs both older, and newer, for both small-medium businesses and residential clients for a living. the problem is having to download so many individual packs and trying to keep track of what is current and what isnt. what im looking for is a

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"one stop shop" as it were. is there a way to get all the drivers in one pack and/or possibly have an update checker app that checks for updates to the individual ones and downloads them automatically? from what ive been told, and it could be completely wrong, is that its broken up the way it is as a way to "save space" and not have a bunch of drivers that youll never need. in my case however, i never know what config im going to run into so theres no way for me to pre-emptively download what i need to complete the job. i have around 50 32GB flash drives laying around that are set up with multiboots for specific systems with different OS's and a 4TB NAS box that goes with me pretty much everywhere that i use for storage so i have no space considerations to worry about.

any response, even "take a long walk off a short pier", is welcome. smile

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One of our goals is to have a tool that does exactly what you describe.
Scan the target system for HWIDs, compile a list of drivers needed from our database, extract the drivers required for the target system, inject the drivers.
Unfortunately we're not there yet.
There are several 3rd party tools in these forums you're welcome to try, but they are not supported by us.
The only one that we support that comes close to your requirements is SAD2.  But it does not support downloading DriverPacks (they must be present in the provided folders prior to execution).

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The BASE for XP includes an update checker that will inform you (though not download anymore since we switched to torrents) of any outdated packs you may be using.

Furthernmore, there is an RSS feed available for all (NT5, NT6) DriverPacks showing you any news regarding those. You can find it here:
Use your favourite RSS feed reader to subscribe to it!