Topic: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

Read 1st (Welcome to Windows 8 – The Consumer Preview) --> … eview.aspx

"Running the Consumer Preview: system recommendations" --> … tions.aspx

look hither to receive the grand 'isofications' --> big_smile

also available now for free is MS Flight: smile

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Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

In addition, Windows Server 8 Beta is now available (ISO & VHD) in English, French, German, Japanese, & Simplified Chinese
here  --> … C_108_1_33 cool cool
Windows Server 8 home page --> … fault.aspx
"Using The Language You Want" … -want.aspx

One other item of note is Visual Studio 11 Express Beta
here -->
There appears to be a language pack on that page for the Portuguese culture.
Ultimate ISO's here --> … 63275.aspx big_smile

"Note: This prerelease software will expire on June 30, 2012. To continue using Visual Studio 11 after that date, you will have to install a later version of the software.

In order to develop Metro style applications, the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview must be installed on the Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit. Developing Metro style applications on other Preview versions of Windows 8 is not supported."

I surmise that if one wanted to escape Metro, one could consider the 32bit Win8 as a platform.

And then the SDK (incl. DirectX) here --> … p/hh852363
"where is the DirectX SDK?" here --> … 63275.aspx

MicroSoft wrote:

"Note: Windows Vista doesn’t support development with the .NET Framework 4.5."

"Installing the .NET Framework 4.5 Beta" here --> … 10%29.aspx

The .NET Framework 4.5 Beta is included with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows Server 8 Beta, so you do not have to install it separately on those operating systems."

.NET 4.5 here --> … x?id=27537

    In order to install the .NET Framework 4.5 Software Development Kit feature, the .NET Framework 4.5 redistributable package must be installed before the Windows SDK is installed. This release of the Windows SDK does not include a .NET Framework Redistributable Package."

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Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

Thx! Very informative post, aggregating all the infos neatly together! smile

(Come to think, this now sounds like one of the spam bots' posts, eh? tongue)

Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

I have confirmation on the inclusion of C++AMP in VS11, as referenced by an article from 'the Register' here --> … _plus_amp/.

MicroSoft wrote: … 00360.aspx … 65137.aspx
C++ AMP provides access to the GPU for general-purpose data parallelism on video cards that support DirectX 11.

A recent hardware release by AMD indicates support for C++AMP. … 7850_7870/


Win8 SDK Samples here --> … 65051.aspx


"Proof that a MS Metro fan exists" here --> … _windows8/ yikes

PS:  Yeh, eh Helmi?  If you sound like a spambot, i must sound like a frakkin' advertisement!

        Include unpaid in that. sad  Just sharing some of my research, less the lint!  (Ignore following rant, if not applicable smile Lint follows:).  Who knows, there may be a 'pot of gold' at the end of the 'free to get a developer license' rainbow.  Might there not be the possibility of newer tech included which may subtly change integrations with earlier NT6 products?  Metro's just a 'front-end', is it not?  That begs a question, Morpheus; "What is the Metro?"  Control, Neo.  It's about turning human beings, admins, developers & users alike, into $$$$, coppertop! yikes

Andrew Orlowski from 'the Register' wrote: … _windows8/
..."over at Redmond, the Metro team appears to be completely out of control, like the Red Guard during Mao’s Cultural Revolution. They’ve sent the educated to the countryside to dig trenches, and for good measure broken their spectacles."

..."But the Maoists have dictated that this ephemeral layer must become the new shell."

I'm still pinning my hopes on the day that someone at MSFN 'has an app for that'.  How hard can it be to change the shell? … _p__991947
  In the meantime, MS seems to be circling it's wagons around Office.  One wonders if in time they will have an office to circle any remaining wagons around.

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Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

Miamijerry wrote: … post554506
"Yes, Windows 8 Server has Metro"

It was long-ago foretold that one would come that could reshape the Metro, according to their will alone..."

"There's an app for that" via --> … r-preview/ big_smile
and some more apps linked via --> … post555206
So far, my favorite 'Start Menu' is the following:

OvaryActing wrote: … post554637
"Even better: New toolbar, paste directory path of star(t) menu.  unlock taskbar, move new toolbar to left.... Everything else is a right click away (right click mini start screen button when hover over lower left).
Now that I have everything set up and dialed in like I like, I never see anything metro anymore, except when my pc restarts.
No fancy tools, no fancy hacks or reg edits."


"A big step towards avoiding metro interface is re-associate file associations with windows 7 programs. For example: re-associating bmp and jpg files to open with picture viewer instead of win8's "picture "app"."


"My old pc's are really loving it. running better than xp sp3 or win7. really amazed."

Create Shortcuts for Shutdown, Restart, & Hibernate via --> … post557630 smile

PS:  Safe Mode in 8 now uses <Shift><F8> instead of simply <F8>.

PPS: WHQL_295.73 for nVidia products supports C++AMP, too.  One wonders if & when intel will have such support (RTM, SP1?).
- an example of installing intel graphics drivers on Win8 --> … -Windows-8

[off-topic] anyone intrigued by the idea of running Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on an x86-compatible? smile
   so far HW support is limited to the AMD Brazos platform, ASUS Eee PC family plus some other ASUS Laptops/Tablets, Tegav2 / Viewpad 10, & finally the Lenovo S10-3t tablet. sad

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Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

Those aforementioned 'apps' my have a very limited shelf-life from what i have recently heard.

A former Microsoft program manager was so frustrated with the user interface, he launched his own website. (as announced by PCworld)
One day later, this information was out-dated, as the website shut down (sadly, no help from the Wayback Machine). … shut-down/  It seems that the former program manager in question is currently a user-interface designer as properly announced by slashgear.

slashgear wrote:

Windows 8 is shaping up to be Microsoft’s best mainstream OS to-date, but that hasn’t stopped criticism of the platform, even bringing one former team member out of the woodwork to try to “fix” it.

Hope springs eternal that MS will have the user-interfaces polished for Desktop, Tablet, & other Types well-before RTM.  If so, this may indicate that Michael Bibik Jr. was indeed "The one"!.
Others remain skeptical: … 8_october/
One thing that is becoming clearer, the ARM versions of Windows 8 will most likely be irrelevant to DriverPacks.

P.S.  Kudos to PCWorld for announcing information with the shortest relevance i've seen in a while!  What remains relevant; however, is their survey

Meanwhile, the new iPad remains a 'hot' commodity. … an_ipad_2/ … r_reports/ yikes

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Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

The following article seems to imply the existence a 32bit ARM version of Windows 8.
   here --> … s_further/ hmm

Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

One of the most thought-provoking series of articles that i've seen in a long time that adeptly navigates many nuances of Windows User Interface design history up-to-date exists here -->
Unlike the contrarian 'Metrophobes', xpclient is involved in attempting to correct &/or detail at least some of the most glaring 'oversights'.  From his profile:

xpclient wrote:

"I am a User Experience (UX) & software usability testing expert. I would love to work some day at Microsoft on Windows UX or in Testing. I am a self-described perfectionist so I am constantly striving for fixing what I consider design & UX flaws. I have a good understanding & vision of how to construct a great UI. It may appear from my blog that I am anti-Microsoft but that is not the case. I have a passion for Windows like very few people have, but my penchant for UX perfection brings out my criticism for Windows when it's necessary. I am open to working with the Windows team to fix design & UX issues. I believe things aren't as well as they used to be in UX at Microsoft since Vista; products are being designed without consideration for power users, features that are essential are being cut & familiarity, backward compatibility are no longer the top priorities. I have experienced Microsoft products from their very early days & have a very clear idea of how to build it all in a backward compatible way without compromising on innovation & new features to win customers. Since November 2009, I am a UX consultant for Classic Shell."

ClassicShell wrote:
"What is Classic Shell?
Classic Shell is a collection of features that were available in older versions of Windows but are removed from Vista and Windows 7. It has a classic start menu for Windows 7, it adds a toolbar for Windows Explorer and supports a variety of smaller features. There are 3 major components - Classic Explorer, Classic Start Menu and Classic IE9. Look here for the full list if features.
What is the story behind Classic Shell?
The project started back in 2008 as a small utility to replace the copy UI for Vista. In 2009 a friend switched from XP to Vista and complained that the Up button was missing. That was the second feature that was implemented. Later in October 2009 I switched to Windows 7 and was very disappointed that the classic start menu was gone, so I went to make my own. After the start menu was done I decided to make this project public and added it to Source Forge. The rest is history.
What are the system requirements of Classic Shell?
Classic Shell supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. There is only one installer for all and it covers both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Of course some features like the classic start menu are more useful on Windows 7 than on Vista.
Does Classic Shell support Windows 8?
Starting with version 3.5.0, Classic Shell supports Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It adds a new customizable start button and some of the features have been disabled because they are not possible on Windows 8 or no longer make sense - like the status bar enhancements, the copy dialog replacement, and the Up button.
That said, Windows 8 is still not final (as of March 2012), so it is possible that version 3.5.0 will not work with the final Windows 8 build.
As of version 3.5.0 Windows 8 Developer Preview is no longer supported. Only versions from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1 work with Windows 8 DP.
Is Classic Shell Free?
Yes, Classic Shell is free and open-source software.
To use the binaries you must comply with the included license. In a nutshell it says you can't sell the software or blame the author for any damages.
To use the source code you must comply with the MIT open-source license."

Another article details the features lost in windows 8. … ows-8.html
This reminded me of a series of Wikipedia articles detailing lost features in Windows Vista & 7. … _Windows_7 … dows_Vista
To balance these, here are articles concerning added features: … dows_Vista

From the "How to install Windows XP on today's hardware or immortalize it" article i quote:

xpclient wrote:

"And here's how to immortalize your copy of Windows XP so Microsoft can't kill it by working with its partners to pull driver support and forcefully make it obsolete:
1.  Virtualization: Use a product like Parallels Workstation Extreme. With virtualization, drivers get out of the equation and you can forever run Windows XP. Parallels Workstation Extreme will also virtualize high performance graphics and network with near-native performance. Currently, Parallels Workstation Extreme requires high-end workstation-class CPUs like Intel Xeons and NVIDIA Quadro or AMD FireGL/FirePro. In the future, Parallels is likely to allow consumer-class CPUs and GPUs.
2.  When security upgrades end for Windows XP, run as standard user and use SuRun to elevate apps as admin that don't run as administrator. In fact, even now, you should switch to standard user accounts and start using SuRun. SuRun behaves exactly like Windows Vista/7's UAC.
3.  If you are an end-user/consumer, get the last supported high performance consumer platform: Intel Sandy Bridge-Extreme (X79) chipset and Core i7-3960X on which you can run Windows XP with full AHCI support. With the next chipset revision, Intel may not release AHCI and chipset drivers for Windows XP."

The penultimate "The User Experience Team at Microsoft has lost it" logo collage caused at least one guffaw.

In the meantime, i'm still awaiting word as to whether Windows7 ServicePack2 will include the USB 3.0 stack, as well as the Metro UX (although this is purely speculation on my part - Metro is required to popularize the Store iirc...)

There's so much detailed there that I almost forgot to mention the contents of the RH panel on his site titled "Got Windows 8/7/Vista annoyances?", listing various freeware fixes to the Taskbar, and Search, including a "Classic Menu" for Office to gain productivity beyond Ribbon.  There are also older articles from 2011 detailing 'shortcomings' in Virtual PC & IE9.  Beware some of the user comments as they appear to be somewhat unfiltered at times profane.

xpclient wrote:

"Yes I know, it's a shame Microsoft software today requires third party fixes to complement and make it work properly. Don't tell me you have ignored the list of features removed in Windows Vista or in Windows 7.
You may think why is XP still my idea and it is rather foolish to not "upgrade" to Windows 7. XP still kicks ass Don't believe the fanboys who are blind or the mainstream media which is clueless and just parrots what one "expert" says. In many areas, Windows 7 is a downgrade, not an upgrade. XP hit the sweet spot for sufficiently powerful, customizable yet easy to use computing. I am a power user and if Windows 8 makes you feel that the OS is getting dumbed down to the point of uselessness, I feel pretty much the same about Windows 7, which is also extremely dumbed down from a power user's perspective. The geek in me refuses to accept Windows 7 as a viable replacement for the more-customizable Windows XP. As a power user I cannot make compromises about quality and Microsoft's commitment to quality is decreasing by the day.
I wrote hundreds of Wikipedia articles on Microsoft and Windows topics with over 5000+ contributions before realizing that they were cheating their users by removing features. Agreed software engineering is about tradeoffs but just deleting features people use and want is just ridiculous. I want Microsoft to acknowledge these issues and fix them through hotfixes or service packs."

(Applause permeates background) Bear in mind that i'm not attesting to any products usability, only of it's existence.

Hmm, broken their spectacles for good measure; indeed. sad

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Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

"12 shortcuts and secrets for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview" details the new "driver history" property sheets in Windows 8.
Other articles were titled "A power user's guide to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview" & "The Metro hater's guide to customizing Windows 8 Consumer Preview".

Will "Elysium", a library that impliments Metro Style in WPF apps, bridge the Metro world back to older operating systems?  It is a question that may soon be answered by a division of MS' OpenSource Development Community, CodePlex.  The 1.5 version is due to be released into beta April 15th.

A new document is freely available titled "C++ AMP for the DirectCompute Programmer". has a new app (by HappyBuldozer) to edit the Win+X Menu
here -->
It compliments the Ribbon Disabler & ThemeConverterExplorer Toolbar Editor & System Screensaver Tweaker were released much earlier, for Windows 7.

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Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

From MicroSoft's official Windows 8 forum:

Windows 8 Server may allow a password length of 255 characters, yet the CP seems limited to 16 characters (as Hotmail - no wonder so many are 'brute-forced'!). … 190?page=1

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Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

That's just a ridiculous password length.  Not so much a pass-word than a pass-paragraph. sad

Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

Think of how one could automate this with POS HW (simply seen as HID-KB, xbox360/PS3/Wii/Mac/Linux OK).  hmm
I have; passwords with insane lengths entered perfectly within 5 seconds!  smile

Brute force, no.  E tu brute!

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Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

The length of the password is just one (minor imo) aspect of its strength, that is just one false sense of security.

Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

I agree with the first part of your statement.  You may have taken what i said out of context on the second part, though.  Think of how one could automate it.

How to verify the use of Cryptographic Salts?  Is there a maximum number of incorrect password entries?

Re: Windows 8/Server2012 Preview - Available now!

Windows Server 2012 (aka Windows Server 8) is now a Release Candidate.  Product Details

Microsoft wrote:

64-bit "ISO available in: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish

VHD available in: English"

I note that the system requirements for Server '12 are much less than the consumer OS.  I am told that Metro is not as much of an issue, either.  A Hotmail account might be required for download.
Eng/French ISO = 3.4GB

Microsoft - Windows Server 2012 Forum

"AMD Processors with Rapid Virtualization Indexing Required to Run Hyper-V in Windows® 8" … VWin8.aspx

Windows 8 Release Preview is available here -->

Microsoft wrote:

"Windows 8 Release Preview is available in Arabic, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish."

Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool

For ISO installs, the key may need to be entered to install successfully.
  That exists along with the MediaCenter key here -->

Note that despite the System Requirements (shown in the FAQ) of a 1GHz CPU, in addition your CPU/Chipset/BIOS need to support NX-bit (aka XD), PAE, & SSE3 (or you will receive an error upon install -
Your PC’s CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 8.”).  This includes virtual environments.
Video Card requirements are a "Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver".

Aero has been removed from this edition.  IE10 is included.  Also, the Preview expires Jan 2013.

Windows 8 Compatibility Center  (odd to see DVD Decrypter listed)
Microsoft - Windows 8 Release Preview Forum

Much negative feedback has seemingly flooded the 'net concerning the Metro interface (just wait 'til they try to include this in Win7-SP2!  Windows 'ate' my homework sad).  One fact overlooked by most is the streamlined core.  Your mileage will vary.

Note that (when officially released) like Windows 7, OEM licenses will not officially allow activation on a replacement computer should your original go "legs up".  AFIK, Retail versions are not limited in the same way.

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