as the title says?

is the RIS driver pack a follow on from rouguespears old pack for text mode part of setup in RIS?

  the title of this thread dosent mention HD but that is why it dosent work.

if you want to Add the standard ADI Soundmax 198x Audio driver for Dell GX270,280,GX520 & GX620 then the drivers from the windows update catalogue work. top is x86 & bottom x64 smile

Analog Devices driver update for SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio  Windows 7 Client  Drivers (Sound)  10/31/2006  113 KB 116177   
Analog Devices driver update for SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio  Windows 7 Client  Drivers (Sound)  10/19/2006  127 KB 130174

downloaded this pack & extracted this driver to install on  Dell GX520/620 but it dosent work.


Sorry for late reply. ill get some HWID's for you next week. im going to try the latest pack, this week but the last pack that worked for me on the dell PC's with the issue is 902. Since then ive had issues of the machine failing on install. Ive replaced mass storage & LAN but only replacing the chipset driver pack back to 902 resolves the issue.
  Im using the packs through Autoimage for my RIS images.

Hi Guys,
  I use the driver packs with Autoimage so the drivers are applied during the RIS installation process when installing XP. Ive been unable to use 1005 & the latest Chipset pack as during the install I get numerous errors relating to  oembios.sys &  a few other files when installing on Dell GX280 & other older dell hardware. If I use the previous chipset pack 902 we dont have any issues.

the chipset is
* Intel 915G Express

not sure if you can resolve this for the next pack.

Same resolution

Ive got 3 vostros all had the same issue. using the dell drivers worked ok.

its a driver issue

I installed my nice new Vostro 420 with this card in using the latest driver packs. All has been working a treat bar I could not RDP onto my nice new vostro. I done a bit og googling & found it could be related to video card drivers. To cut a long story short I uninstalled the drivers that went on from pack 8.12.1 & installed the latest driver for my NVIDA from dell. I can now RDP to my Vostro.

Been trying to get latest Graphics packs for 2 days now but it keeps reporting.

Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

is it just me or is everyone getting the same message..?

Driver is different from earlier 701, 900 versions of these netbooks.

Drivers can be downloaded from here


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no the D remains after a reboot.

As i said i eed to ceck but i think its possibly only remaining on a vmware install for some odd reason.


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bottom end of the dpsfnshr.log

2008-06-20 14:54:40 : <DBG>  0 exceptions have forfilled the requirements to be executed!
2008-06-20 14:54:40 : <KTD>  KTD will not be applied, the DriverPacks will be deleted.
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Could not delete the DriverPacks, which are located in "C:\D".
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Added new value to the RunOnce key in the registry: the cleanup of the "C:\D" directory will be retried (through CLI, not through the Finisher) after a reboot.
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\hwids.dat"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\DPsFnshr.ini"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\devcon.exe"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\makePNF.exe"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\pmtimer.exe"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\*.ins"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\DSPdsblr.exe"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\DriverPack_*.ini"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\mute.exe"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\DP_Install_Tool.cmd"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\DPINST.exe"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Deleted "C:\DPInst.xml"!
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : <CLNP> Added new value to the RunOnce key in the registry: the DriverPacks Finisher itself will get deleted after the next reboot.
2008-06-20 14:55:20 : Program terminated.

c:\BIN folder contains these files



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Hi overflow,
  maybe i need to report this to Roguespear then as his autoimage deals with the driverpack integration into my RIS images.
  The Driver packs seem to not exist on a normal workstation but they remain on a vmware install. I need to confirm with more testing on monday but Im pretty shore that is the case.


FOR %%i in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) DO IF EXIST "%%i:%TAG%" SET CDDRIVE=%%i:

IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\7z.exe Copy /V /Y %OEM%\bin\7z.exe %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\7z.exe
IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\7z.exe Copy /V /Y %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\7z.exe %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\7z.exe
IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\un7zip.exe SET UN7ZIP=%OEM%\bin\un7zip.exe
IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\un7zip.exe SET UN7ZIP=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\un7zip.exe

IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\DPsFnshr.ini Copy /V /Y %OEM%\bin\DPsFnshr.ini %SYSTEMDRIVE%\DPsFnshr.ini
IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\DPsFnshr.ini Copy /V /Y %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\DPsFnshr.ini %SYSTEMDRIVE%\DPsFnshr.ini
IF EXIST %OEM%\*.ins Copy /V /Y %OEM%\*.ins %SYSTEMDRIVE%\

IF EXIST %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\7z.exe (
    IF EXIST %OEM%\D*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %OEM%\D*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE%
    IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\D*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %OEM%\bin\D*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE%
    IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\D*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\D*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE%
    IF EXIST %OEM%\000_SR*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %OEM%\000_SR*.7z -o%SYSTEMROOT%
    IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SR*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SR*.7z -o%SYSTEMROOT%
    IF EXIST %OEM%\000_SD*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %OEM%\000_SD*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE%
    IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SD*.7z 7z x -y -aoa %SYSTEMDRIVE%\000_SD*.7z -o%SYSTEMDRIVE%
) ELSE (
    IF EXIST %OEM%\D*.7z %UN7ZIP% %OEM%\D*.7z %SystemDrive%\
    IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\D*.7z %UN7ZIP% %OEM%\bin\D*.7z %SystemDrive%\
    IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\D*.7z %UN7ZIP% %SystemDrive%\D*.7z %SystemDrive%\
    IF EXIST %SYSTEMDRIVE%\bin\D*.7z %UN7ZIP% %SystemDrive%\bin\D*.7z %SystemDrive%\
    IF EXIST %OEM%\000_SR*.7z %UN7ZIP% %OEM%\000_SR*.7z %SYSTEMROOT%\
    IF EXIST %OEM%\000_SD*.7z %UN7ZIP% %OEM%\000_SD*.7z %SYSTEMDRIVE%\


IF EXIST %OEM%\bin\DevPath.exe SET SDP=%OEM%\bin\DevPath.exe

%SDP% %DP%

Ive got the dpsfnshr.log but its to big for a post.


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i need to run soe trsts but it may be an issue in VMWare Workstation.


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DPsfnshr.exe is defernatley running. you cant miss the GUi that apears. it runs thorugh its bits aswell  ie Cleaning etc.

my runonceEX entry is

REG ADD %KEY%\002 /VE /D "Bâshrat the Sneaky Driver Pack Finisher" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\002 /V 1 /D "%SystemDrive%\DPsFnshr.exe" /f

I have other apps that follow this.

thie bin folder in root of C is remainnig.(I normally manually delete this & the log file. ive set not to delete so Bin file has remained but the log file dosent exisit.

dpsfnshr.exe & log files are not in c:\

im runnig base 8.05 with a RIS image created by Roguespears Autoimage.

dpsfnshr.exe is runnig from my runonceEX which it runs fine but its leaving all the drivers in c:\ even though ive got KTD disabled.

any ideas on what the problem could be?

here is my base ini file

; preferred language
prefLang    = "English"
; yes/no, enable or disable the wizard-style buttons, if not specified: yes
wizardButtons    = "yes"
; yes/no, enable or disable the GUI, if not specified: yes
GUI        = "yes"

; disc/bartpe/multibootDisc
instPlatform    = "disc"
; trailing backslash is allowed, but not necessary
location    = "C:\AutoImageTmp"
; none/all/select, if select, specify them below, if not specified: all
DriverPacks    = "select"
; 1/2, method to install the DriverPacks, if not specified: 2
DPsMethod    = "2"
; GUIRunOnce/RunOnceEx/custom, if not specified: GUIRunOnce
finisherMethod    = "custom"

; this section is optional!
; none/all/select/paths/patterns, enable or disable Keep The Drivers (KTD) , if not specified: none
KTD        = "false"
; <path>, to specify a custom KTD cache location, if not specified: default (%SystemRoot%\DriverPacks)
KTDlocation    = "%SystemRoot%\DriverPacks"
; yes/no, enable or disable QuickStream Cache (QSC), if not specified: yes
QSC        = "yes"

; you should only add this section if you've set [Settings]\DriverPacks to "select"
DP_Chipset    = "yes"
DP_Graphics_A    = "yes"
DP_Graphics_B    = "yes"
DP_Graphics_C    = "yes"
DP_LAN        = "yes"
DP_MassStorage    = "yes"
DP_Sound_A    = "yes"
DP_Sound_B    = "yes"
DP_WLAN        = "yes"
DPs_3rd_party    = "yes"
DP_MassStorage_textmode = "yes"

; this section is optional!
; CCC/CCP, use ATI Catalyst Control Center or ATI Catalyst Control Panel (only relevant when slipstreaming DriverPack Graphics A)
ATI_cpl        = "CCC"


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Looks good.

youve done yourselves out of some credit though as you forgot to mention the Proxy fix for the update checker which was back here topof the page.


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unpacked to dvd. it was quicker to


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When you burn drivers to optical media do you need to use a method(1 or2) or just extract drivers as above..?


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Cheers Helmi.

Just had a go & the extracted packs went in fine. The import is good as it searches in sub directories which is good. Ive seen microsoft stuff before where youve had to specify the entire directory path for each folder.


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System Centre Configuration Manager links into Windows deployment system for deploying OS installs to machines.

In SCCM OS Deployment there is a driver import section. This is a prime candidate for Bâshrat the Sneaky driver packs, can I just extract the driver packs to import or do I need to run through a method(1 or 2) before importing the drivers..?




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Weve got two machines at work on test. 4GB drive is a bit small for a base install at my work. with XPSP2, all updates, adobe reader, Office 2003 SP3 it leaves around 800mg once you have disabled system restore & done a drive compress like they recomend in the manual.
I would wait for the 9" screen/8GB drive Eee due out in march/april as this will make it alot better & worth the purchase. Not having to compress the drive will make it alot faster. For kids etc I would keep with the linux OS as its really quick.


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Well done guys. Its working... yippeeeee

thats without any /proxy switch as well


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I dont know. Someone on the Autoit forum wrote it.

here is the script if you can decifer it. Works through my ISA proxy to let me download MCafee DAT files

;set parameters for using
Global $UseIntegratedSecurity = True
Global $ProxyServer = ""
Global $ProxyUser = "" ;if $UseIntegratedSecurity is true (and working), these can be blank
Global $ProxyPass = ""

;create WinHttpRequest object for downloading config info
Global $oHttp = ObjCreate ("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
Global $oBinaryStream = ObjCreate("ADODB.Stream")
$oHttp.SetProxy(2,$ProxyServer) ; PRECONFIG = 0 (default), DIRECT = 1, PROXY = 2

ConsoleWrite("Downloading update.ini..." & @TAB)
$sINI = httpget("")
ConsoleWrite("Complete" & @CRLF)

$curSdat = IniRead("update.ini","SuperDat-IA32","FileName","")
$sdatUrl = " … ish/intel/" & $curSdat
ConsoleWrite("Downloading " & $curSdat & "..." & @TAB)
$sdataBin = httpget($sdatUrl,@ScriptDir & "\" & $curSdat)
ConsoleWrite("Complete" & @CRLF)

func httpget($url,$filename="")
    $COMerrnotify = false
    If $UseIntegratedSecurity Then
        $oHttp.SetAutoLogonPolicy(0) ; Always = 0, OnlyIfBypassProxy = 1, Never = 2
        $oHttp.SetAutoLogonPolicy(2) ; Always = 0, OnlyIfBypassProxy = 1, Never = 2
    $status = $oHttp.Open("GET", $url,false)
    If Not $UseIntegratedSecurity Then
        $oHttp.SetCredentials($ProxyUser,$ProxyPass,0) ; HTTPREQUEST_SETCREDENTIALS_FOR_SERVER = 0
    if $oHttp.Status <> "200" then
        $status = $oHttp.Status
        $StatusText = $oHttp.StatusText
        Consolewrite("Status: " & $status & @crlf)
        Consolewrite("StatusText: " & $StatusText & @crlf)
        $COMerrnotify = true
        return $status & " - " & $StatusText       
        $COMerrnotify = true
        Consolewrite("Response Headers: " & $oHttp.GetAllResponseHeaders & @crlf)
        If $filename <> "" Then
            $adTypeBinary = 1
            $adSaveCreateOverWrite = 2     
            $oBinaryStream.Type = $adTypeBinary
            $oBinaryStream.SaveToFile($filename, $adSaveCreateOverWrite)
            Return $oHttp.Status
        return $oHttp.ResponseText

$oIEErrorHandler = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error","ComErrFunc")
global $COMerrnotify = true
Func ComErrFunc()
    If IsObj($oIEErrorHandler) Then
        if $COMerrnotify then
            ConsoleWrite("--> ComErrFunc: COM Error Encountered in " & @ScriptName & @CR)
            ConsoleWrite("----> Scriptline = " & $oIEErrorHandler.scriptline & @CR)
            ConsoleWrite("----> Number Hex = " & Hex($oIEErrorHandler.number, 8) & @CR)
            ConsoleWrite("----> Number = " & $oIEErrorHandler.number & @CR)
            ConsoleWrite("----> Win Description = " & StringStripWS($oIEErrorHandler.WinDescription, 2) & @CR)
            ConsoleWrite("----> Description = " & StringStripWS($oIEErrorHandler.description, 2) & @CR)
            ConsoleWrite("----> Source = " & $oIEErrorHandler.Source & @CR)
            ConsoleWrite("----> Help File = " & $oIEErrorHandler.HelpFile & @CR)
            ConsoleWrite("----> Help Context = " & $oIEErrorHandler.HelpContext & @CR)
            ConsoleWrite("----> Last Dll Error = " & $oIEErrorHandler.LastDllError & @crlf)
        $HexNumber = Hex($oIEErrorHandler.number, 8)
    Return 0


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look at post #13. ive uesd that through my proxy before without any issues so you can do it with Autoit.


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Sorry, I had put the spaces in my batch file but forgot when writing my post this other PC.

ive checked & rerun with the spaces but still no go.

DPs_BASE.exe /proxy:" """", ""Username"", ""Password"""