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I'm the happy owner of an Asus eeePC 4G 701. By the way, it's a slow machine, so i'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to make a speciel driverpacks just for it, to minimize uncompressing time.

What do you think about that ?


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Well, you could always create a special 3rd party DriverPack for it containing only the needed drivers along with the DPCS (which you probabaly do not want to mess with because of the more complicated TM drivers).

Anyway, which model did you get and how is your overall impression?
I am seriously considering picking one up (preferrably the 10" that is supposed to come out during CeBIT - maybe I will attend and can try one at the ASUS booth wink)!
Personally, I think the EEEPC is way more thrilling than the Mac Book Air, but that may just be me tongue

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Weve got two machines at work on test. 4GB drive is a bit small for a base install at my work. with XPSP2, all updates, adobe reader, Office 2003 SP3 it leaves around 800mg once you have disabled system restore & done a drive compress like they recomend in the manual.
I would wait for the 9" screen/8GB drive Eee due out in march/april as this will make it alot better & worth the purchase. Not having to compress the drive will make it alot faster. For kids etc I would keep with the linux OS as its really quick.

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I've been dying to get one of those things.  I'm waiting for a rumored new version with a 10" screen and no cooling fans.

I don't know why you'd want to ruin one of those things with Windows though.  Granted the cut down Linux that it comes with leaves a little to be desired, but from what I've seen elsewhere people have been successful with many other distros.