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found on toshiba laptops.

http://www.sfportal.net/modules/mydownl … mp;lid=141

for toshiba laptop. found here

http://www.toshiba-tro.de/tools/updates … -53035.zip

tested on nvidia 6600. ok

ihi. i am the original dp webcam builder and collecting requests to add new drivers to the pack. i've done a lot of work on updating current pack but some time is needed to verify and upload it to the masses.

russian done as well.


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you have two legs to code. just need to buy footkeyboard. ))

take the rest, you deserve it man.


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updated russian language for DPB10



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i tested it. files from 6.08 + away = everything ok. tested on athlon x2 3800 & sempron 3400.

wrong forum Bashrat wink

i prefer method 1, but i will use it temporarily. but i just wanted to find uot why it happens.

P.S yup. russian community in Antwerp is big. welcome to the russian disko in antwerp on 26th august. wink

ok. i have G-Skill DDR500 which is working at 520 and i never had a pboblem. last night i spend on changing slots, changing memory, underclocking memory, and testing, testing, testing. so my conclusion after all is that if WINNT.SIF with all integrated drivers is in I386 folder, setup fails, if i remove PNPDRV lines, setup is ok. i don't have a clue what could it be? and why.

the problem is in WINNT.SIF. maybe it has something to do with WINNT.SIF limitations. i integrated all the packs including 3rd party, and got blue screen. then i removed PNPDrivers paths in WINNT.SIF and no blue screen.

Bashrat, i've noted several drivers on USR site that are not included in your packs.


ans so on

by the way, USR805421A is not working


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problem is, that if your system does not support russian, it will show like this ??????.lng
so here is the link with rar file that contains 2 files. one is named in russian, other is in english. translation is better than on the first file above, and is complete


it's not ideal, but almost complete


i think it has something to do with WINNT.SIF i spend the whole day to track the error down and found something. all drivers sleepstreamed, written entries in winnt.sif = error. all drivers sleepstreamed + winnt.sif without pnpdrv = ok. i remembered that sometimes i've got entries with many quotes like this D\C;D\B;;;;;  now, i'm cleaning up quotes and gonna test it.

could you make please sleepstreeming of 888111 an option. i use russian wxp and this hotfix is integrated. also there are several packs on other languages thas uses this hotfix.


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this is regtweak to fix it


this to unfix


yes. i had error like this, but when i used different config it's gone. try

method for finisher - custom
enable ktd for all dp
qsc - enable


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thank you Bashrat! i don't know where belong these drivers. there are from sony laptops, Sony Programmable I/O Control and Sony Notebook Control. if you find them useful i upload them.



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today i installed windows on the new pc and found that one thing is missing. it was AMD Away driver (i don't know what is this for, maybe some sort of power management) so it would be nice to add this to dp chipset.


russian works well. i will finish translation and upload soon.

than i need to be a beta tester, to test everything before official launch  ))

i can do russian

http://www.ralinktech.com/drivers/Windo … .0.3.0.exe