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mwvonlehe wrote:

I have the wusb54gc_v1 which uses the rt73.sys driver and included it in the actual Ralink driver from Ralink. It is driver version for Windows XP and 2k and available from Ralink website as of 11/11/2008. It has the DeviceID USB\VID_13B1&PID_0020. I was able to use ISCab and update all the *.inf and *.ini files to include the WUSB54GC_v1.

Let me answer "Fine, but..."
... modifying the *.inf file invalidates the digital signature. Ralink Tech. is going generic with some of their drivers. I think thats the right way to go. So the rt73.sys version 10/21/2008, now supports devices of 25 OEM manufacturers:

%Ralink%        = Ralink
%Qcom%          = Qcom
%Gigabyte%      = Gigabyte
%Conceptronic%  = Conceptronic
%Surecom%       = Surecom
%Asus%          = ASUS
%Amit%          = AMIT
%CNet%          = CNet
%Huawei-3Com%   = Huawei-3Com
%Askey%         = Askey
%HP%            = HP
%Buffalo%       = Buffalo
%ZyXEL%         = ZyXEL
%Sitecom%       = Sitecom
%Netopia%       = Netopia
%Philips%       = Philips
%Zcom%          = Zcom
%AboCom%        = AboCom
%EnGenius%      = EnGenius
%Edimax%        = Edimax
%AL%            = AL
%Planex%        = Planex
%Samsung%       = Samsung
%Billionton%    = Billionton
%D-Link%        = D-Link

This support requirers some cooperation between the chipset vendor (Ralink) and the OEM vendors. As you can see LinkSys is not on the list. Whoever is responsible for that, I do not intend to make his work.
So I included in the last Beta Driverpack WLAN this Ralink driver and the WUSB54GCv1 driver, version 01/12/2006,, that also has a digital signature.
Mwvonlehe, I'll send you an email with the link zu this Beta driverpack. Please test and report back if it works for you.

mwvonlehe wrote:

I also have the Linksys WMP54G_v4.1 which uses the rt61.sys driver for XP and 2k and included it in the actual Ralink driver from Ralink. It is driver version and has the device ID of PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_0301&SUBSYS_00551737.

I will have a look on this soon.

playtoy wrote:

Where can I download the wnt5_x86-32.ini file for WLAN?

Thank You

I sent you an email with the download address of the last Beta WLAN driverpack. This file contains the *.ini you are looking for. But I fear that mr_smartepants is right with his answer, that you will not need it. He could only have written this a little bit more friendly. And even if you need it for something it may not be as usefull as you need, since it is very rudimantary at this point.

predator2003 wrote:

BTW, is there any program i can check if signing is broken, whitout installing the driver?

mr_smartepants wrote:

To verify signatures on a RUNNING XP system, click 'Start'->'Run', then type "sigverif" (without quotes) which will launch the signature verification tool, then click 'Start'.
To verify signatures in a FOLDER using SigVerif.exe, launch it as above, then click 'Advanced', 'Browse' to your folder, click 'Include subfolders', then 'OK'.

I found a tool, that is much better than sigverif.exe, since it does not require that the driver to be verified is installed. It is signtool.exe which can among other things be used to verify the signature of file(s) that have not yet installed. A complete description can be found here at MSDN. This file is part of the Windows SDK which can be downloded here. The download ratio to get this file of 110kB is about 1:10000 since the SDK is a DVD imgae of about 1,3GB, but I don't know an other source.

The usage to verify if <file> is valid signed by <catfile> for WinXP is:

signtool verify /o 2:5.1.2600 /c <catfile> <file>

I've updated all Ralink driver available from http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/S … ndows.html. Doing this there were some problems:
1. RT2500USB [D\W\R2] does not have a valid signature but has new hw IDs, that's why I kept the previous version in the DP archive DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90503.7z [D\W\R1].
2. RT2500 [D\W\R3] does not have a valid signature but has new hw IDs, that's why I kept the previous version in the DP archive DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90503.7z [D\W\R].
3. RT73 [D\W\R2] has many new hw IDs but has also dropped some the old version did still support. So I have also kept the old version in DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90503.7z [D\W\R1].

Hated On Mostly, your Planex adapter USB\VID_2019&PID_AB50 is also supported now, I'll send you an email with the download link, please test an report back here.

I've updated Ralink drivers in DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90503.7z D\W\R3. The new version in rt61.inf, 11/24/2008, also contains the Sitecom brandings of these drivers. The Ralink download is newer than the Sitecom one 07/28/2007,
Krige, I'll send you an email with the download link, please test an report back here.


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danboid, I've added the WNC driver to DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90503.7z D\W\WNC.

The correct download link is http://www.rockdirect.com/support/drivers/ms10513.zip. But the files are very old (2002). I'm not sure if this driver will still work with XPSP3, in most cases drivers from 2004 and earlier do not support WPA and WPA2. I'll send you an email with the download link, please test an report back here.

TiGer-X, the file your link is pointing to has also been outdated in between, but the link still works. Here is the current version, 10/22/2008, The updated version is in DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90503.7z, I'll send you an email with the download link, please test an report back here.

I've added the Toshiba branding of Realtek 8187B drivers to D\W\TO directory, so that the editing of the original Realtek net8187b.inf is no longer needed.
Predator2003, I'll send you an email with the download link, please test an report back here.

OverFlow wrote:

I think this is one of those scenarios i mentioned to you Jse

where the Setup.exe must be run to install a custom control panel.

this is acomplished with the packs INI file...
calling setup.exe by useing a trigger

OverFlow, in this case the WlanMon is an applications with it's own setup procedure that is more or less independent from the driver itself. Only a very little percentage of users will need this application so I would argue for not to install this application with DP procedures. Instead the few users  who need this application should install it on theire own.

z0ne_tripper wrote:

... and yes i mean monitor mode ...

z0ne_tripper, I think I found what you are looking for. Please see here and follow the link "Support & Downloads" and find "Version    Version with Client Utility and WlanMon". This archive contains among drivers (version which are not signed a subdirectory WlanMon.
As you can see there are no special drivers for monitor mode but rather an application that activates this mode. See the enclosed *.doc file for more information. Of course the dirvers installed must support that funktionality, but I think all Atheros drivers newer than this version should do so.
I do not have access to a notebook with the Atheros chipset, so I can not test it at the moment.
Please test and report back if it did work for you.

z0ne_tripper wrote:

I already have the original driver for this card, will the one in the link you sent me be a better option?

That's a good question since you didn't tell which version you use. I have included version date 10/07/2008 MM/DD/JJJJ in directory D\W\AtT.

From the viewpoint of the installation one driver is better than another one if
- it has valid signature (and the other has not),
- if the hardware ID matches completely (PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001C&SUBSYS_E008105B is better than PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001C),
- if the version number is newer (see line "DriverVer   = 10/07/2008," in the *.inf file of the driver or the "driver" tab in device manager if the driver is installed).

From the viewpoint of driverpack maintainer the better driver
- supports more (best: all) hardware ids of one chipset,
- is administered by the chipset vendor,
- it will be updated if needed,
- has a revision history / changelog.

From the viewpoint of usage one driver is better that has
- more functionality,
- less errors,
- better performance,
- runs more stable.

In most cases newer driver versions are better than older.


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ehp wrote:

I'm also interested in seeing the WUSB54GC added. Here is my HWID result.

USB Devices
USB\VID_13B1&PID_0020\5&27FF6FC&0&1                         : Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter #2

found the driver on LinkSys's website, I'm going to integrate it in the next beta DP_WLAN and inform you when it will be available. BTW: Your model it is WUSB54GCv1


I've updated DP WLAN with the latest AVM drivers. It's currently in the last beta DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90402.7z. I'll send you an email with the download link, please test an report back here.

z0ne_tripper wrote:

PCI Devices
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001C&SUBSYS_E008105B&REV_01\4&2803E7C1&0&00E2: Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter

z0ne_tripper, the device with this ID is supported by the new beta Driverpack WLAN, I'll send you an email with the downloadlink. Please test and report back here.
But there is only the "normal" driver, do you really mean driver "For Monitor Mode" as your topic suggests? If yes, I'm afraid it won't work for you and I do not have an idea where to get a Atheros driver that supports monitor mode.

Second version DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90402.7z is on beta server. See changelog in the first post of this thread.
Third version Updated to DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90503.7z is on beta server. See changelog in the first post of this thread.

As far as I can see all requests for new drivers since June 2008 have been processed.

There are still some clean ups needed which will be done soon. If this has been done a public release candidate will be published.

mr_smartepants wrote:

This would replace drivers in \I5\, \I6\

No, the new Intel drivers will only replace drivers in \I5\.
\I6\ contains drivers for a very old 802.11a/b Atheros chip based pcmcia adapter from Intel which I'm afraid will never more be updated.

dangerfreak wrote:

The new Intel drivers for
- are 30% smaller (15,9MB) than the drivers currently used in the driverpack (23MB) compared to the "I5" folder in WLAN driverpack 8.06

These drivers are smaller since Intel has dropped the Win2000 support. I have updated D\W\I5 with drivers version 11/17/2008, and kept the Win2000 files, so the I5 folder now has a size of 20,4 MB.
Dangerfreak, I'll send you an email with the downloadlink to this beta version DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90401.7z, please report back if it works for you.

OverFlow wrote:

Your hardware PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001C&SUBSYS_04281468  is supported already...

Rodommoc wrote:


Atheros 5006 PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001C&SUBSYS_139C10CF&REV_01\4&2803E7C1&0&00E2

The Atheros 500x is listed in the supported devices.  I don't know why it is not working.

Yes, both ID's
are already in DP_WLAN v. 806, I also do not know why it did not work. May be there is a functional problem with this version of the *.sys file.
I have updated the Atheros driver in \D\W\AtT to version 10/07/2008,
Faker and Rodommoc, I'll send you an email with the download link to the new beta version of DP_WLAN so you can test it and report your results back here. 

OverFlow wrote:

the folders are named  \D\W\AtT  AND  \D\W\AtU in the version 806 archive
It is a nearly perfect match for both folders / drivers.

- One of the team members was obviously asleep at the switch...

This has also been resolved in the new version ;-)


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ripost wrote:


is the hardwareID of the Texas instruments PCI to PCMCIA bridge that is as far as I know supported by Win200 and WinXp native without any extra driver.
Since this is not really a WLAn problem, I'd ask the admins of this forum to move this post to 3rd Party Driverpacks forum or to close it.

I made a new beta Driverpack WLAN which contains the newest Intel WLAN driver version 11/17/2008, for WinXP. It seems that Intel does not any longer develop their WLAN drivers for Win2000. So I kept in \D\W\I5 the old Win2000 driver, version  03/13/2008, and replaced the WinXp version only. I hope, there are no side effects of this "operation". I tested this myself with WinXP and it worked as far I could see.

Tiger-X, I'll send you an email with the downloadlink to this beta version DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90401.7z. Tiger-X, Samlab and newsposter, I'd like to see your reports here, if this new version works for you.


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your link

is no longer valid. I'm working on driverpacks WLAN and would like to process your request to support your stick in further versions. To do this I need the hardare ID of your modell. There are 3 versions of WUSB54GC wich seems to have completely diffrent controller chips inside. If you are still interested that Driverpacks WLAN supports your modell in a future release, please use HWID's tool and post the results here.

I made a new beta WLAN driverpack which includes a new Atheros driver version 10/07/2008, It's *.inf file contains your hardware ID:

joenos wrote:
PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002A&SUBSYS_E007105B&REV_01\4&492937F&0&00E2: Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter

so this pack should support your SONY VAIO notebook.

Joenos, I'll send you an email with the downloadlink to this beta version DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90401.7z, please report back if your device works with this pack.


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vmanda wrote:

... 384 KB - SmartDriverBackup capture

Driverpacks.net does only support drivers from original OEM's websites. It would have been better to send a link to the original of the driver you used to install before you made this backup.
Further your post tells nothing about the hardwareID of your WLAN adapter that is missing. Please use HWID's Tool and post the result here to give use the information we need to help you.

Although this information is still missing it is possible that your request is already solved anyway. I made a new beta WLAN driverpack which includes a new Atheros driver version 10/07/2008, This version seem to supersede your version 04/08/2008,

Vmanda, I'll send you an email with the downloadlink to this beta version DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90401.7z, please report back the HWIDs and if your device works with this pack.

OverFlow wrote:

Welcome to the testing team...


In your filemane the "b" is ignored / extranious...
DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90401.7z is the correct equivilent. 
however DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_904b1.7z  would still work just fine wink

Changed to DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90401.7z since its a new begin it also should fit the newest naming rules.

- it strikes me as odd that there are not any entries...
  i would think at least one wireless adapter would need its console or app installed???

As far as I know the most WLAN drivers that have an own configuration application are also thought to be configurated by WZCSVC (Windows Zero Configuration Service), so these apps are optional.

Perhaps we can talk you into joining the packs team in the near future?

Please do but be warned that I can't spend as much time with DriverPacks as I would think a native member should do.

It seems that nobody has done any work on DP WLAN for a long time. So I had to do some changes that also had been requested in this forum. I created DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90401.7z (edit: updated to DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90402.7z) with the following DriverPack_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32.txt locally:


Changes since DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_806

Date       Vendor  InfName Subdir Comment
2009/04/17 Atheros net5211  [At1] removed, superseded by [AtT]
2009/04/17 Atheros net5211  [AtU] removed, was the same version as [AtT]
2009/04/20 Intel   netw4x32 [I5]  removed 3 files netw4x32.*, superseded by netw5x32.*
2009/04/24 AVM     -        [AV]  removed subdirectory "client" and files not in [SourceDiskfiles] of *.inf 
2009/04/24                  .     this files restructured
2009/05/06 Ralink  rt2500   [R]   kept old version 06/01/2006, because new version is not signed 
2009/05/06 Ralink  rt2500usb[R1]  kept old version 11/08/2006, because new version is not signed 
2009/05/06 Ralink  rt73     [R1]  kept old version 12/21/2006, because in new version some hw ids dropped (Belkin)
2009/05/18 Broadcombcmwl5   [BR9] removed *64.* (64 Bit support)

Date       Vendor  InfName Subdir Old Version                 New Version                 Comment
2009/04/17 Atheros netathw  [AtT] 07/26/2007,         10/07/2008,        tested succcesfully by JSe
2009/04/20 Intel   netw5x32 [I5]  03/13/2008,        11/17/2008,        updated 5 Files netw5*.*, tested succcesfully by JSe
2009/04/24 Realtek net8185  [RE2] 02/01/2007,5.1097.0201.2007 03/21/2008,5.1105.0321.2008
2009/04/24 Realtek netrtuw  [RE3] 01/11/2007,5.1273.0111.2007 06/13/2008,5.1313.0613.2008
2009/04/24 Realtek net8187b [RE4] 02/08/2007,5.1063.0208.2007 06/25/2008,5.1135.0625.2008 and now with valid *.cat file 
2009/04/24 AVM     fwlan    [AV]  07/31/2006,       12/28/2006,
2009/04/29 Ralink  rt2400   [R]   02/24/2004,     02/12/2009,     generic ID PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_0101 added
2009/04/29 Ralink  rt73     [R2]  12/21/2006,     10/21/2008,
2009/04/29 Ralink  rt2500usb[R2]  11/08/2006,     02/12/2009,     no signature but new IDs
2009/04/29 Ralink  rt61     [R3]  05/04/2006,     11/24/2008,
2009/04/29 Ralink  rt2500   [R3]  06/01/2006,     02/09/2009,     no signature but new IDs
2009/05/06 Ralink  rt2860   [R5]  07/28/2007,     03/24/2009,
2009/05/06 Atheros netathw  [AtT] 10/07/2008,        12/29/2008,        generic IDs PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0013-001D,0023,0024,FF19,FF1C,FF1D
2009/05/15 Atheros net5211  [AtF] 05/25/2005,         06/29/2006,        generic ID PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0012
2009/05/18 Broadcombcmwl5   [BR9] 07/11/2007,       10/22/2008,

Date       Vendor  InfName Subdir Version                     Comment 
2009/04/24 AVM     fwusbn   [AV]  08/20/2008,         added FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick N
2009/05/06 Ralink  rt2870   [R6]  03/04/2009,     added Ralink 802.11n
2009/05/15 Toshiba net8187b [TO]  12/26/2007,5.1116.1226.2007 added Toshiba branding of Realtek net8187b
2009/05/15 Linksys rt73     [L1]  01/12/2006,     added Linksys WUSB54GCv1  
2009/05/15 Linksys net8187b [L1]  06/25/2008,5.1135.0625.2008 added Linksys WUSB54GCv2 another branding of Realtek net8187b 
2009/05/18 WNC     eu3nic   [WNC] 11/01/2001,2.00.09

I also created a DriverPack_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32.ini (the DPWLAN did not have an *.ini until now):

platform= "wnt5_x86-32"
name= "WLAN"
; version 9.04
classes= "net"
rootDir= "D\W"

what is the minimum for that to be extended later.

Is there a possibility to upload this DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90401.7z to the beta site of the DriverPacks forum?
If there is any interrest I will try to make all changes requested since the last relaese DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_806.7z to "my" beta version and upload it for future testing.

2009/04/20 Changed name from DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_904b1.7z to DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90401.7z
2009/04/25 Updated to DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90402.7z
2009/05/18 Updated to DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_90503.7z