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Thanks guys smile We had a great time. You can see some photos at http://buytaert.net/album/wedding-wim-and-anneleen-2016 smile


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This Saturday, I'm getting married!

Back in 2004, when I was 16, I started working on DriverPacks while I was still in high school. I continued working on it and supporting it while in university (2006–2011), with the help of many contributors, although particularly with the help of OverFlow and mr_smartepants. At that point I'd already spent thousands of hours (that's months of my life) on DriverPacks, to save people around the world hundreds of thousands of hours of time.

Then after I started working (2012), I focused on keeping the site online and keeping it secure. It was mostly mr_smartepants and OverFlow that were working on new releases of DriverPacks. Since then, I've been sending the vast majority of donations and advertising income to the both of them — deservedly so!

Now, in 2016, 6 years after I met my girlfriend, I'm getting married! big_smile

If you've benefited from using DriverPacks over the past _twelve years_, Anneleen and I would greatly appreciate any gifts to get started in life — you can support us by using the DriverPacks.net donation buttons smile


Sorry that it took so long, but the 404 has now been fixed — http://driverpacks.net/driverpacks/wind … ss-storage works fine again smile


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Well, DriverPack MassStorage 4.04 was released on April 27, 2004: http://driverpacks.net/driverpacks/wind … orage/4.04, so it looks like it's at least approaching 10 years smile.

I don't remember how long before that release I'd been working on it. Since the DriverPacks subforums on MSFN.org were removed a long time ago, it would be hard to figure that out.

Ten years. A decade! Wow!

Indeed, thanks to all of you who contributed to this project — without you, none of this would have been possible, and tens of thousands of hours around the world would have been wasted on soul-sucking, repetitive, frustrating work. I like to think we sacrificed ourselves to make humanity just a little bit better smile


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OverFlow stated it already quite clearly: DriverPacks.net needs page views (or rather, ad impressions) to be able to survive. I thank you for your contribution — it is people like you who keep DriverPacks.net and other similar projects going.

Without sufficient ad views, we wouldn't be able to keep DriverPacks.net online — with only donations I'd have had to pull the site offline a long time ago. Keeping it as fast as it has been for years now would be unthinkable, as would be excellent uptime (see http://stats.pingdom.com/4aym23zeo7kc/191206/history for reference).

I would love to streamline the download process (and I'd love to offer HTTP downloads), but alas hosting isn't free (or at least reliable hosting isn't).

Again, thanks for your contribution, but please keep the above in mind. I kindly ask you to direct users of your app to the download page, where they can then download the .torrent file manually (and hopefully occasionally click on an interesting ad).

Thanks for your understanding.

I just checked the DB. Apparently this plug-in only retains the data for the last 30 days. Which is good.

However, there's an auto-increment primary key, which is currently at 645. So, the current grand total is 645 smile


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Due to the permissions problem (that has been solved immediately, an incorrect torrent hash was generated for it. Consequently, this incorrect torrent hash ended up in the torrent tracker's whitelist file (which allows us to prevent malevolent people to use our tracker for illegal downloads). Hence, the file was being refused by the torrent tracker.

This has now been fixed! smile


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Good news!

I've installed two new extensions:
1. one that uses StopForumSpam.com and the DNS Blackhole List (DNSBL): http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … -antispam/. This is applied when the user has successfully filled in the CAPTCHA: if it's a known spammer who fills in CAPTCHAs correctly, he'll be blocked anyway. If we report it, the blacklist becomes better because it's sent to the central DB automatically.
2. reCAPTCHA instead of the default CAPTCHA, which should be a *much* better first line of defense. Extension link: http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … recaptcha/.

This should go a long way in making this problem more manageable. Hopefully, this will now finally be a problem that we can leave behind us!


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Thanks laddanator smile

Thanks for the kind words and for making an actual donation.

What sum are you willing to pay per month to allow us to provide direct HTTP downloads? For the reasons stated above (and here, it is impossible for us to provide it for everybody.

Thanks for your understanding.

I wouldn't visit any doctor with such a witty name! tongue

I'm afraid that's correct.

What we really need to do, is improve our documentation at http://driverpacks.net/docs. For example, there is simply no documentation for Windows Vista/7…

mr_smartepants and OverFlow are right, that's the thing we need to balance: page views to get some much-needed money to keep everything up & running, versus ease of use for you, the end-user.

While I do understand that you like to have everything automated (I'm exactly the same way!), I think it's not asked *too* much to simply subscribe to the regular RSS feed, click through to the actual web page from your feed reader, and click the "download" link to get the .torrent file. That way, if users occasionally also click on the ads, we still get *some* money… smile

We appreciate the understanding you've already shown in your comment *very* much! smile

This has been solved some time ago: there are 91 seeders for this DriverPack at the moment smile


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Damn me for being late! sad Stupid master thesis text!

Happy birthday, Jeff!

And mr_smartepants, what a FANTASTIC birthday wish is that! big_smile

Well, there are warning boxes on the actual download pages, but I definitely understand that indicators on the overview pages would be helpful as well.

I'll add that after my exam period, in the beginning of July.


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Good to see you here again, Jaak! smile

I'll take this under consideration the next time I work on the website smile


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See http://driverpacks.net/userbars smile

Also updated the first post!


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It's also accessible to donators! So if you'd like sneak peeks, please donate and you'll get access smile

Over the last few months, there have been intermittent problems at the data center where our managed virtual private server is hosted. A couple of network issues occurred, but it's mostly that they didn't announce maintenance downtime in time (or at all).
Our hosting company (Exabyte) has therefore decided to relocate to another data center that should prove to be more reliable. At the same time, the hosting company is migrating all of its customers, thus including DriverPacks.net, to a far more powerful server (two quad-core CPU's with hyper-threading, 48 GB RAM, six 300GB SAS disks — shared with many other clients). This server will be able to accommodate future growth and should result in even faster page load times — pages are loading in less than two seconds everywhere around the world (most of the time even in less than 1.5 seconds, the exception being Asia)!

Hence, we should have even less downtime (it only caused a few hours of downtime over many months).

This should result in 10—15 minutes of downtime around 08:00 GMT+1 (07:00 GMT/UTC, 00:00 PDT, 03:00 EDT). Thank you for your understanding.

P.S.: you can see our uptime and performance at http://driverpacks.net/status.

UPDATE: we've had 2 minutes en 2 seconds of downtime — an impressive feat! Hooray for our server admin! smile

raummusik wrote:

Well, before i start a new thread, why not posting here, it's a similar "question" , i dont like to click every driverpacks link into and copy/paste the download BT link.

is there no option to get at one time all the recent BT download links so i can push into my orbit downloader and download them in one step one by one ,

It's like my request of getting the MD5 hashes in one list at one time , this was also approved. so why not approve my above request ;-)


The answer is just above your post smile wink

This is the relevant part of what I said:

There is however an archive with *all* .torrent files for all DriverPacks available via BitTorrent, right here: http://driverpacks.net/donate
It's intended to make it easy for people to add new seedboxes (just read the "Donate bandwidth" section right there). That might be useful for you

You can automate the downloading of new DriverPacks by writing a script that automatically fetches that archive and extracts it to a directory that your BitTorrent client is watching.


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Those USD 800 were their internal costs. The costs they charge their customers is significantly higher. Probably double that.


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We're well aware of this, but unfortunately, that's the only way we can truly be free of very expensive hosting feeds and independent from the goodwill of CDN providers.

We're very sorry.

However, we are exploring the possibility of providing direct download links in exchange for a membership fee. Would you be willing to pay a membership fee for direct download links?

tstaddon wrote:

Guys, I'm still up to my eyeballs in work at the moment and haven't been able to get to the office yet, but can confirm it's working very nicely here in a hotel in Oxford, with unfiltered internet access. I have checked the McAfee logs on my local machine and nothing has tripped the policy so it's not there.

Sorry for the bump, but this'll remind me to check it when I get back to the office.

You mean the BitTorrent downloads, or DriverPacks BASE's update checker? smile