Topic: Add 'Date Posted' or 'Updated' to Driverpacks Grid

When I visit, I get the driverpacks categorized by OS, which is awesome.  Currently, the grid shows the name of the pack [Driverpack], version [Version], and a download link.  Would it be possible to add a 'Updated' tag and colum to show what date the pack was posted?  I can click the Download link to get the release date, but updating my driverpacks would be quicker if this info was there in the grid as well. 

Say I update on the 1st of each month.  Instead of checking each download link, or going by version, I can get the list of packs to update at a glance.  Also, would it be beneficial if the download link was changed to 'Info' and a new 'Download' link that goes straight to the torrent file was added to the grid, or would that mess up the stats?

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication. 

Re: Add 'Date Posted' or 'Updated' to Driverpacks Grid

UPDATE! I found just now that by going to, I can apply filters by OS, architecture, etc. which shows the release date in the grid.  But I get all releases of all driverpacks unless I pick each one individually smile  This is a great start though...

Re: Add 'Date Posted' or 'Updated' to Driverpacks Grid

I'll take this under consideration the next time I work on the website smile

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