Topic: New data center, better server March 22, 2010

Over the last few months, there have been intermittent problems at the data center where our managed virtual private server is hosted. A couple of network issues occurred, but it's mostly that they didn't announce maintenance downtime in time (or at all).
Our hosting company (Exabyte) has therefore decided to relocate to another data center that should prove to be more reliable. At the same time, the hosting company is migrating all of its customers, thus including, to a far more powerful server (two quad-core CPU's with hyper-threading, 48 GB RAM, six 300GB SAS disks — shared with many other clients). This server will be able to accommodate future growth and should result in even faster page load times — pages are loading in less than two seconds everywhere around the world (most of the time even in less than 1.5 seconds, the exception being Asia)!

Hence, we should have even less downtime (it only caused a few hours of downtime over many months).

This should result in 10—15 minutes of downtime around 08:00 GMT+1 (07:00 GMT/UTC, 00:00 PDT, 03:00 EDT). Thank you for your understanding.

P.S.: you can see our uptime and performance at

UPDATE: we've had 2 minutes en 2 seconds of downtime — an impressive feat! Hooray for our server admin! smile

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