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TechDud wrote:

Where does SamLab.ws recommend obtaining his packs from for use with DP_Solution or Bad_Pointer's SDI?
Where does Bad_Pointer recommend obtaining DriverPacks?

i didnt say they - those 2 above -  recommend, i say that other projects who use the packs sometimes promote to take their ISO so it's for me - non speaking .ru guy - not obviously easy to see "who" is the real author of the packs inside . So SamDrivers is SamLab.ws -> so original author website this is ?, anyone knows where to see exact driverpack list with all checksums e.g. some subsite there like here?

thats the question here,

again short -> can someone point me a .torrent link directly to original author's ISO so i dont have to download any 3rd party .ISO containing adware or whatever. 

will dig into samlab.ws again perhaps i find by myself.

EDIT: seems samlab.ws points to driverOff.net/sam , there is some .torrent :


and single driverpacks 14.10.x are here :


so someone can "confirm" this is original author's ISO or is this also 3rd party ?



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Same question counts for Driverpacks 14.10.1 (latest obviously) too... perhaps it would make sense to have a sticky topic announcing latest SamLabs driverpacks 14.x including .torrent links - would make sense or ? or does he need ads/clicks on his site ;-)

EDIT: or another idea would be only listing the driverpacks 14.x inside , only the packages with bytesize/checksums while those are always the same and not e.g. "compromised" at all as it seem.

EDIT2: so DRP_14.10.iso contains this , solution 14.10 and driverpacks 14.10.1 :


anyways.. just some ideas, perhaps discussed already here.


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Hi there,

i luckily found snappy driver installer while browsing driverpacks forum instead of using SAD2 - which is also nice - i gave SDI a shot and it worked for me fine too by using the old 2012 driverpacks.net packages as used for long time . in former times i used DP-BASE to integrate into smooth windowsXP cd's but stopped this end of 2008 and only kept using SAD1/2 with driverpacks  on later windows7 machines instead of integrating into setup windows7 iso's .

anyways...long story short. while i always like to be on the cutting edge way of using driverpacks i saw "accidentally" that there are some russian or whatever/whereever they are located projects with "newer" driverpacks, so i did little google search and saw that SamLab provides SamDrivers 14.9 and another project with modified ISO DRP_14.9 etc.

if comparing those ISO's it seem that the driverpacks inside extracted are byte-wise/checksum the "same" so could/can be used with SDI , the same are downloaded via SDI directly i think .

I would like to have the "retail" original Driverpacks 14.9 pack, so what/where to take, if googleing i get on several sites saying "we are the original ISO"...

what i downloaded so far - and most of those ISOs are obviously modified afterwards e.g. like fileid.diz in former times and modified directories inside aswell. i have downloaded for the moment 2 8gb ISO files :

DRP_14.9.ISO ,


both contain the 14.9 driverpacks which are from naming similar to the driverpacks.net files as you know by yourselves. So who's the original author and who's "fake" , i dont like at all those many .ISO packs spreading around the internet ;-)

will provide SHA1/checksums later . the DRP_14.9.iso i think i took from some .torrent . The SamDrivers_14.9.iso i think i took from http://samlab.ws/soft/samdrivers/   but i cant remember at all, perhaps it was some separate site cause samlabs is .ru and no direct links there

perhaps one of you guys can bring "light" into the "dark" ;-)

EDIT: i think i took one of the ISO from german chip website :

http://www.chip.de/downloads/DriverPack … 88628.html
author :  Artur Kuzyakov (samlabs?)


I checked today the torrents.tar.gz file with all the latest files. Would it be possible to change those OS descriptions to one proper format :

wnt6-x86 (reason why wnt6-x86 and not wnt6_x86 ? )

to have quickly the latest packages i would like to have some included .batch file which auto-deletes the older packages , instead of sorting a-z and manually marking/deleting the older numbers. also numbers with 5-digits are going to the end e.g. :


so you cant sort a-z and delete just the latest , you always have to keep an eye on this.

another request : instead of putting all into one folder, what about some /latest folder, or e.g. wnt5_x86 , wnt6_x86 , wnt6_x64  folders ?

anyone could explain what difference between audio_  package and sound_x  packages ? Also found some typos in filenames , some are DP_Monitor, some DP_Monitors

also that one has typo : DP_CardReaders_x64_911.  , instead of wnt6_x64 ?


Funny works now too ;-)


Any mirrors, megafire not working today.. ;-( , .torrent isnt' worth in case of daily updates nearly of SAD2 . or ?



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lets report what happenend under win7sp1:

EDIT: fetched all the x64 packs, put in the x64 folder and decided to do method_2 , well everything ran thru but at the 30 secs finish there came 1-2 error "could not find specific file " .

a lots of unknown devices were recoqnized, 3 are still un-recoqnized . while i checked device_manager , it said "please reboot". yeah that's clear cause of the chipset and so on . after reboot finally the synaptics s/w appeared in the taskbar and it again said "ey please reboot".

well i try to re-run , hope there's nothing damaged at the first shot ;-) keep you updated.

EDIT2: well those 3 arent recoqnized, tried 3 times re-run :




Edit3: this "serial pci" stuff is nothing else than "intel AMT mgmt driver" -> hp download -> sp45131.exe , perhaps you could "include" in your driverpacks? another post below this subforum talks about intel/dell AMT
i try to post anothet screenshot how it looks after updating with hp's driver next week ok?
http://www.mediafire.com/file/8eepcg2tx … DPINST.LOG

.txt log of the .cmd script , at the end there came 2-3 errors saying "could access file" . try to make a screenshot again perhaps while "clean up" it hadnt chance to access specific files ?

as the loggy.txt says "everything was fine".. besides those 3 above werent recoqnized.


Is this working with Windows 7 SP1 / Service Pack 1  ? X86/x64 both? Well i give it a try today under SP1 hope everything works ;-)

Edit4: i reported my chipset problems under vista7-x64 subforum as requested. sorry


Well, before i start a new thread, why not posting here, it's a similar "question" , i dont like to click every driverpacks link into and copy/paste the download BT link.

is there no option to get at one time all the recent BT download links so i can push into my orbit downloader and download them in one step one by one ,

It's like my request of getting the MD5 hashes in one list at one time , this was also approved. so why not approve my above request ;-)


mr_smartepants wrote:

With my limited free time, I'll see what I can come up with.  No promises or timelines though.

Here is a script developed from the original SAD script.  I'll call it SAD2 smile
It'll automatically determine the running system OS arch and extract the correct DriverPacks from the right directory.  Very slick.
Supports all NT5 (XP/2000/2003) & NT6 (Vista/Win7) OS types.

If you want to try the current work in progress, it's here: http://3rdpartydriverpacks.thesneaky.co … -101203.7z
Read the "readme.txt"

**I'll try to update this post with each new revision**


while i playing around with SAD , well you should take care of the %system%/D  Folder, so if one has accidentally "local" some /D  Folder with files/folders in it , your .CMD script deletes everytihng in it after finishing . i took some folder/files and put pro-active in /D folder , all the files were deleted. it would be nice to pre-select some temporary folder for the extraction or some yes/no decision script checking first for content of /D folder and if there's content it asks what to do

know what i mean? sure i think ;-)


ah cool, should use forum search better, i reported this in the SAD beta post too :-) :


oh besides , sndrec32.exe is not in system32 , but this one is there :


EDIT: after renaming soundrecorder.exe -> sndrec32.exe (only a copy of the file) the error of "sndrec32.exe not found" is gone, but this the windows "file not found" (the ones closing after 30secs" is still there , and funny thing is that sndrec32.exe is getting executed and running during SAD process.. lol ?

EDIT2: ok while the /media folder is empty, no .wav (beep.wav) is anymore there, so the error comes up cause of this , sorry for disturbing you guys ;-)

problem solved ! wink)


mr_smartepants wrote:

Has anyone had any bugs to report for v101203?  I've made minor tweaks to the code for 101204, but nothing major.

testing this atm :

>>If you want to try the current work in progress, it's here: http://3rdpartydriverpacks.thesneaky.co … -101203.7z

under Windows7-x86_enterprise , extracted on my D:\ partition , and adding the mass-storage x86 for windows7 too , i get similar "file not found" this time for sndrec32 , problem is always "reproducable" ;-)

EDIT: found the other thread regarding sndrec32 in this forum , they mention the file should be in /system32, well it isnt but this one is there :

EDIT2: and after just for fun renaming a copy of SoundRecorder.exe -> sndrec32.exe , the first error is "gone", but ;-) finally the sndrec32.exe getting executed and popping up . whats going on here?

EDIT3: ok im fool ;-) , while i cleanup'ed my system a few weeks ago i deleted those un-needed .wav files from /media , therefore the sndrec32 stuff could be kept away from the .cmd file , s othe file "beep.wav" not getting played" sorry guys! ;-)

so what!? <- well nevermind, ;-)

not sure what's going on there, never tried SAD before . any ideas how to activate the log for the SAD in case you're interested on troubleshooting?




no problem, i dont expect any fast replies on such an issue , i just gave her my sniffer-wlan dlink g650 one wink hehe..instead of this buggy-freaky us robotics one

you dont have to excuse all the time, only cause i pushed you 10dollares wink lol!

i try to post it, cause the device is already at my friend in use wink

btw. i used in this installation the KTD function with "all" drivers, so the inserted some WLAN PCMCIA card called :

USR5410 802.11g Wireless Turbo PC Card
(USR805410, USR5452)

it was recoqnized but the following happended , after the next reboot it  bluescreened the whole notebook. i tried to use the original drivers from them also the same happened.

i used my other DLINK DWL-G650 card and it worked like a charm..

any known issues on the USR5410 pcmcia card?

ah finally you edited your post, first i thought "h*ll what does he mean with code tags".. yo no problem, next time i use code-tags.



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OverFlow wrote:

Your my hero!
I'm sure Wim is going to fall out of his chair when he sees it, it's a pretty rare occurance from what I gather. big_smile

I think this thread is going to get a lot of traffic because I think everyone will agree this is something that must be included in DriverPacks BASE.

You have an Awesome day sir!


PS run over and grab you a DONOR's userbar wink

enjoy the other 10bucks i donated the last 5mins wink


hi there

did some xp_home_sp3 with all recent packs integrated last night , i experienced that (like always in mc case ) again the typical texas flashmedia controller and the pci modem arent recoqnized.

regardless of the notebooks i feed with dpacks integrated xp's always those dont getting
recoqnized. so i decided finally to contribute the following infos and the drivers itself where
to get, i do this for the first time, so tell me whats missing i have in mind 1-2 years ago
there was some tool mentioned to execute to check the driver signatures or something
i browsed the FAQs and the wiki but didnt find some hint. perhaps i should look better?

lets start :

The notebook this time is some plain old 2004 SOny VAIO PCG-K215B, nothing special
but it works quite smooth with xp_sp3 and its for a friend so i decided to do some fresh install wink :

Those devices werent recoqnized last night :

Texas Instruments PCI7420 Integrated FlashMedia Controller
it's a sort of controller for the integrated memory_stick reader and has the following info.
Device INstance ID : PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_AC8F&SUBSYS_8175104D&REV_00\3&61AAA01&0&53
Hardware ID : 
Driver Version : / from 16.05.2004 / Texas Instr. is the Provider

CXT AC-Link Modem for ALi
its a sort of internal modem , well who cares in times of DSL and wifi ;) but well :
Device Instance ID: PCI\VEN_10B9&DEV_5457&SUBSYS_8175104D&REV_00\3&61AAA01&0&18
Hardware ID :
Driver Version: / from 16.12.2003 / CXT is the Provider

the driver below is suitable for these models:

The Texas driver is available here :

ftp://ftp.vaio-link.com/pub/Vaio/MemSti … y_1020.zip
or here : http://www.files.to/get/816793/m1des9ancc

and the modem driver is part of the "original driver package" approx 20mb big :

ftp://ftp.vaio-link.com/pub/Vaio/Origin … rivers.zip  // in the subfolder "modem"
otherwise here -> http://www.files.to/get/816792/gtmakt6uow

regards/thanks, correct me please if i did something wrong or forgot something to mention.


OverFlow wrote:

nope that should work!

edit the cmd file and rem the @echo off line and tell me which line is comlaining that the file is not found please!

well ok .

checkout the screenshot :


and there you have some screenshot of the dpbase after finishing.. i wonder the mentioned "OEM" . where is it ? dont see...


perhaps you can see the bug . dont know... it dont mentioned "where" he cant find the file.. perhaps you?


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while this was nice written, enjoy the 10€ bucks i donated "just for fun" for your work.. share it with your mates, and enjoy the beer.

(while i used the packs with windows xp_pro_sp2) in a professional customer company network with about 40-50clients in a windows 2003 domain and this always worked fine and saved a lot of time .

so why not spend some money!

enjoy! and check your paypal account, payment was done 5minutes ago!

no folder named of those 2 ... well just for understanding. i started dpbase.exe , i said use SAD option , said use LAN drivers, choosed "method_2" . and said "slipstream". then he created this driverpacks.net folder and nothing else i did...

did i do something wrong?


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well, while my wish of md5 hashes of those single .archives was done by adding it , i would like to see some central .md5 file which is in the root of driverpacks download section.

so i dont have to check each link and go to process download to check each md5 hash.

perhaps someone can add only this link to download the .md5 file with all hashes and all filenames of the packs so it's easier for future.

only an optical issue.. but well.. i would like to see it wink


well i used the info from : http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=2264

only dpbase and the LAN drivers (all recent ones, from yesterday).

well i this this SAD option and then put the folder "driverpacks.net" from c:\ on my usb-stick.

i started the .batch file but got some error after the extract was done. it says "directory/file not found"... is this normal? well i only used the LAN drivers, not the other ones...


fine thanks. like ubcd4win and nero.com , all include the md5 hash in the download section

i cant understand why all the packs arent delivered in the download area with crc32 or md5 hash'es so one can check his packs on the harddrive himself. e.g. you download the packs, the lay on the hdd, perhaps they get changed (by what ever) , so one could generate some .md5 file with all the filenames/hashes and check with those handy tools out there.

isnt there such a problem to add this to the overview page. or just add some file-link to each download section of the pack with all the recent hash'es inside . like some .sfv file of a "scene" release....

whats up with the "update checker" inside base pack? it keeps on "connecting". but nothing happens...

is there some solution now round? sometimes the sound packs get updated.. then it works a long time again.. and sometimes soundpacks get updated and it stops to work..

hdaudbus.sys not found.. then you point to \i386 folder and it goes further... sucks a little bit wink