Whoa!  How the h*ll did that get in there.
Nice find TD!

You need to contact the DriverPacks Solution tech support guys.  We don't support their product (though they use our DriverPacks).

Welcome to DriverPacks.
The photo with the error is missing.


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mr_smartepants wrote:

You don't have to copy a URL.  Just click the big green "Download" button to download the *.torrent file.
Once you have the *.torrent file on your computer, just double click it and utorrent will open and begin to retrieve the DriverPacks.

The download page uses a referrer to keep people from "deep-linking" the downloads.
If you want access to ALL the torrents, go to the "Donate" page and near the bottom is the link to download the tar.gz archive containing all the active torrents.


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I'm still here!
Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated! big_smile
I do try to read the forums every day but I have nearly zero time for DriverPacks now.  Real life keeps getting in the way.

I haven't had any time to touch it.  Sorry.

Welcome to DriverPacks.
Nlite is does bad things to drivers, if you must use nlite then make sure you use it before DriverPacks BASE.
DriverPacks BASE must be used LAST, just before building the .iso.
Our tutorial is linked in my signature.

OverFlow wrote:

i don't think the SAD script processes the ini files.

It doesn't.  But DriverPacks Finisher DOES.


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Final releases are always here: http://driverpacks.net/downloads
Nightlies or other testing versions are always in the "testing team" arena but sometimes are in the public threads to which they relate. (i.e. DriverPack Chipset in the DriverPack Chipset thread).


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We're a full year out of date. roll


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Welcome to DriverPacks.
Yes, we have many DriverPacks being updated in the (hidden) testing area of the forums.
Once we have determined that they are fit for general release, we will.


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The instructions are in the readme.txt file


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A Merry Christmas, Happy (insert appropriate holiday here) and Prosperous New Year to all of our users.
Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår
(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...in Danish).

A major thanks to all the Admins, Mods and contributors for making our lives and jobs easier.
Enjoy your family, children and friends. Eat lots of yummy food.
If you must drive over the holidays please take care of yourselves and loved ones.
For all our users who have to work over the holiday season to keep us warm and our lights working, many, many thanks.

SteveDun wrote:

@ mr. smartepants,
When you get some time if you could send me some sort of logo you would like to use for the gui, I will try to put something together and create a rough draft so to speak of a gui for this great utility.

I don't think we have a logo.  I'm not an artist by any stretch.  My artistic abilities stop at stick-figures and even that is pushing it.  big_smile
Maybe something with opposing "d" & "p" (mirror images?)


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I know for a fact that Win8 is ultra-restrictive when it comes to driver signing.
Getting Win8 to disable the driver signing check is a test in patience.


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You have to rename the file.  bigfoot didn't name the files in the standard format.  SAD will only use DriverPacks which are named "DP_***.7z"

You need dpms.
Our latest final release is here: http://driverpacks.net/driverpacks/wind … rage/12.09
You'll need a bittorrent client to download it though.

Our tools are only certified for use with our DriverPacks.
If you choose to use other Third Party DriverPacks, then they need to provide support.

c400 wrote:

have this problem while installing DP_Video_AMD_13094

Where did you get that Third Party DriverPack?  That's not one of ours.
It looks like it may be using a non-standard folder path which is why the script can't find the .inf
Some graphics drivers don't like being installed in this manner.  Sometimes manually is the only way.


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Our SAD utility can be found here: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=5336

Deleting the files in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository would cause a whole heap of problems since they're listed in the registry.

SteveDun wrote:

I feel special.  lol  wink

My mom says I'm special... big_smile


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We really discourage folks from "integrating" ALL the drivers into their Win7 discs because after install, the drivers still exist in the C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository folder (even if you don't need them).
So to reduce the bloat, only integrate the drivers you absolutely need for the install (dpms & DriverPack Chipset), then install the rest via our SAD utility once the install is completed.

...moved to BartPE forum...

Can you tell us how you're trying to load in BartPE?  Are you using the BartPE option of DriverPacks BASE?

NovusOrdo wrote:

I have a windows xp sp3 Original
I got a gold license in google

That is NOT a valid (legal) license.  Your statement violates our forum rules (#1a).
Only Windows 7 Pro (or Enterprise) includes a downgrade license to Windows XP Pro ONLY.  Contact Microsoft for a valid downgrade license.

XP is a dying platform.  Microsoft is killing XP life support in a year.
If you absolutely must use XP, why not just use XP from within a virtual machine?  VirtualBox is a fine free example.
Your laptop is only licensed (and supported by Sony) to use Windows 7.  To use anything else would be violating either copyright or the terms of use (or both).

OK, that gives me some info on where to start.  No promises though.