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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the great work on the driverpacks!

I was just wondering 1 thing. I want to slipstream all the driverpacks into my windows7 installation disc but the total is about 4.5GB. My question is: Does it only install the drivers i NEED for that PC or just installs ALL the drivers i slipstream in?

Thanks in advance! I couldnt find an answer to this topic yet :)

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In theory, it should only install drivers for hardware that exists on the machine you run Setup upon.

In reality, there can be some drivers that install on all hardware.
  This is rare though.
    Ordinarily, if you do not have the hardware, you cannot use the driver.
      Virtual environments can be an exception to this, which we don't officially support (IIRC).

  Great effort and care is taken to weed out these so-called "super-generics", such as ATi's PCIe driver, Matrox's Extio drivers (which have been fixed in new revisions of their drivers), or "The Three Amigos" associated with Marvell's SATA drivers (mv61xxmm, mv64xxmm, mvxxmm).

These afflicted NT5.x (previous to Vista).  I am uncertain if NT6.x (Vista and up) are affected.

Perhaps somebody else could speak to this.     hmm

Oh, that reminds me, i neglected to add the "¡Three Amigos!"  to my "Known Issues" List for NT5's DP_MassStorage.

Re: Slipstreaming in ALL drivers

Thanks for the fast respons!

Great to know that atleast most of the drivers wont be installed in excess wink

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I am not yet familiar with NT6 integration, yet you may find that you need to delete folders for OS' that do not apply.  If i remember correctly, DISM is advised for integration.

DO read several topics within "Windows 7 Discussion", especially those stickied.

Do double-check, including the non-plug and play drivers after Setup.

Others may advise you further and hopefully correct my inaccuracies.
I am no expert.

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Re: Slipstreaming in ALL drivers

We really discourage folks from "integrating" ALL the drivers into their Win7 discs because after install, the drivers still exist in the C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository folder (even if you don't need them).
So to reduce the bloat, only integrate the drivers you absolutely need for the install (dpms & DriverPack Chipset), then install the rest via our SAD utility once the install is completed.

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Re: Slipstreaming in ALL drivers

Thanks again!

What is the SAD utility?

Can i empty that file directory to remove the useless drivers? Because that would solve the problem wouldnt it?

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Re: Slipstreaming in ALL drivers

Our SAD utility can be found here:

Deleting the files in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository would cause a whole heap of problems since they're listed in the registry.

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Re: Slipstreaming in ALL drivers

Wouldn't a program like Piriform's free (including for Corp. & Mil.) CCleaner not remove such entries, or is cleaning incomplete?  Or is this not the only problem such an approach could create, such as removing too many drivers (if such a thing is possible)?

SAD3 would be my own preferred approach, as mr_smartepants has worked that script, literally for years.  As far as i know, only the HID pack for NT5 (at least) has had troubles in the past with drivers utilizing generic HWid's, yet that is not surprising.  One should really identify the underlying hardware from official specifications before installation anyway (IMHO).

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