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I have seen that you are updating all the drivers and I don´t know if you are updating the audio, so if you are not or do you want, i can help for updating. I am sorry, before I was busy because i was trying to made my unattended windows 7 with all the programs including the updates and the drivers.

I am wondering please like SAD (dpinst) takes much time, is there any script to use SAD with a progress bar within a splash screen?

You delete all the files (drivers) added to the "%SystemRoot%\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\" Or you let them?
If you delete them, how do you know what files you have to delete?
Thanks very much.

Hi to everybody.
i have a question please @mr_smartepants
So the better method is to add (mass and chipset) to boot.wim and install the other drivers (lan,video,audio,...) via SAD.
Or add (mass and chipset) to boot.wim and the other drivers (lan, video,...) to install.wim, and use SAD to update all the drivers already installed

How do you know which drivers you want to delete, there are a lot of them.
i am wondering it they can be deleted automatically, i mean the system selects the drivers he needs for that computer and then delete the others.

I have been reading that injecting the drivers via dism increases the size of the image (it is no very important), the problem i have seen, after the system is installed, all the drivers are stored in the folder "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository" regardless if they are needed or not, so it increases the size of the windows installed.
Also i have been reading that installing drivers from dvd or usb flash media, do the same as it copies all the drivers founded in the path of drivers.
Also i have read that it can add drivers via DPinst TechNet link, so only the drivers needed are copied to the folder DriverStore.

And my question please, what is the best method to add the drivers? i am looking for a method like the windows xp (it does not store all the drivers after the setup is finished)


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Upload the file to a server like rapidshare or megaupload


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The drivers are present in the folder I9\ and are the same: DriverVer=02/23/2009,
Would you like please post the file setuapi.log, you can find it in the %Win%, also you can try to install it manually via the folder I9\.


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Ok, we will download the driver and take a look in it.

The drivers will be added and then i will upload the new version

Those drivers are been added. the new version is uploading.

Hi @eethball
Could you please make a test replacing the lines below in the file STHDA.INF in the directory I10 and then try to install the driver manually from the I10.


The drivers will be added.

I will take a look.

Updated the first post with a new release to keep shortener the path.


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Happy new year!


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The drivers have been added as they were not supported.


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As you say, he is liar. he said that only he changed the power and he has not even seen any sound card. So i told to him to let the problem and not to go back to that man.
Merry christmas


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Thanks @OverFlow
When i opened the computer to change the card´s slot, i have realized that the card has been changed to a genius and it is not the soundblaster. I asked my friend where is your sound card soundblaster? he told me he didn´t know and surely the man who has changed the source power of the computer, has changed it. is shameful.


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Thank you @OverFlow, i was thinking perhaps the card is dead, because tree months ago, i have installed the drivers of soundblaster manually but at this moment no. So i will do a try to change it to another slot to see if it works.


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Hi, i have a problem with a PC of my friend. He has 2 sound card, one is integrated and the other is soundblaster. Well, i have disabled the integrated via the BIOS, then i have installed an unattended windows xp, the drivers of the sound card have not been installed, i have tried to install it manually, but without success. So i searched the HWID  and i have seen it is not present in the .inf file of the original disc (drivers).
my question: maybe Windows xp has set a wrong HWID to the sound card?
all the HWID is the .inf file begin with "PCI\VEN_1102&DEV_0007", while the HWID in windows xp is "PCI\VEN_13F6&DEV_0111&SUBSYS_011113F6"
Here are the files:

Thanks very much to you for your effort to keep the forum updated day after day.

Updated the first post and thanks

Updated the first post with a new release.

ok, the driver will be downloaded and added in the next release.