Re: [Tool] Drivers Installer Assistant (for PostInstall Windows) v.6.4.28

Meet the new version of the Drivers Installer Assistant. This version has a growth rate several times , as when the program starts , and when indexing driver packages .
The program has changed the interface. Almost until the end finished work on support Unicode. Therefore, I expect regular users transfer programs into native languages.
There have been major changes in the functional program. Now the program can work with the unpacked driver packages ( but mutually exclusive mode ) .
Added the ability to create/upload the snap system for emulation of different computers.
Download, test, write reviews. Work on my projects are not complete and is constantly, albeit intermittently. On the development of the project, you can try to change history.

! Recommended a clean install, since the directory structure has been changed

Changes to the Drivers Installer Assistant [6.4.28 - PreFinal]
This list contains all changes since the last version history official publication online version 5.4.18

Version 6.4.28 PreFinal (28.04.2014)
[CHANGED] Optimize starting process, the rate increased by ~ 40 %
[CHANGED] Optimizing the indexing process, the rate increased by ~ 10-15%
[ADDED] Added command /savereport[:DIR] to save the snapshot of the operation system. If the directory [DIR] is not specified, the file is saved to the directory DebugLogPath.
[ADDED] After you run program the snapshot of the system is stored to the directory DebugLogPath
[FIXED] Fixed a rare bug in the indexing process when some HWID trimmed
[FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused the program to crash if the driver installation starts immediately after indexation ( in the same session of the program )
[FIXED] Fixed selection of drivers for touchpad
[FIXED] Fixed not update the status pictures of the driverpack's after start emulation mode
[FIXED] Several other minor bugs

Version 6.4.11 PreFinal (11.04.2014)
[CHANGED] Optimize starting process, the rate increased to ~ 2-3 times
[CHANGED] Optimizing the indexing process, the rate increased to ~ 2-3 times
[CHANGED] Optimize debug logging programs, reduced the number of messages in the standard mode . Improved readability of the log file
[CHANGED] Updated to support the operating system markers and markers laptop manufacturers (idea by SamLab)
[ADDED] Added support for markers (intel_2nd, intel_4th) to correctly install the driver Intel USB 3.0 (IUSB3\ROOT_HUB30) (idea by BadPointer)
[CHANGED] Slightly changed the format of the database (combined the "path" and "inf- file name") .
[CHANGED] Changed display prompts for the driver package button (combined the "path" and "the name of the inf- file") .
[CHANGED] The program now has a full opportunity to work with the unpacked driver packages
[CHANGED] Multiple changes/improvements to the GUI
[ADDED] Enhanced the ability to change settings through the interface: change the font controls , change the appearance of buttons driver packages
[FIXED] Fixed non font color controls
[CHANGED] Changed the icon size for the control buttons (32x32 buttons except the driver packages, they were 24x24)
[ADDED] Unicode support for all controls (except SStab)
[FIXED] Fixed display of application icons for exe- file and displayed on the Alt + Tab ( for Windows Vista +)
[CHANGED] For universality and ease of integration programs in the various collections of drivers, changed the directory structure of the program: subdirectories "Lang", "Graphics", "Docs" moved to DIA folder
[CHANGED] Configuration file .\Tools\DriversInstaller.ini renamed .\Tools\DIA.ini
[CHANGED] Temporary directory program changed to %temp%\DIA
[FIXED] Stability of the application , the program crashes arbitrary fixed (I very much hope smile)
[CHANGED] Improved response programs at various operations
[CHANGED] Optimization of functions to work with files
[CHANGED] Fixed some minor bugs in the indexing process (purity database in terms of determining the device name)
[ADDED] Added ability to decompress individual drayverpakah, by pressing the right mouse button on the driver package (it was only implemented for group mode)
[CHANGED] The process of creating a restore point moved into installation mode driver (previously at startup). Created once per session of the program.
[CHANGED] Added AUTO CHANGEOVER column width when switching between all tables
[FIXED] Fixed switching between elements by pressing TAB (added focus)
[CHANGED] Improved emulation mode (save/load) to determine the parameters of the emulated system based on the image file name
[CHANGED] Changed the "About"

Version 5.12.30 Beta (30.12.2013)
    ! You must recreate the database, the program will tell about the incompatibility of the database
[CHANGED] Changed the algorithm for sorting the database on HWID
[CHANGED] Changed the algorithm to search for the HWID driver in the database
[ADDED] In order to accelerate the launch changed selection module drivers for this program for indexing , creates an additional file % driverpackName%. Hwid
[CHANGED] Cleaning the database drivers - Removed possible errors in the analysis inf- files
    As a result of the above changes, downloading programs takes ~ 2 times faster
[CHANGED] File devcon_c.cmd no longer used when running , now comes with a direct challenge devcon.exe parameters.
[FIXED] Fixed closing the program if the file was not created hwids.txt - result of the program devcon.exe. The program continued to boot and gave out a lot of errors
[FIXED] Fixed a bug run on windows 2000, the reason was the function to run external applications
[ADDED] Support of Unicode for almost all controls
[ADDED] The default font for tips Lucida Console, for all other elements Tahoma. Unless otherwise prescribed in the program settings .
[ADDED] When you switch to indexing , if not neproindeksirovannyh packages , this selection is set at "All"
[FIXED] Fixed non-creation drivers folder for indexing drivers
[FIXED] Removed all options database drivers are now creating an unconditional
[FIXED] Fixed the calculation time incorrectly calculated the time in milliseconds
[CHANGED] Removed dependency on the component richtx32.ocx - Microsoft Rich Textbox Control 6.0.
[ADDED] Added button to rebuild the window is resized or navigate through the tabs
[ADDED] Added Arabic thanks MFM Dawdeh -
[ADDED] Information about the current progress of implementation is now at the beginning of the program header

Version 5.10.29 Final (29.10.2013)
[ADDED] Added the "Save information about the devices to emulate a program on the other PC"
[ADDED] Added form for emulation . Now also allows you to select the target operating system.
[CHANGED] Fixed issue progress if more than one tab, and some of them are empty
[CHANGED] Adding additional debug messages
[CHANGED] Optimization of the program loading and indexing driver packages
[CHANGED] Improved responsiveness of the program to index the driver packages
[CHANGED] Add information on the current progress in the implementation of the program header
[CHANGED] Fixed the GUI
[CHANGED] Code optimization program
[CHANGED] Updated support for markers prozvoditelya operating systems and laptops, for the correct determination of the touchpad

Version 5.10.4 Final (04.10.2013)
[FIXED] Fixed compatibility analysis of drivers, if markers FORCED or STRICT were in the beginning.
[FIXED] Fixed some rare errors in indexing driverpack's.
[CHANGED] Performance indexing increased by 20%.
[FIXED] Fixed run the program without driverpack's.
[CHANGED] Replacement of the many elements of the interface to more stable .
[ADDED] Added partial to emulate the program to another computer on the basis of the file %Temp%\DriversInstaller\HwidsTempExt.txt, which is created each time then you start the program.
      Emulated by all except the version of the operating system. Functionality is available via the menu item - "Updating drivers database - Download information of another PC (Emulation work)".
[CHANGED] Added support for the latest markers
[CHANGED] Updated Program System Information Viewer to version V4.40
[CHANGED] Updated program Unknown Device Identifier to version V8.01
[CHANGED] Updated program DevManView to version V1.35
Version 5.7.17 Final (17.07.2013)
[CHANGED] Changed the procedure for checking updates , added a timeout waiting for a response from the server = 5 seconds , the update check is in asynchronous mode , ie without "freezing" of the program .
[CHANGED] Changed to switch between tabs in different modes
[CHANGED] Increased stability of the application, fixes random crashes the program - have been replaced with some GUI elements.
[ADDED] Added additional messages if there are no suitable driver packages in different modes of operation
[CHANGED] Work Mode "Removing older versions of the driver packages" also adapted for DriverPacksTeam Driverpack's, previously tested only on SamLab Driverpack's
[FIXED] Fixed mode "Removing non-existent database driverpack's if in the program is more than one tab
[ADDED] Added functionality (requires testing) of the unzipped driver packages. Operating mode is mutually exclusive , ie, either the directories or files.
    To enable it, set in the configuration file DriversInstaller.ini
        DP_is_aFolder = 1
[FIXED] Fixed a bug when running the program with the parameters for resource recovery program
[CHANGED] Responsiveness of the program when you start external processes
[CHANGED] Updated the other language files
[CHANGED] Updated program DevManView to version V1.30

It's not as bad as it seems, but not as good as it could be
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Re: [Tool] Drivers Installer Assistant (for PostInstall Windows) v.6.4.28

Seems like the download links for your project are borked.

Forum page is offline

Tried updating through application but links dont function.

Any chance of a fix?


Re: [Tool] Drivers Installer Assistant (for PostInstall Windows) v.6.4.28

there is another third party installer recently posted here by Badpointer

haven't gotten much feedback yet. but it seems like a real winner.

I'm sure Romeo will get his hosting issue solved soon... but in the time being you could give snappy driver installer (SDI) a try. If you were to give us some feedback that would be even better big_smile.

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Re: [Tool] Drivers Installer Assistant (for PostInstall Windows) v.6.4.28

Both links for DriversInstaller_Release_6.4.28_Full.7z worked for me.

Romeo91 wrote:

MD5: d82a528b9c659cb2433a3f666713cc7b

The VirusTotal analysis he linked from April 28th noted a SHA256 hash of 64ecf28e82f276ce0b61456923a628e206ab8f452286f4decd050c315cf5e7f5

Here is a reanalysis: … 407495683/
Quote:  "TrendMicro-HouseCall     TROJ_GEN.F47V0603 "
ClamAV calls it a "Possibly Unwanted Application" via "heuristics & reputation engines".

While not necessarily malicious, the scanned file presents certain characteristics which depending on the user policies and environment may or may not represent a threat. For full details see:

Goggle Translated Quote of Romeo91:  "As a developer declare no malicious code in this program do not have"

I would be inclined to think that TrendMicro's generic detection, if i have that correct, is likely a false positive.
Be data safe, just in case, if you like.

Re: [Tool] Drivers Installer Assistant (for PostInstall Windows) v.6.4.28

many reputable programs get flagged falsely. DriverPacks BASE has been tagged a few times by third rate AV programs, simply because it was written in autoit. Not a very good reason, and of course those reports were not provided by a top ten AV program. The providers did update their databases to correct the False Positive, after much time was wasted.

one must consider the source, and number of sources, that claim a file is malware. An AV program that is provided "free" and then tags a file as "virus" without any specific reason is worth what you paid for it tongue. False positives are the biggest waste of time to any PC user. You won't see many if any FP results from the top AV programs.

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Re: [Tool] Drivers Installer Assistant (for PostInstall Windows) v.6.4.28

Is there is any other best drivers???

Re: [Tool] Drivers Installer Assistant (for PostInstall Windows) v.6.4.28

I downloaded DP_WLAN_wnt6-x86_1203.7z, DP_LAN_wnt6-x86_1208.7z. I have Windows 10 x64 PE.iso. I know the way to mount and unmount wim.
I want to make silent install these drivers into wim file (from Windows 10 x64 PE.iso). Computer will boot from Windows 10 x64 PE.iso and can connect to Internet.
So I must make bat file with code: for example : in autorun.cmd have code: DIA.exe /silent  DP_LAN_wnt6-x86_1208.7z
Of course, if successful I will make the same with Windows 8.1 PE.

I puted .7z file into drivers\Vista64, what the next step I have to do? Thank you. (I must make example to easy understand because my English is poor)

Re: [Tool] Drivers Installer Assistant (for PostInstall Windows) v.6.4.28

I have error to installing off Sound Driver and webcam Driver.....

Last edited by addisonadolf00 (2016-03-03 22:52:13)

Re: [Tool] Drivers Installer Assistant (for PostInstall Windows) v.6.4.28

Romeo91 wrote:

[ADDED] Rewrote functionality for working with the command line. To date, the program provides the following initial options:
•    "/?", "/h", "-h", "-help", "/help" - display the Help window;
•    "/Extractdll [:path]" - extract files from program to the specified directory, if a directory is specified, the recovery is a temporary location;
•    "/Regdll" - registration of software components (dll and ocx);
•    "/s[(:|=) mode]", "-s[(:|=) mode]", "-s[(:|=) mode]" - Run silent mode installation of drivers, with the ability to select selection of drivers.
Parameter [mode] can be set to mode "installation (compatible drivers)" and "Installation (Full - the whole package)," respectively:
    •    n or n2 - Select driver packages with newer drivers
    •    q or q2 - Select driver packages with unknown drivers,
    •    a or a2 - Select all driver packages to the tab can be set.
•    "/t[(:|=) time]", "-t[(:|=) time]", "-t[(:|=) time]" - time in seconds, before the start silent mode install the drivers. The default interval is 10 seconds.

Can someone show me an example of how to use the command line to install only recommended driver unattendedly wit DPI-drv.exe?

According to this info it seems to be possible.  But it does not work for me.  It opens... seems to extract the needed drivers... but then it closes without installing any of the drivers.  I want to incorporate this into my Windows Install USB to automatically install drivers.

I'm using version 6.10.3 currently.

I have tried to use the command line in a few different ways. But none of them seem to work:

DIA-drv.exe /s:"installation (compatible drivers)"
DIA-drv.exe /s:n
DIA-drv.exe /s
DIA-drv.exe -s:"installation (compatible drivers)"
DIA-drv.exe -s:n
DIA-drv.exe -s
DIA-drv.exe /s="installation (compatible drivers)"
DIA-drv.exe /s=n
DIA-drv.exe /s
DIA-drv.exe -s="installation (compatible drivers)"
DIA-drv.exe -s=n
DIA-drv.exe -s

Also... what is the difference supposed to be with n and n2?

Am I misunderstanding how to use these command lines? Or is there a bug?

Thanks! Hopefully you can help me.  This tools sounds like exactly what I was needing.

Re: [Tool] Drivers Installer Assistant (for PostInstall Windows) v.6.4.28

Good to see you Siginet!


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