Topic: [Beta] Graphics-A Pack x64

Changelog (Graphics_A_x64):
12.04 Testing  Jan 2013
- Update - (All) ATI\ATI Catalyst display driver 7000,6000,5000   = DriverVer=12/19/2012, (13.1)
- Update - (All) ATI\ATI Catalyst display driver 4000,3000,2000   = DriverVer=11/16/2012, 8.970.100.7000 (13.1)
- Update - (All) Nvidia\NVIDIA GeForce				  = DriverVer=12/29/2012, (310.90)
- Added support for Windows 8

Re: [Beta] Graphics-A Pack x64

Updated Pack
Drives are now dism compatible.

Changelog (Graphics_A_x64):
12.04 Testing  Mar 2013
- Updated - (All) Nvidia\1 NVIDIA GeForce 314.07 = DriverVer=02/09/2013,
- Added - (All) Nvidia\2 NVIDIA GeForce Titan 314.09 DriverVer = 02/13/2013,

Re: [Beta] Graphics-A Pack x64

Updated Pack
Drives are dism compatible.

Changelog (Graphics_A_x64):
12.05 Testing  Mar 2013
- Updated - (All) Nvidia\1 NVIDIA GeForce 314.22 = DriverVer=03/14/2013,
-Removed Nvidia\2 Driver is now unified.

Re: [Beta] Graphics-A Pack x64

Running last posted beta pack I ran into a bluescreen during a rush project; not sure if it was the machine or the package that caused it. Machine was an acer am3450-ur30p listed as having a radeon hd 4250 running 64bit windows 7 (likely without a service pack). During the rush I filtered down which drivers I applied and am pretty sure I only had graphics pack A and B but removed mobile from the attempt. watching the files passing through the MS tool i looked to be in the graphics section and though I do not remember the file, ati started off the name and graphics were not setup upon reboot after the memory dump. I ran an ati installer I had a separate copy of successfully; isn't this the save version that the pack includes?. I didn't have a chance to collect better details or look into it more thoroughly but if others have installs going through successfully, I'd likely write it off as trouble with the machine instead of the pack.
Files used with md5sums:
SAD3-130507/NT6/x64/DP_GB_x64.7z = ee10a095694519479cd03f24a6232a03
SAD3-130507/NT6/x64/DP_G_A_x64.7z = b51dde3c099306228d368c6b1fc46b38 (Changelog makes me think this has the driver)
SAD3-130507/NT6/x64/DP_G_M_x64.7z = d278fa16bb6145b40027921e8e428f7e (likely was not present in the install run)
13-1-legacy_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc.exe = 757dc261b26ada0ac15b98615ecd34f3

Why have the file names been shortened so much instead of saying 'graphics' and why not something more descriptive than 'A' and 'B'. I did have to add 'DP_' to the front to get SAD3 to even pick up the files as packages to extract. I 'think' that it was part of the 'A' package, but how to people really read through the package to see what is in there to be applied to a specific device (and shame on me for not snagging machine IDs; I was that rushed).
Thank you to all involved in th work on these packages.

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Re: [Beta] Graphics-A Pack x64

Thanks for testing the pack. I haven't really had any feeback yet on what works and what doesnt. I assumed that no feeback means everything works. I personally dont use SAD1/2/3. I end up just integrating all of the drivers into my image with dism.
As with many oems, the generic drivers may not work with specific oem machines. I think nvidia even posts warnings on their site about that.
If you need to find specific or generic hardware ids, look in the csv file in each of the packs.
It also possible that a more current update will resolve your issue.
I hope to post an updated one soon.

Re: [Beta] Graphics-A Pack x64

Noting that Windows 7 x64 has the exact same issues with OpenGL "flat vertex" on a HP G62 laptop as NT5_x86!

bad --> … roblem.PNG
good --> … exGood.PNG

reference --> … 541#p52541

NT5 testing methodology --> … 571#p52571
  (see step 6)

Fortunately, testing and solutions with NT6 are likely to be similar to the answers on NT5.     smile

DPINST likely won't work for NT6 to properly process active graphics driver overrides, if i remember correctly.

Note that i haven't tested your pack specifically, Bigfoot.
  This result was obtained with 13-9-legacy_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc_whql

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