Topic: VEN_10de&DEV_1049 (GeForce GT 620) Missing

I could not find
VEN_10de&DEV_1049&SUBSYS_10161019 (desc: 'NVIDIA Corporation GF119 [GeForce GT 620 OEM] (rev a1)')
But latest Nvidia release got it: … l-whql.exe

I hope that I did not make any mistake asking for a new nvidia release :-)

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If one was to chide you for a mistake, it might be not reading the stickied topic "STOP ATI / NVIDIA REQUESTS please" by muiz, but i will let that pass.  There are extenuating circumstances.

I note that v307.83 seemingly supports the widest range of devices.  There exists a desktop & notebook release and for Quadro/Tesla. … l-whql.exe … l-whql.exe … l-whql.exe … l-whql.exe

nV wrote:

"Legacy Support Notification: GeForce 6-series and GeForce 7-series GPUs will be moved to legacy support after GeForce R304 drivers (304.xx to 309.xx). GeForce R310 drivers will not support these products."

     Quoted from: … river.html

No promises, just information here, so far.   hmm

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Re: VEN_10de&DEV_1049 (GeForce GT 620) Missing

I do not know.. I just found that a new release give me the driver that I needed, I thought that it could be useful to someone that comes later than me. If it can be added to driver packs cool. If not, no problem people can find it on this forum.

Re: VEN_10de&DEV_1049 (GeForce GT 620) Missing

Hello cheche, long time no see. Great to see you old friend.

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Re: VEN_10de&DEV_1049 (GeForce GT 620) Missing

Nice to read you again!!! :-)

Re: VEN_10de&DEV_1049 (GeForce GT 620) Missing

I see that Forceware 320.18 has been released here --> … l-whql.exe

I note that it does include some 7xx series support for XP & in GFeXPerience something called "Virtual Audio" & supposedly an "Audio Server", though i have not yet confirmed that.  hmm

What do you think of this release, and it's requirement for Dot NET Four & GFeXPerience in order to install the updater cheche?

BTW, the cavalry is coming!

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Re: VEN_10de&DEV_1049 (GeForce GT 620) Missing


Re: VEN_10de&DEV_1049 (GeForce GT 620) Missing

While you are patiently waiting, i found some interesting excepts from nVidia's GeForce Experience License Agreement.
Apparently, the wording is reflected in the "EULA.txt" included with the latest Release.  Before downloading, a License Agreement with seemingly different wording is provided. … hp?lang=us

nVidia wrote:

Customer hereby acknowledges that the SOFTWARE accesses and collects non-personally identifiable information about Customer and CUSTOMER SYSTEM as well as configures CUSTOMER SYSTEM in order to (a) properly optimize such system for use with the SOFTWARE, (b) deliver content through the SOFTWARE, and (c) improve NVIDIA products and services.
  Information collected by the SOFTWARE includes CUSTOMER SYSTEM'S (a) hardware configuration, (b) operating system and driver configuration, (c) installed games, (d) game settings, performance, and usage data, and (e) usage metrics of the SOFTWARE.
  To the extent that Customer uses the SOFTWARE, Customer hereby consents to all of the foregoing, and represents and warrants that Customer has the right to grant such consent."
"Defensive Suspension.  If Customer commences or participates in any legal proceeding against NVIDIA, then NVIDIA may, in its sole discretion, suspend or terminate all license grants and any other rights provided under this LICENSE during the pendency of such legal proceedings."
This LICENSE shall be deemed to have been made in, and shall be construed pursuant to, the laws of the State of Delaware.  The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is specifically disclaimed.  The state and or federal courts residing in Santa Clara County, California shall have exclusive jurisdiction"...


Unfortunately, that link referred to in the License Agreement included in the latest Release (v320.49) takes one elsewhere instead.

nVidia wrote:

"Q: What is UpdatusUser and why does GeForce Experience create this account?
Beginning with Release 270 drivers for desktops, when NVIDIA Update or GeForce Experience is installed, the software creates the UpdatusUser account. This account runs the NVIDIA Update service for updating drivers and application profiles through the NVIDIA server. The service cannot be run without this account.

NVIDIA has taken every precaution to make the driver implementation of UpdatusUser as secure as possible. This implementation has been audited by Veracode (, a third party security auditor, and has been given a rating of "Best". NVIDIA Update and GeForce Experience, with the UpdatusUser account, is considered a low security risk implementation."

It would seem that if one wants to use the Updater for the latest Releases, one must install GeForce Experience and the requisite Dot.NET 4.

I would hope that nVidia corrects this potential omission and make this License Agreement publicly viewable if they have not yet done so.

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Re: VEN_10de&DEV_1049 (GeForce GT 620) Missing

Does this work for you, cheche?

Re: VEN_10de&DEV_1049 (GeForce GT 620) Missing

TechDud wrote:

Does this work for you, cheche?

8-) hey.... I just saw this... hold on... let me check for you....

Re: VEN_10de&DEV_1049 (GeForce GT 620) Missing

There is a newer set of packs in the Testing Team forum.  DP_Graphics_3dfx-ATi is deprecated with them.
  They should become public soon.     smile

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