Topic: [SLVD] Graphics problems on Intel integrated (Q45/Q43 chipset)

Error message "This device can not find enough free resources (Code 12)" for the graphics driver (integrated intel).  This happened because I had a "universal image" with lots of driverpacks, the culprit was AMD pci express (3GIO) filter driver being installed from DP_AMDfilter_wnt6-x64

Removed this pack (obviously this particular image would not need an AMD filter with this motherboard and driver.

sorry if this is in the wrong section, I thought I would post this in case someone else had the same issue.

host PC was an optiplex 760 for future searches!

edit: mod delete if you feel it is appropriate, I looked at this problem from the wrong angle, I was looking at the GFX card failing where as someone else looked at the filter causing issues!  My searches were all based on intel chipsets rather than from the AMD side (I only noticed the driverpack whilst combing through device manager for anomalies hence spotting the AMD on an intel board!)

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Re: [SLVD] Graphics problems on Intel integrated (Q45/Q43 chipset)

Marking as "solved".
This has already been identified as a known fault in the AMD Filter driver changelog: … lter/11.10

This 3rd Party DriverPack will cause BSOD if integrated into systems with Intel Graphics hardware.  It is meant for AMD/ATI systems ONLY.  Use at your own risk

Re: [SLVD] Graphics problems on Intel integrated (Q45/Q43 chipset)

And that is why i need to update the finisher...  I have got to set aside some time to code, RL has not let up on me in a long time. Usually winter is when i have time and winter just ended... SAD-ly sad .  But we really do need it.

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