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1) yes
2) Please take a look at the picture
if the person does not look at exactly what he does not know which files are missing...

Could use other color to identify files that are locally in a directory but  on the server they do not exist.  smile
For example: DP_Displays_wnt6-x64_110908.01 ,packages made by others (SAMDrivers) or alone

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ah i see, for example making the ones you have locally blue, so you see which ones arent on server?

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How does downloading files? Officially the bittorrent protocol used

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uses same way, torrent files smile

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and updated again, now im done with it for a while, that last one gave me a headache xd

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Thanks, but you should remove the detection DP_CPU

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no ofcourse not, it just shows you which packs you dont have, no need to act on it, it just makes you aware ^^

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About DP_CPU: (2012-10-03 06:50:57) … 384#p49384

mr_smartepants wrote:

Functionally speaking, there isn't any need for this pack anymore since we included the contents in DriverPack Chipset.
But I would continue to pursue this as a matter of principle!  "WTF" indeed!!!

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i see, but thats up to them, they should remove it from the update file then tongue

Re: removed

"DP_Displays_wnt6-x64_110908.01" and the 32bit version were "Nightlies"; somewhat like an "Alpha"; not to be trusted to "production".  That 2009 version you have listed is a "mine-field", too.

Most do not need to use either pack; others can have troubles caused by this pack.

Most displays are sRGB compatible. 
All one need do now is to set "Color Management" to "sRGB Color Profile.icm".

  Only if a different color profile is desired, or a display not be sRGB compatible, would this pack be convenient and perhaps relevant.

It offers nothing directly for color correction in video; even for Win7 (that's the next spec - included in 8, maybe???)

It offers no automatic detection should a display cable not be I2C compatible, or in the event of a corrupted (or never programmed) EDID chip.  In such events, an appropriate driver would need be manually installed.
Older KVM's can cause I2C communication to be disrupted too.

Registry files are the way to go for customization.
   see … 983#p49983

Is there a easy way to let people thinking of downloading it facts such as these, to prevent user frustration?
I hope that problems with this or other packs do not hamper people using your "DP-Updater".

Post-Script (PS):  Congratulations on the updates!  That's cool! smile

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Agreed DriverPacks BASE reports Beta, Alpha, Release Candidates and Third Party as "Where did you get that?!" Humorus and to the point big_smile.

I would also like to remind the reason Wim made me pull the updater in DriverPacks BASE is because we need page hits to attract advertizers on our site. that is how we pay the server bills.  To keep in line with his wishes the user must be directed to the page to click the download links (viewing the page).

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Re: removed

meaning this program is not the way to go?

Re: removed

I will repeat ... i had update function built into DriverPacks BASE.

Wim Leers. AKA Bâshrat the Sneaky founder of this site and our leader. made me disable it.

He wants people to go to the download pages themselves and physicaly SEE the pages.
Otherwise I would still have this feature built into DriverPacks BASE.

Your project (as it is) goes against the wishes of the founder of
to be inline with his wishes your app should direct the users to the download pages of the files.
IE open a browser window to the download page so they can select the download.

If you like i can ask him to explain it himself in case i have not worded it properly.

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Re: removed

i see...

thats understandable, but sucks at the same time xd

guess ill remove the link then...

so, if i for example open the dowload page while still downloading the torrent, would it count?

would generate the pageview, but still automate the task

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Re: removed

your work is awesome. I also did a similar thing in DriverPacks BASE, except i relyed on an external P2P client.

Simply modify your app so they must view the download pages of the packs they wish to download and then it will be perfect big_smile.

I am not saying you can't do a downloader just that you need to avoid robbing us of our page hits in the process big_smile.

Thanks for understanding big_smile


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Re: removed

ok, then my proposed idea would work ^^

ill get on that right away tongue

Re: removed

I sent Wim a message to weigh in here.

But yes i think if you made that modification then it would be permisable.

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Re: removed

k cool mate, ill just add it for giggles, and await his verdict on the matter ^^

Re: removed

im done, now shows the page while downloading the torrent smile

Re: removed

OverFlow stated it already quite clearly: needs page views (or rather, ad impressions) to be able to survive. I thank you for your contribution — it is people like you who keep and other similar projects going.

Without sufficient ad views, we wouldn't be able to keep online — with only donations I'd have had to pull the site offline a long time ago. Keeping it as fast as it has been for years now would be unthinkable, as would be excellent uptime (see for reference).

I would love to streamline the download process (and I'd love to offer HTTP downloads), but alas hosting isn't free (or at least reliable hosting isn't).

Again, thanks for your contribution, but please keep the above in mind. I kindly ask you to direct users of your app to the download page, where they can then download the .torrent file manually (and hopefully occasionally click on an interesting ad).

Thanks for your understanding.

Founder of —

Re: removed

ah, so its not only the pageview, but the ad clicking.

i can do the pageview in the app, but thats as far as it goes.

guess i should keep this offline then xd

thanx for the awnser mate smile

Re: removed

Damian666 wrote:

thanx man :-)

i coded it in autoit,  and you're welcome to use anything to make sad better.

on that note, i always wondered why sad was'nt recoded with a Gui...

and yes, i know the torrent client is big, i cant seem to compress it, nor did i find a better or smaller one, most are linux builds.

the dht file is'nt updated by the program, but could be if i had a direct link.


edit, whoohoo, got a sticky xd

The GUI version is my fault... When i get some time i will punch it out. It also needs to have the DriverPacks Finisher updated and added.

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Re: removed

well, seeying i have nothing to do anymore now, let me know if you need help tongue

Re: removed

BASE links to DP web site at "changelog" tabs (nice there - a link at bottom).
There's also a button to go to the torrent download page.

One idea may be that emulating this approach could suffice, perhaps;
   with DP-Updater as the "torrent client"???

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