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We've added some new areas in our forums based on user feedback.
New section "OS discussions" and covers Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 (& R2) and the forthcoming Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012.
We didn't feel it necessary to include Windows 2000, XP or Vista as those operating systems are old and have rapidly waning support from both Microsoft and us.
Please feel free to stop by and voice your opinions.

Re: New OS discussion forums added

good thinking sir!

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Re: New OS discussion forums added

Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Supports! Great News Thank you!

Re: New OS discussion forums added

Am I the only one wondering what happened to the driver updates?

It looks like there have been no new driver releases in 8 months.


Re: New OS discussion forums added

We have several team members who are actively testing DriverPacks every day.
Just because we don't have a current release doesn't mean there's no work being done.
All our DriverPacks go through extensive testing before public release to ensure as close to zero errors as possible.

Re: New OS discussion forums added

In 2012, there were many releases each month.  What changed?  I love the driverpacks, they save me many hours.  I would hate to see the project die.

Re: New OS discussion forums added

mr_smartepants was very generous with his time by regularly updating these packs for more than a couple of years, up until about a year ago.
  Unfortunately, his time was constrained by certain "RL" factors and was unable to continue.
    In the current climate of economic depression few really can afford to invest the large amounts time required to do a competent and comprehensive job like he did.
      Putting food on the table takes precedence (hopefully uncontaminated).

Also, a large percentage of people have focused on tablets and those stuporing "smart"phones.
    Greed and self-interest may have also been factors, loosely akin to "Tragedy of the Commons".

Still waiting to hear back from anybody concerning a possible NT6 driverpack collaboration.
It's almost been a month since the following was posted, with no reply.

"Why not inquire to bigfoot, what may need be done?
  Is it not better to work in collaboration than it is to stumble about in competition?

A collaboration would allow for more participation from others, if agreed by bigfoot.

Let us not step upon his toes.

Remember the etimology of the acronym "T.E.A.M."
    That is, "Together Everyone Achieves More"!"

     quoted from: … 643#p52643

Unfortunately, it seems that my potential participation may be incredibly difficult, as my time becomes further constrained.

  Yet i digress.

bigfoot has some updated NT6 x64 packs available in that section of this forum.

If you are looking for NT5 drivers, check each NT5 subheading for updated driverpacks.
For example: Forum --> DriverPack Chipset --> [Nightlies] DP_Chipset_wnt5_x86-32_1304-1308 - Public

Babyboy made updated DP_Graphics NT5 driver updates possible via his generous donation of time and fearless dedication in testing potential updates.  To him and especially mr_smartepants, OverFlow and Bâshrat the Sneaky, i owe a great debt of gratitude.
  Without any one of those aforementioned people, progress would have been impossible.

"Smile!  It can confuse certain biometrics."     smile

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Re: New OS discussion forums added

We are here and working... Back in the day we had a programmer and three or four people working on the packs, twenty daily testers. Now we have one and a half guys working on the packs, and a handful of testers.

More team means faster turn arounds... simple. We are here and working, they will all get updates big_smile. Know anybody with some free time and an open mind?

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Re: New OS discussion forums added

what's an open mind to be like?

I am not going to dive in like way back, at least not like I did in XP.
I came to DriverPacks for XP from out of the blue, as it were... and you know..

Way back when, you perhaps asked about how it got done because this was something that was potentially MUCH more worthy than a mere fleeting thought you had that day... few helped.

Nowadays, I still see people around who believe in what they started to believe once a few got to explain how we needed to explain how it got done, and how much help we really needed to help you help us help you.

I really need your help now.
I have a few niggles in setup, and I truly think there is a way to make a DUMB setup smarter.

And yes, in my question, it is all back to chipsets, hard drive controllers, and of course, LAN. (not neccesarily in that order)

I will need to get up to speed about how you guys nowadays filter out (script around)
I have NO idea about the inbuilt (on DVD.. once LAN is established, MSHQL has a massive base)

Back then, it was not so easy to get what was not supported by MSFT, and I still assume that the driver writers make the same goddamn assumption that all old hardware is """supported""" by their newest (even is it isn't)

I know Jeff know what this is about.
I don't know what the situation is right now.

Do you want me to spend six months to do the final XP sp3 pack so as to get back to learning how it is done?

h*ll, I have not even tried DriverPacks in a win7 install yet.
Does it work?

Should DriverPacks base try to do what other open source program groups try to do?
I personally think that there is a way to make myself useful again.
I know I gonna have to le&rn big time.
(hyll, I know more questions than answers.. you guys teach me how to answer them. It's that simple.)

show me what to test, and I'll try.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

Re: New OS discussion forums added

Jaak, I have been idle myself. I think I will have time again, like i did the last time you were here.

You can be a HUGE help right now, today. Look at techdud's Mass and chipset packs and help us get a worthy mass and chipset out. the fallout i expect to be substantial, between the three of us old timers i think we can punch out some nearly final packs. XP will no longer need real updates. We always can, they simply won't be requested often. while we have a little manpower perhaps we can get current.

I am going to see if i can still release a pack properly, I will tackle some NT6 packs which should go without issue.

So... if you can team up with techdud and see what's ready or could be ready that would rock!!!

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Re: New OS discussion forums added

All... I too have simply not had the time to work here on the driver forum even though I think its one of the MOST important. In fact all of my integration's have suffered because I have let my drivers skills diminish at the expense of learning my WIN 7 integration's.

With that said I work almost exclusively with WIN 7x64 and I still have the ability to test driver integration's almost daily on Dell laptops (mostly Latitudes in the 5 & 6 series). I will offer my testing help and be more than happy to reap the benefits :-)

Re: New OS discussion forums added

Yeeeee Haw!  veterans are just crawling out of the woodwork.

Who's next, Helmi???  tongue

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Re: New OS discussion forums added

Welcome back Jaak, compstuff, muiz & SamLab!!!     smile

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