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Hi i will update the drivers Vista/7 (i think i will update all the drivers), so i will begin with chipset/lan/Massstorage.  i would like please if it is not much effort, someones post all the drivers links required from the date of the last driver, whick i will download and then update.
for example chipset is 12-12, so the links of the drivers should be after that date

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It is a lot of effort to post all of the link to the previous driver. By the time someone would post all of the links, they could have updated them. Considering how they change so often now, all old links are useless.
If you need x64 drivers, check out each subforum under Beta packs. These were updated between March-April 2013.
I do have some updated packs for x86, but have not had a chance to test and upload yet.


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I have added the links for Audio and 3rd Party in the forum post for each driver pack.

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Try the NT5 Testing Team forum.  Not all files are NT5-only.     smile

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Ok i will take a look. I have downloaded the links posted by Ra for Webcam.


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There are more WebCAM drivers in the thread below as well

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Why not inquire to bigfoot, what may need be done?
  Is it not better to work in collaboration than it is to stumble about in competition?

A collaboration would allow for more participation from others, if agreed by bigfoot.

Let us not step upon his toes.

Remember the etimology of the acronym "T.E.A.M."
    That is, "Together Everyone Achieves More"!

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