Topic: [SLVD] DriverPacks extract; windows doesn't find any drivers

I have been using DriverPacks for a while. I just ran into a strange issue.

My driverpacks extract. Everything goes smoothly. When the system starts up, all of the devices are missing drivers. I do a quick grep of the inf's for the hardware id's and all of the hardware id's are there. I can even install the drivers if I point them to the folder with the driver. But it is no longer installed during setup.

Any idea what issue could be causing this?

Couldn't find an attach button for the DPsFnshr.log

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This is a known issue and is listed in our FAQ.

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Im sorry, maybe I should have listed this. I have read the FAQ. I have also used DriverPacks for many years without issues. I have been creating an automated xp disc for a while using the same method I always do, that has always worked. I integrate only Mass-Storage, Chipset, LAN and WLAN drivers. I have an unattended WINNT.SIF and OOBEINFO.INI that I created by hand. I also have 2 scripts that run, one at T-9 the other at GUIRunOnce. It is extremely close to the original disc. My method has always been the same.

Extract my ISO from MSDN (hashes matching).
Install DriverPacks Mass-Storage, Chipset (previously Chipset and CPU), LAN and WLAN
Copy my files and scripts overwriting WINNT.SIF and OOBEINFO.IN_ (This includes keeping DP's Finishers GUIRunOnce command)
Making ISO and installing.

This has worked for a long while for me. It has recently stopped working. Recent experimenting makes it look like the latest DP's are the cause.

I will try to include all the information I can next time. Any other suggestions?

PS. My WINNT.SIF and other files and scripts have not changed for 15 or so successful builds. Latest DriverPacks are the only change.

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post your DPs_BASE.log... that should tell the story
perhaps the contents of your winnt.sif too (the final one, remove any sensitive data like PID key password ect... tongue)

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Re: [SLVD] DriverPacks extract; windows doesn't find any drivers

I found the issue. I had a bad DIMM slot on my motherboard. So there was probably some corruption in the disc and\or DriverPacks.
Why it manifested as that issue, I do not know. But rebuilding my disc (after a memtest clear my RAM) worked fine. No errors at all.

Thanks for the free suport! And the great DriverPacks as well. They really help when deploying over PXE to a wide range of hardware.

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Re: [SLVD] DriverPacks extract; windows doesn't find any drivers

Thank you for the follow-up.  Glad you solved your problem.
Marking as solved...

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If at first you fail to check the hardware, secondly...thirdly... yikes
Bad caps, compounded by poor component-placement (as well as a flood of cheap, electrically-noisy, feather-light power supplies), were found in many designs from 2002 to 2007 (or so), mostly populated in high thermal zones.

DRAM failures are not always due to the module, per se.  Failure mode(s) usually follow from the power circuit the bad cap connects to.  Vcc for chipset -> POST issues, chipset peripheral issues - USB, SATA, IDE;  Vcc for CPU -> POST issues, random blue-screens, etc....;  Vcc for PCIe -> POST issues, Video memory Issues, etc...;  Vcc for DDR -> you guessed it, memory issues, POST, etc.

Many 'modern' boards do not necessarily adequately cool many parts of the motherboard, itself.  The only way to be certain (other than using a FLiR instrument) is to measure the temperature(s) of the board, preferably both sides.  A non-contact IR thermometer is ideally suited to verify that no component is unnecessarily stressed anywhere near tolerance.