Topic: Why does Windows install without any drivers at all?

This is a very common question and the most common answer is also very simple.
There is a known problem with integrating too many DriverPacks where a critical file-path length is exceeded in the registry hive causing the Windows setup to select ZERO drivers.
A key indicator of this bug is that during XP setup the transition from T-36 to T-33 happens within a few seconds.  These stages normally take several minutes to elapse.

The solution is to integrate ONLY the main DriverPacks, and maybe one or two Third Party DriverPacks into your source to eliminate this bug.
Creating a S.A.D disc with ALL the Third Party DriverPacks to install with DP_Install_Tool.cmd after first desktop load is another widely used option.

Another cause of this bug is to use Nlite to integrate ANY driver after DriverPacks have already been integrated into your source.  Nlite WILL corrupt your source if DriverPacks have already been integrated.
NEVER use Nlite to integrate drivers.  ONLY use DriverPacks BASE to integrate drivers.

It's also possible that another bug exists, but you must first eliminate the most common (99%) cause by following the above advice.
If the problem still exists after eliminating all Third Party DriverPacks, then ask for help in the forums.
And don't forget to include all your logs as referenced in this post.