Topic: Why BitTorrent?

Why is BitTorrent the only method for downloading the driver packs?  What about IT people at work who would benefit greatly from these packs and can't use BitTorrent at work?  This is frustrating.  Last time I was here, I was able to just download the driver pack I needed.

Re: Why BitTorrent?

this has been asked and answered (in detail) several times...
A site search (from the bar above) using the term "Why Bittorrent" yeilds these results:

the short version is:
10~20 terabytes of traffic a month costs a huge amount of money... 
Nobody ever donates any money.
Torrents are free, and that is what we can afford based on the donations we recieve.

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Re: Why BitTorrent?

So, you're at post #1 and the only thing you have to say is a complaint?  Strike 1...
The fact that your rant was already explained ON THE FRONT NEWS PAGE 2 weeks ago!   Strike 2...
You know, reading is a valuable skill.  I suggest you try it once in a while. hmm

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Re: Why BitTorrent?

Aw, I see now.  I should have read the news page more closely.  Thanks for the replies.  Sorry for complaining.  I do really appreciate all the work that goes into the driver packs and this site.

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