Topic: Direct Downloads?

I was hoping to be able to use your DriverPacks at my job, but we have a strict no-bittorrent policy on our network. I'm sure that I can't be the only person in this type of situation. Downloading them at home isn't an option either - I'm stuck on a satellite connection with a poor 200 mb / day limit. Could somebody throw the driver packs up for direct download somewhere? I know hosting them on the site would probably take up a lot of bandwidth, but couldn't a service like MegaUpload be used?


Re: Direct Downloads?

We tried the direct download route.  We were too popular and traffic killed the server.  Then we moved to a sponsored CDN server.  That didn't work because the users didn't click through the ads (or blocked the ads) and the sponsor pulled their (free) service. 
Greedy end-users killed our direct download option.  BitTorrent is our last option now.
I'm not happy about it either, but we have no other choice.

Re: Direct Downloads?

yup our bandwith routinely exceeds 10TB a month... no free options to handle that kind of bandwidth.
We are considering a pay for option for our users that would have CDN downloads. We haven't had much interest expressed in that option to date. As always everyone wants something for nothing... Ask for a little money and people act like you ran over their cat. Torrents cost very little and that is what our user base is willing to pay. If you would be interested in or willing to donate for direct downloads this is your opportunity to say so big_smile.

Direct downloads would have cost us well over 1000 USD a month based on 10~20 TB, We were fortunate in the past to have that donated, but we can not expect that to always be an option. Direct downloads are prefered by us as well as you but we simply can't, our revenue stream does not exist. the cost of one month of direct downloads would exceed the total of all donations recieved over the past two years sad.

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