Topic: DrivePacks = unstable images - Where to start ?

Hi guys!

Soo, I haven't had any luck using DP (with ALL the latest packs/BASE application).

Unstable systems end up being deployed. (Win XP Pro SP3)

Reboots, PC not shutting down (shutting down from the explorer shell freezes with the frozen mouse and blue BG), weird program behaviors, etc.

All seems fine and dandy once deployed, but when shipped to our users, we hear alot of legit complaints.

Where to start exactly ? I used this tutorial:

Did others have such issues when using this method ?


Re: DrivePacks = unstable images - Where to start ?

I don't use that method. And I don't seem to have any issues. I had to do a lot of trial and errors.

I start with a clean SP3 image.
Integrate custom stuff with RyanVM and modify some files manually for more customization .
Modify with nLite and integrate an updated AIO update pack so updates are current.
Then run DPsBASE to integrate all available drivers.
Then I create an ISO.

This process for me has the most success.

Re: DrivePacks = unstable images - Where to start ?

I've used pretty much the same procedure since I started slipstreaming/integrating XP Pro.

Start with XP Pro w/SP3 CD - copied to hard drive. 

[My instructions to myself include this. Looking at an XP Home CD \DOCS, \DOTNETFX, \SUPPORT, and \VALUEADD and an XP Pro CD \CMPNENTS, \DOCS, \SUPPORT, and \VALUEADD do not have to be included as a part of the source when using the RyanVM Integrator because no files/programs in these folders are updated when the Integrator is run and they simply consume space that could be used by other Addons included in the Integrator as part of its operation. (The user could always return to the source CD in the future if it was determined something here was required.  Also, in \I386, the folders \LANG, \WIN9XMIG, \WIN9XUPG, and \WINNTUPG were also not effected by the Integrator and, depending on the end use of the final CD, one, two, three, or all of them could also be eliminated form the source as the Integrator was being used; thereby providing more space for additional Addons to be integrated.)

Searching Microsoft I determined that:
\LANG is required if languages other than English are to be installed.
\WIN9XMIG is required when migrating from Windows 95/98 to XP.
\WIN9XUPG contains entries for specifying an unattended install from Win98/SE/ME to XP
\WINNTUPG is required for a network upgrade to XP. (From Siginet: In the \WINNTUPG folder leave two files: NETMAP.INF and NETUPGRD.DLL to prevent an error message when attempt to install while in Windows.)
\CMPNENTS folder is required for Media Center / Tablet PC installs.]

Use RyanVM Integrator 1.6.1 beta 2.1 to slipstream updates and addons. Have the RyanVM Integrator 'call' DPs_Base.exe and wait while it does its thing. (Latest I've been using is: DPs_BASE_10111b29.exe)

After Driver Packs is run and before the .ISO is created: WINNT.SIF - delete the following three lines if you ever want to use the newly created CD to do a 'repair' install -


Create ISO.

At no time do I use nLite to change anything.  I have been doing it this way for years and am very satisfied with the outcome.

Re: DrivePacks = unstable images - Where to start ?

Sysprep sucks... end of story. That is why i call them the "crazy Syspreppers"

the two users above describe unattended installs... that works flawlessly everytime.

PS Sysprep is not supported by DriverPacks BASE. SO... this is not a support issue for BASE. (posted in wrong forum) Moving this from "Feedback and Support - DriverPacks Base" to the "universal imaging" forum.

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Re: DrivePacks = unstable images - Where to start ?

XP sysprep may suck but its a different story Vista and Windows can pre-install apps and do all sorts of things

Re: DrivePacks = unstable images - Where to start ?

sooo... sysprep in NT6 works like it was intended too in NT5?

PS you can reinstall apps and such in NT5 sysprep too...
IT is just setting HAL and Drivers to work that always causes issues.
I have seen the time these guys have sunk into setting up and tweaking their images. they would have save a thousand hours each if they had simply gone to a fully unattended install with RVMI, DriverPacks and WPI...

Less time to setup, less time to maintain, no issues to deal with. "every machine is a master". I think most of those guys would change thier tunes if they found out how powerful WPI is big_smile.. so it takes a little longer to deploy... it's not like you have to sit there and babysit the install big_smile. and if you really do have to roll out 100 identical just machines just make one master machine and do a ghost multicast, the other 99 are all done in 30 min with almost no network overhead (true multicasting).

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Re: DrivePacks = unstable images - Where to start ?

I don't think nt5 Sysprep sucks, it has only two problems, their names are: HAL and Custom HDD Controller ( AHCI etc. )
HAL problem can be solved having custom images of installed OS for custom processors.
So I have separate three categories:
1. Multi-core and Uni-core processors with multi-threading
2. Uni-core processors without multi-threading
3. Multiple proccessors
For each category except 2 you'll find proper HAL settings for SYSPREP.INF in official manuals for sysprep from microsoft.
In case of 2. Uni-core processors without multi-threading - you DO NOT NEED to write any HAL strings into sysprep.inf

And we have three popular vendors of processors:
1. Intel
2. AMD
3. Cyrix

So usually I make fully silent setup cd, install it on one computer from each category and vendor, make sysprep and image of %SystemDrive% and after that everytime and everywhere all is fine. Just look at target machine processor and deploy the proper image. 9 images for whole world smile

Custom HDD Controller is problem but it can be solved editing target machine registry offline after deploy.
In case of hundred of identical computers just make the master image with HDD controller driver integrated WITH SYSPREP just like OverFlow said in previous post.

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Re: DrivePacks = unstable images - Where to start ?

Alright, so what do you guys would suggest as a different procedure to use DP packs and DP BASE that do not involve using Sysprep ?

Any tutorial posted on here that I could try ?

Thanks alot!

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Re: DrivePacks = unstable images - Where to start ?

the process is described in MUCH detail here
There is a begginer an intermediate and an advanced section. Everything you ever wanted to know is there big_smile.

the outline is this

RyanVM Integrator for copy XP Disc to HDD and add add ServicePacks and updates also optionaly add third party addons (like .Net framework).
nLite for automation
DriverPacks for drivers
nLite again for create ISO.

I recomend createing a backup between each step

use windows post installer for apps (WPI)
you can easily add stuff like Adobe Reader / flash player, Office (even setup email account settings with MST files), custom apps (company specific), Irfanview, just about anything that can be installed. Including adding registry entries and any related coinstallers. Multiple configs can be specified. My installs are 100% complete at the end of my Unattended installation. Agreed not as fast as a syspreped image can be deployed, but it works every single time, period.

by doing it this way you can at the very least have an awesome starting point for a sysprep deployment. IE if you need to make a new master image NP all you have to do is drop in the DVD and create a new master in a fully unattended fashion.

Creating a fully unattended install is absolutely the best way to go even if you do decide to do sysprep, because it makes creating a new master a no brainer, Drop the disc in and walk away (fully unattended). When you come back the new master is ready for sysprep. It's a no brainer way to start out.

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