Topic: iwill scsi driver

need drivers for

IWill scsi 2930 card as IWll has closed down

if anyone can email me this drver please

op system: windows


Re: iwill scsi driver

In the "Rules and Posting Guidlines" you agreed to when you signed up it clearly states:

If you create a post that says "I am looking for a driver for..."
   (Especially if you have not used the DriverPacks at all.)

Then it's obvious that you failed to read this post and your welcome here may not be as warm and fuzzy as you might like.

Please read it -

We don't email drivers to people. We provide the DriverPacks exactly for that purpose... did you use them???

Furthermore we support 2k, XP, 2K3, Vista and Win7. ALL of those op systems are Windows you knucklehead. that was REALLY not much help.

MINIMUM requirements for help would be to actually USE DriverPacks and provide the info requested in 'Read BEFORE you post' linked in my signature. Please note that your HWIDs are absolutely required for this type of issue. (tool linked in my signature). read the tutorials, FAQs and Read BEFORE you post.

Help us to help you! Details are the key...
Note: If you are not useing our DriverPacks then there is no reason to ask us for help, after all this is the DriverPacks support forum.

your welcome

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Re: iwill scsi driver

I just ignored him.  He posted the exact same post to half a dozen forums.