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Re: [REQ] support for Matrox Aurora graphics card

Are you sure that both Matrox and NEC are ok with the redistribution of the drivers for that product?  Not only are those Aurora cards priced >U$1000, they are usually bundled with some extremely costly medical software whose licensing is tightly controlled.

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we got a load of them, come in plain boxes and dont have a driver CD which wasn't very helpful, nor are there any on Matrox's site I could see.
I cant see there would be a problem, nothing special in the driver package, just vanilla drivers.

Re: [REQ] support for Matrox Aurora graphics card

Matrox display controller boards for medical imaging and their drivers are generally designed for and available bundled with medical imaging displays from a variety of industry partners. Please contact your vendor for the appropriate/updated driver and technical support. For more information on Matrox Graphics products for medical imaging professionals, please visit the Matrox Medical Imaging home page and/or contact us via our online form.

I don't think we'll be supporting this card anytime soon.  If we can't even get ahold of the drivers from the vendor...

@chud, You could try making your own DP and testing it yourself.  Considering you have access to the hardware & drivers.
I'll take a look at the NEC drivers anyway.  No promises.

*Edit,  Ha ha!  The drivers are the same as the ones in the G_B DP and the ones we have are newer!  big_smile
That's funny!
Anyway, try renaming the .inf file in the NEC drivers and add it to the G_B/M1 folder.  Also, extract the MtxDrvService.exe file from the NEC .cab file and drag it to M1.
Should work fine.

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Unless you're in the business, pretty useless for desktop general purpose use.

The Aurora medical image cards are supposed to be G550 or the newer P690 hardware with a custom BIOS that optimizes the hardware for extremely high-resolution 32 bit grey scale imaging on 2 or 3 monitors.  Think of digital xrays & cat/pet scans and geo-shock imaging (oil exploration).  I believe that the standard Matrox BIOS upgrade software won't see the cards so it might not be possible to cheat and re-flash the cards to turn them into 'real' PC compatible hardware.  In any case, the multi-monitor connector is 'non-standard' meaning you might well need a custom cable designed and built to hook up DVI monitors.

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Re: [REQ] support for Matrox Aurora graphics card

cool stuff...

thanks for the good info...
i dont have the oportunity to deal with medical hardware this is all new to me.

nice pickup on the driver mr_smartepants.

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Re: [REQ] support for Matrox Aurora graphics card

mr_s : i made own pack and it worked, thanks for your insight though - I'd like to have a play with your idea but projects started and not to keen to mess with somehting that works.

They have a special high density output with cable that splits to 3 vga or DVI sockets (separate cables). They are going to be used for PACS (X-ray) stuff. you have to buy two special 'factory matched' monitors for them (greyscale ones)

They look like £10 graphics cards but cost several hundred pounds, the 20 inch monitors greyscales for them are £650 each!