Topic: [REL] [x86, 32 bit] DP_Input_wnt5_x86-32_070903 … _070903.7z
(MD5 Hash: 9216389E66F94007B7573AFDC600EACF)

Decompressed Size: 40.6 MB
Compressed Size: 4.84 MB


Renamed changelog filename from SupportList - DP HID.txt to SupportList - DP Input.txt (like archive filename) (Debugger)
Folder \A moved to \A\1 (Debugger)
Changed versioning from V1.3 to 7.09.03 (Debugger)
\A\2 - Alps Pointing-device, 06/13/2006, 5.5.1302.12 (Debugger)

Re: [REL] [x86, 32 bit] DP_Input_wnt5_x86-32_070903

Requesting update of Logitech SetPoint to v4.00 … int400.exe

Re: [REL] [x86, 32 bit] DP_Input_wnt5_x86-32_070903

gresh wrote:

Requesting update of Logitech SetPoint to v4.00 … int400.exe

Now that you mention it, I remember I said in the last Input thread that I would add SP 4.0 to the pack.
Well, the reason I haven't simply was that I couldn't find any INF files whatsoever inside the EXE (and yes, I used all the extraction methods I know...).

This is even more funny because I did update the setpoint in the past, where there was INFs alright...

From what I've seen of the "driver" so far (at a friend's who actually uses Logitech hardware) it does not look much like a driver anyway but more of a GUI with all kind of more or less useful settings...

If we are to add it, it has to work via the Exceptions and for that we need the HWIDs of all the applicable Logitech devices (mice, KBs and gamepads from what I know...).

Re: [REL] [x86, 32 bit] DP_Input_wnt5_x86-32_070903

Turns out you can find the inf's in %programfiles%\common\Logitech\CDDRV\ when setpoint is installed.

Here is an archive with the content of that folder:

Re: [REL] [x86, 32 bit] DP_Input_wnt5_x86-32_070903

Wehn you cannot extract an .exe with usual tools. 7-zip, winrar etc... Exec the file and look into your Temp directory ( %TEMP% ) or in the C:\Program Files\<SoftwareName>\<Tempfolder>. Any exe files need a "temp" directory to extract the files so its just a question to find where it will reside. Hope it helps.

I will update this one this week. I just started a new job but...i'll find the time. big_smile

Please gresh next time use our FTP for DP. It's much more easy. big_smile This one is so much better than rapidshare too, free and unlimitted....rapidhsare is really  bad compare to this.

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Re: [REL] [x86, 32 bit] DP_Input_wnt5_x86-32_070903

Update Done.

refer to this topic: … 092#p14092

Plz close this one.

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