Topic: [IMPL] EG1032v3 (Linksys Gigabit v3) driver

Currently, the DriverPack has a EG1032v2 driver.  The newer cards are v3, and if this older driver is forced, a "cannot start [Error: 10]" results and the device is unusable.  The v3 driver is here: …

A couple of questions (which might be FAQS):
1) if this driver were simply a newer version of the v2 driver, what are the steps required to replace the older driver in the DriverPack with the new one?

2) in this case, it is a different, new driver.  What is the best method for adding this new driver, if it isn't in the DriverPack? (I did read the FAQ warning that text mode drivers are a special case, and graphics drivers are complex).

thanks for all your hard work.

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Re: [IMPL] EG1032v3 (Linksys Gigabit v3) driver

Well there is no magic solution. Each times there is a driver  update, I compare the old and the new one using Araxis Merge folder compare. Then I can identify in the INFs if new HWIDs were added or dropped. I also make sure the driver is not conflicting with other drivers by doing a simple search with all hwids. I will also remove obsolete files by looking which files are critics in the INF. I remove 64 bits driver files too. The key thing is really to make sure that each HWID are unique.

Re: [IMPL] EG1032v3 (Linksys Gigabit v3) driver

So, the v2 driver lives under D\L\1.  If I want add the v3 driver, are these the steps?
1. Unpack the LAN DriverPack (DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_8121.7z) file.
2. copy in the eg1032v3.inf,, eg1032v3.sys files into the D\L\1 directory.
3. Repack the DriverPack.
4. Slipstream the new DriverPack.  (I read elsewhere that if I update a single driver, that
I can rerun the slipstream step without starting the CD build step from scratch?).

Looking at the top-level DriverPack_LAN_wnt5_x86-32.inf file, I'm wondering if some fields need to be updated there as well?  Here are the contents:

platform	= "wnt5_x86-32"
name		= "LAN"
rootDir		= "D\L"
classes		= "Net"
driverCount	= "137"
decompSize	= 50.2
compSize	= 7.3
; 812

exc_count		= 1
exc_1_tagFiles	= 0
exc_1_+hwids= 3
exc_1_+hwid1	= "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00DF&SUBSYS_E0001458&REV_A2"
exc_1_+hwid2	= "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00DF&SUBSYS_02501462&REV_A2"
exc_1_+hwid3	= "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00DF&SUBSYS_A5511297&REV_A2"
exc_1_-hwids	= 0
exc_1_+infFiles	= 0
exc_1_-infFiles	= 0
exc_1_commands	= 2
exc_1_command1	= "%SystemDrive%\devcon.exe update %DPSROOT%\D\L\NV3\nvnetbus.inf "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00DF&SUBSYS_*""
exc_1_command2 	= "%SystemDrive%\devcon.exe update %DPSROOT%\D\L\NV3\nvenetfd.inf "{1a3e09be-1e45-494b-9174-d7385b45bbf5}\NVNET_DEV00DF""

I'm wondering if I need to bump the driverCount, decompSize, and compSize fields?  Anything else?

Re: [IMPL] EG1032v3 (Linksys Gigabit v3) driver

geegaw wrote:

2. copy in the eg1032v3.inf,, eg1032v3.sys files into the D\L\1 directory.

That's over-simplified.  Here's a simplified approach.
You need to look in each .inf that you're adding and scan for dependencies.  First place to look is under [SourceDisksFiles], any file listed MUST be in the folder.  If there's a section [SourceDisksNames], that will show your directory tree.  You also need to scan the other .inf sections for other files not listed in the above section.

Don't worry about the DriverPacks .ini unless you want the DriverPacks Finisher to run extra installers later.

Re: [IMPL] EG1032v3 (Linksys Gigabit v3) driver

This was already implemented back in May 2009 but was never finalized.
Implemented in DriverPack LAN 1002r1 (in work)